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  1. travelhacker

    RCI Points - Questions from a novice

    I'm currently under contract to get a fairly large RCI Points contract (137K), and RCI is completely new to me. I really like II, but I am interested in exchanging into HGVC, DVC, Wyndham and some of the nice independents. The goal would be to get one quality trade a year, and either bank or...
  2. travelhacker


    Yes, I'd definitely try to sell on TUG first and see how it goes. It doesn't sound like you are in a huge rush to sell them, but if you price it right I think they would go fast.
  3. travelhacker

    Saving EEE points with ePlus

    When do the points expire? Do you have any additional points in Hyatt? If you have a while before they expire, then I'd put in an ongoing request in interval for something that you'd like. If that doesn't work out, you can use the strategy I outlined above. The only issue is if you won't get...
  4. travelhacker

    Saving EEE points with ePlus

    Thanks. I've got a few points to spare after getting to 260, but don't want to commit any more than that. It shouldn't affect re-trades even if I get a stinker of a studio, right?
  5. travelhacker

    Saving EEE points with ePlus

    Here's the quick run down: I have a small number of points (less than 200) that are going to expire in EEE very soon. I'm thinking about booking something as far out as I can in interval for 260 points (the minimum), with zero intention of actually using the place, but I don't want to tie up...
  6. travelhacker

    Any travel plans for 2021?

    I'm impressed! I don't have any 2021 dates locked in, but I'm sure we'll go on around 3 ski trips (2-7 days), and I've got my fingers crossed for a 10-14 day trip to Maui towards the end of 2021. My wife is hesitant to take our young kids, but our twin boys will be around 4 when I want to go. I...
  7. travelhacker

    Hyatt credit card to pay for timeshare purchase?

    Absolutely! The Hyatt Credit card is great, as it comes with a free night in a category 1-4 hotel....For example, I just used one at the Hyatt Place Keystone when the rate was a shade above $300, which isn't bad considering the annual fee is $95. Also,, the bonus is usually good for at least a...
  8. travelhacker

    Hyatt credit card to pay for timeshare purchase?

    Do you know if you get night credits for World of Hyatt for stays in HRC? I'm pretty sure I could have reached Globalist by now if that's the case.
  9. travelhacker

    Hyatt credit card to pay for timeshare purchase?

    How do you add your World of Hyatt number to your HRC stay?
  10. travelhacker

    Grand Lodge at Peak 7

    Just thought of one other detail that people may find useful: I believe that all Saturday check-ins are of Building 1 and all Sunday check-ins are for Building 2. All things being equal, my preference would be to stay in Building One since it's a bit closer to the lift and aquatics center /...
  11. travelhacker

    Grand Lodge at Peak 7

    The 1 bedrooms are absolutely the way to go. This is a picture of my view over Thanksgiving in the 1 bedroom. The 1 bedrooms are around 900-1000 square feet, and quite nice. When 1 bedrooms are sitting in inventory at either GP7, or GP8 they don't last long. Make sure to put in an OGS.
  12. travelhacker

    Disney on ii

    I agree -- there would have had to have been a series of missteps for it to appear. It'll be interesting to see if there is anything else that pops up.
  13. travelhacker

    Disney on ii

    I’ve looked at the Orlando listings several times and never seen “DVE” for Disney Vacation Club, so that’s definitely new. Personally, I think DVC is a much better fit in II than RCI. I think most casual DVC owners would be reasonably happy with some of the higher end offerings in II, and I...
  14. travelhacker

    Vote for the best review for Jan 2020!

    Thanks! I'm glad that people enjoyed the review and I hope the contest helps get more people writing detailed reviews! Whenever I think about staying at a new resort, the review section is the first place I check out, and would imagine it's the same for most of us.
  15. travelhacker

    Have most schools opted out of Spring break during Easter?

