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Search results

  1. M

    Nanea sand-entry pool being refurbished

    Yes, at Nanea now, pools all up and running. It's our first time here, loving everything about the property. The kitchen and especially the storage in the kitchen is a wonderful bonus.
  2. M

    Sheraton Kaua‘i Resort has been added to the Sheraton Flex

    That's great. I think Sheraton Kauai must have been added because it's gotten very negative feedback. We stayed there 8 months ago and are going again this month. The redo is hotel room conversion, so it's very small, but very well kitted out. We really like the property and the area, but if you...
  3. M

    Marriott's Village d'ile-de-France - condo questions

    The outlets are french, so you need adapters. The washer/dryer are stacked units and there is a laminated sheet with instructions, but we found if we used the temperature they recommended, colors ran, do just use the next temperature down. The Marketplace there is great for staples, fresh baked...
  4. M

    Which Orlando MVC do you prefer?

    We just stayed at Sabal. The pool was down, so we had to walk to the hotel or drive to Royal Palms. The main building was only open from 8 am to 8 pm, so we had to drive to Royal Palms to check out. The Marketplace is tiny. There are no elevators and we were assigned a 2nd floor unit. The units...
  5. M

    Marriott's OceanWatch partially open/close

    I called II today and they said, to the best of their knowledge, everything will be fully open by this weekend. My reservation is in 3 weeks
  6. M

    Yikes! Did I make a mistake booking Vistana Resort over Vistana Villages?

    I like the Cascades part of Vistana Resort because it is close to the big pool and the store. We've stayed in Courts, Fountain and Springs, all were fine. Be aware some don't have elevators if that is an issue for you. If you are in Courts, make sure you are away from the tennis courts.
  7. M

    Sheraton Kauai booking

    We stayed in a corner 5th floor studio with ocean views. They put quite a bit in a small hotel room, but it was fine for 2 of us for 5 days. Storage is limited. The finishings are great and the way they fit everything in was very impressive. The grounds have really been updated and the entire...
  8. M

    Had an Owners Update Today..... Lips Moving?

    The salesman at Sheraton Vistana resorts also said only Flex owners were going to be allowed to participate in the Marriott program. But he had nothing in writing.
  9. M

    Lagunamar availability

    FYI, Jan 21-24, 2020 is Regents Week in NY, which gives a lot of New Yorkers the week off. We found that week at Lagunamar very loud and a teen age free for all. I avoid that week. That may also be why availability is limited, as they won't necessarily depart before Sunday.
  10. M

    ILG (Vistana Flex) and Marriott Vacation Club - Now what? Owner update?

    Just got out of an "update" at Sheraton Vistana Resort. Allegedly we should sell them back most if our holdings for $37,000 to convert to 260,000 flex options. That would be taking our 2 week annual Princeville and about 75,000 current flex options and making them all flex options. Not a good...
  11. M

    Social Security COLA in 2017? Did I hear this right?

    And when Social Security started only 57% of the population lived long enough to collect.
  12. M

    Millennial wedding

    It is true that with each generation the formalities and traditions for weddings relax and change. DD2 is a wedding planner at a very pricey ocean front resort and she has many stories of the variations of ways to do weddings and the attendees behavior. What would bother me most about this...
  13. M

    help planning mid-coastal maine summer trip

    Maine Maritime Museum in Bath is interesting, part of the admissions in the summer is a boat ride on the river. Beyond Popham Beach is an old fort which is quite cool. Boothbay Harbor has a railway museum, botanical gardens with a children's learning area. There is a very small research station...
  14. M

    Free EOY, even, Sheraton Mountain Vista

    I corrected ROY to EOY in the title just after I put the posting up. I did not catch that in the bidy Autocorrect is not always helpful. This is an even year property, standard one bedroom. The Starwood website describes this as a Spring/Fall property. The chart from 2014 that I have says the...
  15. M

    Free EOY, even, Sheraton Mountain Vista

    Paring down my units. This has been a great trader for us. One bedroom, ROY week 40 float, next use year 2018. I will pay closing.
  16. M

    Cancer Insurance

    At one point my father's chemo pill was $9,000 a month. Your coverage isn't going to go far. On the other hand... Certainly having a $32 per month policy to cover your deductible would be a great idea, as it would take 153 months to accumulate that same amount if you were to take your own...
  17. M

    SVV Exchange in II to Lagunamar for Feb 2017?

    You are much better off splitting your SVV into two units and trading through II if you want more than one week. Your 81,000 SO will only get you a one bedroom r one week at Lagunamr, where you would be able to get two weeks (or two units for the same week) through II. The default search date...
  18. M

    Need help with choosing Starwwood resale

    How do I ask a moderator to move this? So far all my TS have been traded 80% of the time, this unit would probably be traded 50% of the time. Tell me more about Marriott's for traders. I have one in Palm Springs, have not done a great job trading it... Only owned that for two years. What...
  19. M

    Need help with choosing Starwwood resale

    Hi all! I need help choosing my next Starwood property. I am looking at three options. I know my pros and cons, looking for yours. I appreciate any and all opinions. We figure have 15 to 20 years before we won't travel much, already have more than the kids want to take on. 1) Lagunamar...
  20. M

    Sheraton Desert Oasis 2 br weeks 1-52

    Are either of these two bedrooms lockouts? And is your biannual odd or even?
  21. M

    Father (w/Dementia) listed his TS with a "Marketing Agency" for LARGE FEE

    You could list here in the Marketplace for free (if you have already paid a $15 membership). You could either list it with free 2016 use or at a lower cost and expect reimbursement of the annual fees. You may want to go ahead and reserve a week now so the new owner does not get shut out this year.
  22. M

    Mosquitos at lagunamar ?

    Never seen a mosquito at WLR. I would avoid inland areas and the lagoons, as well as any areas at dusk.
  23. M

    R U going to Cancun this year?

    Love Cancun! Doing 8 days at Lagunamar in mid April.
  24. M

    Almost bought a week at Hacienda Encantada....

    My daughter bought at Hacienda Encantata on the secondary market. She lives the resort and what she paid for it.
  25. M

    Can we refuse to change room in the middle of week's stay?

    I would move ONLY if: 1) They moved all of my belongings. I wouldn't mind packing most of my stuff the day before if I only had another night to go 2) The new unit was available immediately 3) They gave me a generous cash incentive to move Otherwise, I have a weeklong reservation, I stay...
  26. M

    Is there any way to donate unused Star Options to charity

    Hi all, due to inattentiveness on my part I have 39,000 Staroptions expiring next week. Yes, I am aware it is a crime against timesharing and I promise it will never happen again. Is there any way to donate these to Make A Wish or any other organization?
  27. M

    My Experience with ObamaCare

    I am just glad I don't have to tell another person that they are going to die because they delayed care because they didn't have insurance. Death is inevitable, death from preventable issues in the 21st century is tragic. We Americans are spoiled. Have an itch? Gotta see the doctor today...
  28. M

    Ongoing Sales Incentive - Enrolling Post-6/20/10 Weeks [Merged]

    Thanks for all of you with great experience posting here. I received my email this am and turned to TUG and quickly decided the $297 I spent for my Desert Springs EOY was all the money I should spend. It is still a great II trader and I am sure will continue to be even if I don't use it for a...