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Search results

  1. capjak

    Marriott Trader-Where to buy?

    Membership Benefit Details Correct the price I quoted was for upgrade to gold. Upgrade Options Interval Gold Interval Platinum $320 5 Year $256 ($64 savings) $695 5 Year $556 ($139 savings) $192 3 Year $163 ($29 savings) $417 3 Year $354 ($63 savings) 2 Year $128 50% Discount 2...
  2. capjak

    Marriott Trader-Where to buy?

    Interval Membership cost $64 per year plus exchange fees, sometimes they have discounts
  3. capjak

    What should I buy? - Current Happy Hyatt Owner

    I own several of the hotel chain TSs. Based on you wanting to stay on site DVC every other year, I would purchase points (1/2 of what you would need for an every year stay on site), I would also consider either purchasing an 2 bedroom mandatory Sheraton Vistana Village Key West or Bella...
  4. capjak

    The Stunning Problem With The 4% Retirement Income Rule in One Chart

    Than you might also like the Boglehead Variable Percentage Withdrawal strategy as it mitigates the risk of running out of money: https://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Variable_percentage_withdrawal Variable percentage withdrawal (VPW) is a method which adapts portfolio withdrawal amounts to the...
  5. capjak

    The Stunning Problem With The 4% Retirement Income Rule in One Chart

    Some people do not realize that if two portfolios over a 30 year period both average 6% return over the 30 years that the one that had negative returns at the start will run out sooner (sometime much sooner) though they both had the exact same 6% annual return. Likewise they do not under stand...
  6. capjak

    Is there a good thread on advice for points purchase on red week?

    I did a purchase in November from Thomas Ochoa The Timeshare Group, LLC. 888-505-3537 ext 702
  7. capjak

    Opinion: I'm so confused: How do I treat withdrawals from a Roth IRA?

    and remember the tax rates will increase, as the new tax rates expire....
  8. capjak

    Opinion: I'm so confused: How do I treat withdrawals from a Roth IRA?

    I think pedro312 means if you convert the traditional IRA to a Roth IRA than the Traditional IRA will have less money in it and therefore at 72 (new law for 2020) the RMDs should be less due to the lower value of the traditional IRA.
  9. capjak

    Hybrid offers

    October 2019 was offered a hybrid, I think I asked about it. Most presentations I have been to they offer a hybrid. Seems they are around $7.50 per point, where they used to be closer to $6.50.
  10. capjak

    Stay in timeshare 52 Weeks a year?

    These people were doing it. https://www.fulltimetimeshare.com
  11. capjak

    Wanted - Maui anytime any number of days between 1/12-1/19

    There is a WKORVNorth studio available jan11-18 but you will have a hard time getting it for $800 or less?
  12. capjak

    Searching for MVC getaways in II

    It's part of FAQ, I believe these are the majority of the codes: mcv,ncv,mds,mpd,mrd,mr2,mml,mga,mvl,mdo,mvb,mev, mbp,mmi,mvd,mcp,mgv,mgr,mhz,mip,mrp,mgk,msp,mle, mvo,mpb,mkw,mki,maw,ma1,mmo,mm1,mko,mk1,mcu, mhb,mgc,mc1,mfv,mby,mgo,mhh,mps,mhg,mms,msn...
  13. capjak

    Gold price surges amid geopolitical uncertainty

    How much Gold do you buy in uncertain times? Zero
  14. capjak

    Marriott Lakeshore Reserve

    I believe "Swice" is correct as the resort never built out to full capacity but owners have to make up the difference for having most of the amenities of a full size resort.....which is what makes it so nice (i.e. it is so small and the pools etc... are not crowded). I think it is a close call...
  15. capjak

    Changes in 2021 Destination Points per Night

    I own Disney as well and they did a point adjustment because too many people were avoiding weekends via points. They adjusted the points such that they reduced the rate for weekends closer to what it was for during the week and increased at other points, overall a weeks stay barely changed but...
  16. capjak

    7% on a Fixed Annuity? Don't Believe it.

