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Search results

  1. ValleyGirl

    New Westin Flex

    Yes just like Sheraton Flex, Westin Flex has combined a lot of low demand weeks and unused inventory along with a small % of units at Premium Resorts. The result of all this is that Flex owners find it hard to get "High Demand" weeks or locations. The flex program is oversold and...
  2. ValleyGirl

    New Westin Flex

    Only 10% of Nanea Resort View is in the Flex pool. 0% of Oceanfront & of course fixed weeks fixed rooms are not.
  3. ValleyGirl

    Has anyone noticed a change of attitude at Vistana customer service lately?

    I called elite services (888-619-2987) recently and had all my questions answered in a very friendly manner even ones about dilution of Nanea being in "Flex". Supposedly only one buildings worth of home options has been placed in Flex and inventory is supposed to be kept separate preventing the...
  4. ValleyGirl

    crappy room assignments

    For “Spring Break Week” and given that only 1/3 of the ?138? Units are avail for fri/sat/sun checkin, you better have a very quick internet and quick fingers. In the past I have always been able to res Spring Week but I believe VSE uses turned in weeks to reserve this very very high demand Week...
  5. ValleyGirl

    crappy room assignments

    All units are owned individually except when offered for resale. There is no ROFR However when owners split up units and or exchange the some weeks become available. It is my conspiracy nature to believe they suck the best weeks with highest marketability before 12 Month window
  6. ValleyGirl

    Nanea to be sold only as flex later this summer

    Nanea sells Home Options (12 mos atNanea only) they then become star options. They sell Home Options in a variety of 1Br an 2BR Every yr, every other years and just a flat amount of options. There are two distinct and separate home option groups (Oceanfront and Resort View) Oceanfront is sold...
  7. ValleyGirl

    Booking for a Guest?

    Just call owner services. You will need the exact name (ID)of person first checking in, # of adults and number of children. Contact info. Once it is changed you will use the app to email them confirmation
  8. ValleyGirl

    New Flex program???

    Your friend has been confused by a "Sales Presentation":doh: The only Vistana owners with 2 year reservations are those with fixed weeks fixed units and they are auto reserved. Everyone in the Visana programs can reserve anywhere in the system but this is at 8 months. Owners can reserve at 12 mo...
  9. ValleyGirl

    Maximizing SPG/Marriott Hotel Points on Maui

    Didn't Marriott transfer at 3:1 > 240,000 MR points = 80,000 SP?
  10. ValleyGirl

    SPG Luxury card

    I just noticed your location in Oahu!! You have power to post? How is it going?
  11. ValleyGirl

    SPG Luxury card

    Thank you! Confirmed what I saw. Not sure if we want any more credit - limits pretty high now. Also using the 3:1 rule the new points equiv are 33,000 just a little higher than old SPG AMEX bonus.
  12. ValleyGirl

    SPG Luxury card

    200K or 100K? Did you add a user or apply separately? Also I did not see the 100K bonus on the "Upgrade" info??
  13. ValleyGirl

    Update on 5* Transferring

    We also have put property in trust and 5* works the way you explain. Because of the high annual expense we have also directed our estate (at our deaths) to put 100K into the trust in an investment. The earnings from the investment plus a small contribution by family members ($500 per week...
  14. ValleyGirl

    Vistana is telling me no small 1 bedrooms for prime summer 2019 are available

    But wouldn't week 28 '19 be available 12 months ago at the 24 Mo mark? Or are these actually "Fixed Weeks" vs float?
  15. ValleyGirl

    Vistana is telling me no small 1 bedrooms for prime summer 2019 are available

    I have always believed when owners convert their week to SPs or bank that Vistana uses "that week" for themselves and reserves the most desirable weeks before the 12/24 month mark. This maximizes their rental revenue. My facts are that one can always rent a Riverfront Spring Break Ski Week...
  16. ValleyGirl

    Vistana is telling me no small 1 bedrooms for prime summer 2019 are available

    Ahhhh Hah! But I wonder if you have all owners chasing the most desirable weeks with same 24 Mo lead wouldn't results be the same?:ponder:
  17. ValleyGirl

    Vistana is telling me no small 1 bedrooms for prime summer 2019 are available

    Not sure if I understand but it is not yet week 28! Unless you have a fixed week you cannot reserve more then 12 Months in advance. Of course all owners can try for their "season" right at 12 mo mark (midnight EST). Depending on your latency, jitter and ping times youmay not be the "first of...
  18. ValleyGirl

    Anyone have any luck in getting a 1-BR unit at Nanea?

    Also looking at availability for mid week with varying lengths might be available and you may be able to cobble together a couple of res. Arriving mid week is cheaper on AL fares.
  19. ValleyGirl

    Anyone have any luck in getting a 1-BR unit at Nanea?

    Very difficult unless you have "Nanea" Resort View Home Options. Although you can usually rent though SPG website.
  20. ValleyGirl

    Westin Nanea - observations

    We rented our 2BR Resort View July 4th week for 3,500. This more than covers our Maint fee. We used this week in 2017 but were unable in 2018. Used Red Week.
  21. ValleyGirl

    Booked first trip to Princeville.

    Horrible Place - tell everyone to stay away;)
  22. ValleyGirl

    What to do with an odd number of leftover staroptions?

    You cannot rent SOs but you can add on "Hotel Inventory" to extend your stay. No guarantee you will be able to say in the same room. You can call 1-2 days before check-in and ask them to "back to back" your reservations in the same room; again no guarantees. It will not be cheap - Starwood is...
  23. ValleyGirl

    Combine Consecutive Reservations

    We have done this but it was at Nanea where we own 2 weeks & we are 5*(YMMV). They can only do this 1-2 days before arrival and there is no guarantee. If there are open "Hotel" rooms and SO inventory I believe they can combine at the resort management level.
  24. ValleyGirl

    At Nanea Now

    We will be diving Monday but should be able to meet in the evening. Email John@Grigsby.com
  25. ValleyGirl

    At Nanea Now

    We are at Nanea thru Fri 1/19/18 The other half of our party has departed and we have an unopened 30 Pack of Bud Light at No cost. Any takers? PM me:thumbup:
  26. ValleyGirl

    New Westin Flex

    See post #13
  27. ValleyGirl

    Westin Nanea - observations

    We love the points/presentation. If you keep asking questions then the presentation will go on and on and on and then you will feel obligated to go through several "closes" and then finally end up saying no to the explorer package. The "offer" will continue to come down from the initial High...
  28. ValleyGirl

    Star points vs star options

    Au Contraire A developer purchase or a re-qualified resale will have SO's that can be converted to SPs https://www.vistana.com/ownership101#spg_conversion
  29. ValleyGirl

    Star points vs star options

    They offer it as a last resort after you have said NO 5 times!
  30. ValleyGirl

    Westin Princeville

    Our first purchase was a developer pre-build at Princeville (before we found TUGBBS). We used to own a FF in bldg 3, 2nd Floor and loved it. Depending on what you pay for it, it could easily be resold. Maint fees are high but it is a beautiful property. Remember no SPs or SOs. As our extended...