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Search results

  1. SteelerGal

    Marriott Will Only Accept Flex Points in Merger

    That’s interesting because the MVC ratio after a decade is closer to 60/40. MVC uses II for trading. An internal system was never created. And if StarOptions are going away, why are ppl still being offered to retro resale contracts? Goodness these sales reps give the trade a bad name.
  2. SteelerGal

    Newbie question Hilton timeshare

    Congratulations on finding TUg. For that price you can buy a Platinum season and have nearly double the points. Please read the HGVC Stickies so you will know what and where to buy.
  3. SteelerGal

    Exchanging with VSE in II/RCI

    I honestly want to dump my RCI. I haven’t had any luck.
  4. SteelerGal

    Redweek says we need to call the resort to make sure our week reserved (and rented) at Marriott Aruba Ocean Club is in order.

    Yes, the same happened for me. I just think they are ensuring there aren’t any issues.
  5. SteelerGal

    Marriott Trader-Where to buy?

    I have 4 accounts now. 3 are corporate and one is my voluntary.
  6. SteelerGal

    Exchanging with VSE in II/RCI

    It would definitely be a points contract. If you look at the sightings, the points contract w/ Platinum RCI is pulling. Grandview w/ at least 80-100k.
  7. SteelerGal

    Exchanging with VSE in II/RCI

    Is SSR 52+ TPUs? When we had our HGVC RCI account, we could see Disney. Shoulder season and sporadic. Now w/ my Independent, I don’t even try. Requires too many TPUs. Plus RCI tinkers w/ TPUs.
  8. SteelerGal

    Kobe Bryant

    3 families lost loved ones. Truly a sad day.
  9. SteelerGal

    Best way to plan RCI Exchange for May 2021 Honeymoon - planning ahead (weeks & points)

    Once you know where you are interested, put in a request on the Sightings Board.
  10. SteelerGal

    Marriott Trader-Where to buy?

    DSVI does not have ROFR. Just purchased there after 3 Shadow Ridge Platinum attempts. 2bdrm Platinum Desert were going for 4.5k late last yr. I went with Desert because we would actually use It. Plus we own other traders that can get us to Hawaii
  11. SteelerGal

    Marriott and Vistana preference in Ii , makes trading more difficult

    Since I own both Marriott and Vistana, the priority is great. I do wish Hyatt was included but Hyatt is now separated. Hopefully it will change once Vistana is fully integrated. Now thanks to Sightings, I have noticed more bulk drop ins so it does look like Hyatt is on a similar schedule.
  12. SteelerGal

    Scathing Review of Atlantis Bahamas

    Agree. My issue is how he dealt w/ employees. I have been to multiple Caribbean Islands and # 1 complaint is how entitled many First Worlders are, especially Americans.. And unfortunately the authors tone places him promptly in that group of First Worlders who are hard to please nor satisfied.
  13. SteelerGal

    Poll: what is the rate of success with your rental listings on Redweek?

    I currently have Vistana , Marriott and Hawaii weeks for rent via RW. I will be thrilled to break even on our Hawaii and Westin week. If not, I will transfer to II.
  14. SteelerGal

    What should I buy? - Current Happy Hyatt Owner

    As others suggested, I would look into Marriott as well as Vistana. You can purchase a Vistana trader Vistana mandatory, or go w/ a Marriott. If you want Disney, buy or rent DVC.(We live SoCal so DisneyWorld is of zero interest. Ex Season Pass Holder). We have young children as well so tied...
  15. SteelerGal

    It's Official: I'm Retiring!

  16. SteelerGal

    What happens to this year's usage on Purchase Transaction?

    The EEE points stay in the associated account. My points were CUP so those transferred w/ the account. EEE points supposedly could be transferred according to other members however I never tried.
  17. SteelerGal

    What happens to this year's usage on Purchase Transaction?

    No. This happened w/ my recent purchase however I agreed to pay current fees so a reservation was made for my requested dates.
  18. SteelerGal

    What happens to this year's usage on Purchase Transaction?

    The booking would go to you. However it can be agreed upon that the original owner keep the reservation by having them added as a guest. Or they move this years points to II.
  19. SteelerGal

    Where to buy? Love Wyndham Oceanside

    Thanks. Looks like I will look for an EOY contract.
  20. SteelerGal

    How do you personally trade through II?

    I am a manual trader as well. I follow the Sightings Board and look weekly on II. Since we are school schedule, I always have the schedule on hand so I can get whatever interests me. So far we have 5 week long vacations planned. I am already waiting to book our 2021 vacations. I already...
  21. SteelerGal

    Purchase resale then trade on interval?

    I agree to rent until you are sure what you want. I tried to purchase Marriott DSVII Platinum and ROFR was excised both times. I then decided to purchase DSVI Platinum for the same price w/ Spring Break already booked. Worked out wonderfully for us. Our intent is only to use or rent because...
  22. SteelerGal

    Vistana into Marriott II exchanges cost now $154

    Love this. Basically it paid for our upgrade. Just p/u Christmas week @ DSV2 using my SDO Studio. Great trade for us because we are local and my children love the pools.
  23. SteelerGal

    Where to buy? Love Wyndham Oceanside

    Does CWA get access into Worldmark or do I need to buy both Wyndham and Worldmark? I’m hoping to get access to both Systems.
  24. SteelerGal

    Where to buy? Love Wyndham Oceanside

    Thanks. We love MarBrisa and Palisades entry into LEGOLAND however since we share local, shorter stays are easier for us. I will continue to check out EBay. We don’t need an excessive amount of points since we already own w/in the MVC family. I just want access to go to the various TS in CA...
  25. SteelerGal

    Where to buy? Love Wyndham Oceanside

    We have had stays at Wyndham in Oceanside thanks to RCI trades however we are interested in staying more often in the SD area.( We use to own a HGVC in the area but the limited resorts in the area was a deciding factor for us to sell.) We live less than 2hrs away and spend a good amount of time...
  26. SteelerGal

    Poll: what is the rate of success with your rental listings on Redweek?

    I haven’t had luck w/ VC but will give it another try for our MVC.
  27. SteelerGal

    Someone wants to give us their TS at Atlantis?

    If you decide not to go through the purchase, have the couple contact Vistana to deedback program.
  28. SteelerGal

    Newport Coast Villa's-things to do

    Yes, there are hiking trails throughout the area so I would ask. Check out Laguna Beach and it’s art galleries. There’s nice beach town eateries and tacos. Love the beach at the Montage as well as the view from its bar. Go further up you will hit the other resorts such as the Ritz in Dana...
  29. SteelerGal

    Comedy shows in LA

    The Comedy and Laugh Store in Hermosa Beach. Leno is resident there. Also check Laugh Factory.