    Talent312, Annuity would replace part of the 50% hedged bonds, it would not replace any of the 50% equity asset, for some retirees they feel more comfortable with a higher equity percentage knowing that they have a "floor" that along with the other COLA annuity (social security) meets most of...
  17. capjak

    7% on a Fixed Annuity? Don't Believe it.

    I cringe every time I see "annuity" are XXXX as there are so many types; Fixed Index Annuity vs Fixed Annuity vs Single Premium Annuity vs Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity vs Variable Annuity vs Secondary Market Annuities vs Period Certain Annuity vs Joint SPIA vs Single SPIA vs Annuity plus...
  18. capjak

    Aruba King on Redweek?

    How do multiple week owners impact availability? I get that if you have 2 weeks you can book earlier than someone that owns 1 week but other than that... If 100 people (or 1 owner with 100 weeks) books December 01-08 than that leaves all the other 50 weeks available for the other owners...
  19. capjak

    What is the best II trade you’ve made using Destinations Points (II Code MZC)

    I just did a search using my Marriott Grande Vista 2 bedroom, remember instant match searches like these only see what no one else wanted or had a request in for so if you do a deposit first you will likely get better options. There are several Marriott's available (Aruba Surf Club...
  20. capjak

    New Westin Flex

    I think you have a lot of options. One would be since you go to Maui every year would be to add a EOY WKORV-North or South, use it for 2 weeks in Maui (EOY) and bank your Nanea options to the next year and then use those the following year (67K with home priority and 67K at 8 months at WKORV-N...
  21. capjak

    Bonvoy 100,000 point purchase expires December 22...is it worth it?

    $437.50 for each 50,000 points so $875 for 100,000 points which means it would save $1250-$875=$375 savingshttps://storefront.points.com/marriott/en-US/buy
  22. capjak

    Bonvoy 100,000 point purchase expires December 22...is it worth it?

    Don't miss this: Save 30% on purchases of 2,000+ points now through December 22, 2019. Plus, double your limit. The annual maximum for purchased points will be raised from 50,000 points to 100,000 points between November 15, 2019, and December 22, 2019. You can purchase up to 50,000 points...
  23. capjak

    What happens when Deeds Expire?

    BCV 1 bedroom in magic season (spring break) for sunday-Friday is 189 points and can be rented by the owner (me) for $2650 to $3200 (MF of 1350), so that would be the value for a DVC owner. It would rent in a week to a few days (very liquid for a timeshare). Also Sun-Friday vs Frid/Sat point...
  24. capjak

    What happens when Deeds Expire?

    The originals like Beach Club all expire in 22 years (2042). I own Beach Club and have decided to hold to expiration most likely as I will have grandchildren that will enjoy the location and in 22 years my kids will probably not want it and I will be 80 so will use other options at that point...
  25. capjak

    74 Nights (Need 1 More)

    Also if you fly United, once you get titanium status you can also get United Silver status (free checked bag, economy plus 24 hours prior to check in if available). I just did it and it was credited within 3 business days. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/marriott-united-rewardsplus/
  26. capjak

    Wanting to try a new destination this summer. Thoughts?

    This may sound odd but maybe Aruba as the temperature is 80's year round with lots of dining/beach/water and there are 2 MVCs and there is moderate hiking in a desert type landscape. Maui also has plenty of hiking and good weather in the summer.
  27. capjak

    We've had a break through with Mom -- assisted living is on the table!

    Hope all works out well. My Mom spent her final 6 years in assisted living (4 months in nursing home). I would recommend meeting with an elder care Lawyer to make sure all finances etc. are in order as my Dad lived at home the entire time and it took a toll on the finances.
  28. capjak

    New DVC Members

    A couple thoughts. You can buy resale and save thousands. Once your resale purchase is recognized (could take about 90 days+) by Disney you will be able to call your guide and buy a smaller package direct (currently 75 point minimum to get member benefits) to get "member benefits" in...
  29. capjak

    Any recent experience renting weeks on redweek?

    It was up 4 months, Westin OF usually rents well, it was a 1 bedroom OF priced $2800, only listed on redweek, gave up 60 November 30 at 60 day point. I rebooked for Saturday august 15 in same 1 bedroom OF to try to rent that time (unfortunately school probably starts so may not work either).