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    Anyone heard of Executive Resorts Network?

    goaliedave, you're charming. I was a marketing exec for many years and while I deliberately did not participate in telemarketing, I most certainly know how it works. But he KNEW we were with RCI. He didn't know we no longer owned our timeshares, as we haven't told RCI. He did not know which...
  2. F

    Anyone heard of Executive Resorts Network?

    What was concerning is that they knew my full name, our number, and that we were with RCI. That's not public info, anywhere. My husband was the one who answered (we've been screening calls like crazy lately due to all the robo calls), so I didn't hear the beginning of the call. I had to...
  3. F

    Anyone heard of Executive Resorts Network?

    I figure it probably is, but do you know anything about them? Any personal experience?
  4. F

    Anyone heard of Executive Resorts Network?

    We had two timeshares in RCI's network and got rid of both several months ago. We still have a ton of banked points and TPUs. We just got a call from a company called Executive Resorts Network, offering to rent out extra weeks that we supposedly get as RCI members. They're not the extra...
  5. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    The EOY OY is still available...and again, it is NOT owned by Wyndham. They have a sales and marketing agreement to sell NEW inventory but are not involved in the operation of this independent resort in any way. This is a fantastic trader in RCI and has excellent rental potential. Grab it now to...
  6. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    The points one is already in progress with the closing company, so it's not likely to fall through, but I will let you know
  7. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    As I replied to your email, Wyndham is NOT involved in the operation of this resort. They signed a sales and marketing agreement last fall and acquired some excess inventory from the resort to sell. That is the extent of their involvement. Presidential Villas remains an independently operated...
  8. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    No. The annual one has been claimed, but the EOY OY week that deposits, if desired, with RCI Weeks, is still available.
  9. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    The person who was going to take the EOY OY unit has backed out (the other potential deed-holder hadn't been consulted, oops), so it is still available. We are heading to Europe tomorrow, but I have all the needed documents in my email account, so if someone is interested and ready to move...
  10. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    Good luck! Another member on here is giving away the same EOY OY unit (I think her handle is RickandCindy23 -- something like that), so be sure to check in with her.
  11. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    Both units are claimed, pending completion of sales agreements. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in either, and I can let you know if they fall through.
  12. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    Be sure to PM me if you are interested...for some reason, TUG does not send me notifications if someone comments on my thread. (I am going to try to fix that.) But I do get notifications of PMs!
  13. F

    Two DIFFERENT Presidential Villas timeshares -- annual points, EOY OY week!

    Due to long-term changes in our ability to use our timeshares enough to get real value out of them, we have decided to give away both of our units to fellow TUGgers. We own two units at Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort in Surfside Beach, SC, just a few miles from Myrtle Beach. We...
  14. F

    Closing going poorly - advice request (Sean Singletary)

    I suppose there could be. It just caught my attention!
  15. F

    Does RCI know if I sell my week?

    Well, yes, I know that. It's cheaper than a points membership, so that's an extra savings.
  16. F

    Does RCI know if I sell my week?

    When we sell our points one, we will be transferring the points membership itself but keeping our banked points, which RCI has already confirmed we can do. Thanks for confirming we can keep the weeks membership. A few resorts I favorited suddenly do not have any exchanges available, only extra...
  17. F

    Does RCI know if I sell my week?

    I am most likely selling our EOY week timeshare, but I am thinking of keeping my RCI weeks membership for a little while after all our TPUs are gone to book extra vacations if I'm still getting value out of those. When the new owner of my week creates their own RCI membership or adds my floating...
  18. F

    Closing going poorly - advice request (Sean Singletary)

    Um, this is weird because Sean Singletary is the name of a former University of Virginia basketball standout who made it into the NBA but didn't make his mark there. I have to wonder if that's the real name of the seller, or if it's actually the basketball player. If it's the latter, you might...
  19. F

    Selling my timeshare

    If they're not local, have them pay you through PayPal, or have them send you a certified check. Don't begin the transfer process until the payment clears. You'll need a sales contract to protect both parties. LT Transfers probably has one you can use.
  20. F

    So far I love Interval International

    What's a good trader to own for II? My TSes only trade in RCI, and I'm going to unload the annual points one but likely keep the EOY OY one. Both are great traders with reasonable MFs. Marriotts are great quality, but the annual MF increases are not particularly palatable to me!
  21. F

    Points Vs. Weeks

    I don't think you could be forced to either. There's quite a cost involved. I bought a week I thought was in weeks but turned out to have been converted into points. It has had some benefits that weeks doesn't, and yes, you can search for 7+ night stays. The resort itself established what the...
  22. F

    Hot, mad, and venting here

    We stayed at that resort 9 years ago. It's a crappy resort. Definitely hound RCI -- try live chat -- and demand to be moved to another resort. If you booked with a credit card that has travel insurance built in, or if you bought credit card insurance, call them too. And if RCI won't budge, file...
  23. F

    Please help with RCI tips

    You can save searches along with specific resorts. Just click on "favorite" when looking at a resort or "save search" on the left side after getting to the local you're interested in (i.e. specifically Orlando Area). I have several saved and will just click on them to get an update of availability.
  24. F

    Exchange and RCI want to cancel

    Jackio, did you buy points protection up front or just pay the fee when you canceled? I sometimes buy it up front but if I don't have to, and then only pay the fee when canceling, that would be much better. I hate wasting money. Your Chase card would probably cover that fee as well. The only...
  25. F

    RCI - less than a week

    Nope. We've done it. In fact, a resort in Sedona that had a daily resort fee credited the last day's fee! I don't know if all will do that, though.
  26. F

    RCI hikes Weeks fees...highway robbery!

    I didn't get that sale email! Bummer.
  27. F

    RCI points needed to exchange went up!

    So now that resort has gone up to 62k points for the same weeks. SMH.
  28. F

    RCI Glitch - Points values inflated 25% - appears to be for ALL resorts

    This is weird, because a few weeks ago, I noticed that a resort in Provence that I track had been at 59k points and suddenly went up to 61.5k. Today, it's 62k. Same exact weeks.
  29. F

    Grandview Las Vegas [Need advice about giving it away]

    Wow, I did not know that! Thanks for that info! We own a TS in points that gets a massive amount of points, more than we can use for the foreseeable future. I can't find ANY listings for the same TS in points and have no idea what it should sell for (in weeks, you can grab it for $1-100 on Ebay...