    I'm from Arizona, but lived in Hawaii, Utah, and Colorado and spring break has never had anything to do with Easter in any of those states. Here in Colorado there are 3 different weeks in March that Spring break is held. I've got in laws in California and their spring break is always...
  16. travelhacker

    Looking at buying an HRC week at Hyatt Pinon Pointe

    I think there is a misconception that Hyatt regularly exercises RoFR. There was a period of time when Marriott announced the purchase of Interval and a year after that Hyatt just didn't exercise RoFR at all. There were some really low prices at that time. Back in early October a friend of mine...
  17. travelhacker

    Grand Lodge at Peak 7

    I think this is a doable trade as long as you are ok with a 1 bedroom or studio. 2 bedrooms seem a bit tricky to land during ski season. I would put in an ongoing search. I love the Grand Lodge on Peak 7....such a good location.
  18. travelhacker

    Has Anyone Used Interval For Last Minute Deals?

    Intervals have getaways which can often be a great deal. However, the best prices are either in overbuilt areas (Orlando), or during the off-season (i.e. Colorado in October). I love getaways. For example, I've stayed in Orlando during our fall break for about $300 in a 2 bedroom Marriott. I...
  19. travelhacker

    Kauai - March 3-9

    Thanks all! We've got our plans worked out.
  20. travelhacker

    Sarasota Area - July or August?

    We are planning a trip to the Sarasota area. We are looking at either the fourth of July and a few days after, or the first week in August. I know the weather will be hot, but we are now tied to a school schedule, so we have to take what we can get. We were in Siesta Key in September and the...
  21. travelhacker

    Kauai - March 3-9

    I just need a place for 2 so a studio would work. I realize the dates aren't optimal for most timeshare systems, but perhaps March 1st - 8th would work (Sunday - Sunday), and get a hotel for the last night. Thanks!
  22. travelhacker

    Colorado in summer

    I think there are a couple of places that could fit the bill, but I'm not sure what your ownership is and since I own Hyatt which trades in Interval, I'll recommend as though you have Interval. You may enjoy spending a night or two in Denver and driving to either Boulder, or Colorado Springs...
  23. travelhacker

    Ski - 2/21/20 7 nights

    I just saw this as an AC in interval at about 6:00 PM tonight. Are you an owner?
  24. travelhacker

    What should I buy? - Current Happy Hyatt Owner

    A little bit about me: My brother in law is a Worldmark owner and uses it almost exclusively to trade in II. He let me peruse II a few years ago and make a few getaway bookings and I stayed in different Hyatt options during the offseason. I absolutely loved them. I studied the Hyatt system...
  25. travelhacker

    Who has exchanged into Four Seasons Aviara via Interval?

    I've never actually exchanged there, but I have seen it available in inventory during low season with my Hyatt via Interval International. I've been tempted to stay there, but I always end up booking elsewhere. I have also seen availability with a Worldmark.
  26. travelhacker

    Borrowing points question

    Unfortunately, in my experience this is the way it works. The only time I've been able to borrow points is when the reservation was within 60 days AND I didn't have other points available.
  27. travelhacker

    Coconut Plantation - Hyatt Regency Access

    I would call the front desk with your dates. It sounds like full bans are just for certain weeks (Christmas / New Years, Fourth of July, Easter, etc) and you just need to get on a list to get a wristband at the Hyatt Regency. Look at my previous post that explains how it works in the...
  28. travelhacker

    What age group are you? what age group are average TUGGERS?

    Funny -- I was actually thinking of creating a poll about this the other day. I guess this confirms what I thought -- I am definitely on the young side. We are in our mid thirties and have 3 young kids. Timeshares work out great for us. Funny Story: Sometimes we'll use hotel points to fill...
  29. travelhacker

    Coconut Plantation - Hyatt Regency Access

    Thanks for all the information. Sounds like quite a circus, which actually makes me feel a bit better about the scene we create when we travel. Our favorite experience was when my wife tore her MCL when our twins were 3 months old, and our daughter had just turned 4. I had to push my wife in the...
  30. travelhacker

    Coconut Plantation - Hyatt Regency Access

    Thanks for the info! I think we would want at least a day or two using the amenities at the hotel side...so I'm a little hesitant to book in the residence club side without knowing for certain if we can use the amenities as guests of the residence club. I am a little bit tempted to book at the...