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Search results

  1. bryanphunter

    Westin Flex Rescission

    I just received an email confirmation from USPS that my recission letter / packet was signed by O. Ortiz at Westin Flex Collection LLC in Orlando, Florida. Best $26 dollars I've spent in a while.
  2. bryanphunter

    Westin Flex Rescission

    Just to show the newbies, even the veteran's (Tug member since 2005) make mistakes. I spent the past week using my SDO II exchange into WKV. (I also own 2br EY Platinum WKV). I have been able to exchange the past 3 years into WKV the last week of January for the Waste Management Phoenix Open...
  3. bryanphunter

    Strategy for Attending a PGA Tournament?

    DW and I have gone to the Waste Management Pheonix Open twice in the past three years. I usually look at the tee times and look for a grouping of players that I want to see up close. Last year we parked ourselves at the 3rd hole tee box and watched 5 or 6 groups come through. That was we got...
  4. bryanphunter

    Sedona Springs DRI owned / VRI managed resort ??

    That thread is about Sedona SUMMIT. I am interested in Sedona SPRINGS. Found a VRBO that may fit my needs.
  5. bryanphunter

    Sedona Springs DRI owned / VRI managed resort ??

    Thinking of renting a week at Sedona Springs off of Redweek. I am seeing conflicting images online. Some images have nice updated flooring and furnishings. Other images have very outdated looking and tired looking accomodations. Anyone that can comment on the status of this resort would be...
  6. bryanphunter

    Sedona Springs DRI owned / VRI managed resort ??

    Thinking of renting a week at Sedona Springs off of Redweek. I am seeing conflicting images online. Some images have nice updated flooring and furnishings. Other images have very outdated looking and tired looking accomodations. Anyone that can comment on the status of this resort would be...
  7. bryanphunter

    Bohemian Rhapsody?

    Hey I love Black Sabbath as well. My tastes are very varied. But Black Sabbath didn't play in front of crowds of 100,000 people. The shear number of people in unison is what makes the Live Aid video so cool. Only Micheal Jackson played more concerts of greater than 120,000 people (4 Times)...
  8. bryanphunter

    vacation destination where you would like to live

    I love Sedona as well, but I love my NE Minnesota Summer's and Fall. I am slowly checking out locations in Arizona for part-time Winter living. Next stop is Tucson in late January for some golf, hiking, and will check out potential neighborhoods for future purchase. As my wife and I near...
  9. bryanphunter

    Bohemian Rhapsody?

    Sadly, haven't found the time to see the movie yet, due to work constraints being on-call at the hospital. I spent one evening last week watching youtube videos of various Queen performances and documentaries. I went back to my childhood remembering how much I loved Queen and hated the song...
  10. bryanphunter

    Pahio Kauai Beach Villas board election

    Congrats Jack!! Look forward to your participation on the BOD.
  11. bryanphunter

    Pahio Kauai Beach Villas board election

    Look forward to vote for you Jack and Jeff. Been thinking of unloading my oceanfront unit, but I want to see how things improve. I think progress can be made. It is too bad that MF's are the same regardless of view. I realize the upkeep is no different if the unit is in Building A or Building...
  12. bryanphunter

    We Tried the Most Popular Bacon Brands - These Are Our 8 Favorites

    Wright's bacon get's my vote. Found at Sam's club and sometimes Wal-Mart in NE Minnesota. Cooks up nice. I usually cook my bacon on a tin-foiled cookie sheet placed on my outdoor gas grill. No bacon smell in the house this way. Easy clean-up.
  13. bryanphunter

    Need advice about offer

    Using Staroptions to convert to Starpoints (Hotel reservations) is ALWAYS a bad idea. Stick around TUG and read everything you can. You will learn how to maximize your timeshare investment and figure out which resale purchase fits your needs
  14. bryanphunter

    WKV Selling 249 Weeks to Owners

    Checked my Vistana.com this morning and low and behold my WKV 2BR Platinum (148,100) is part of "what I own". Didn't even get a welcome email! Maybe it is on its way. I was able to nab this unit from Sellmytimesharenow.com at the end of the year (12/10/17). If your patient and persistent...
  15. bryanphunter

    Pet Friendly Timeshares

    I guess you should stick to resorts that don't allow pets. Obviously, certain timeshares see value in allowing pets and advertise this benefit. Each resort will have policies specific to make sure pets follow the rules just like the human guests.
  16. bryanphunter

    Waste Management Open

    DW and I will be there on Thursday or Friday. We pay valet parking at the Fairmont Scottsdale for easy in and out parking. I believe it was $20. I usually look for player tee times and try to find a grouping of 4-5 golfers I want to get close-up views of players and grab a spot by the tee box...
  17. bryanphunter

    Kierland Platinum Plus 2 bedroom

    I know! I almost wasn't going to post this because I didn't want to jinx the process. But I have signed the closing paperwork and sent my money off, so hopefully, this will transfer without a hitch. Sellmytimesharenow.com has the largest inventory of WKV. Many of the ads are unrealistically...
  18. bryanphunter

    Kierland Platinum Plus 2 bedroom

    I was able to find an annual Westin Kierland 2br Platinum unit listed for $10,000 in December. I had been following prices on EBay, Redweek, Syed's Advantage vacation website, Sellmytimesharenow.com, and Timeshare King every couple of days for any new listings. All the listings ran closer to...
  19. bryanphunter

    FREE SDO 2 br l/o

    Annual? Every other year?
  20. bryanphunter

    Comments regarding Ebay listing?

    Thinking of entering into the Wyndham timeshare system. Have followed listings on Ebay and nearly jumped in on this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wyndham-Grand-Desert-539-000-Club-Wyndham-Plus-Points-/222639100375? Any comments from the resident Wyndham experts? Is this a decent price? MF @...
  21. bryanphunter

    No free bags with Alaska card on codeshared Virgin America flight

    Here is some leaked info posted by TravelCodex. There are some hiccups to the merger. https://www.travelcodex.com/2017/03/leaked-benefits-for-alaska-mileage-plan-members-on-virgin-america/
  22. bryanphunter

    Prince dead at 57

    Well, I fell victim to multiple twitter and media reports regarding the Clapton comment. I do know for a fact, Rolling Stone ranked Prince #27 of the greatest 100 artists! http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-artists-of-all-time-19691231/prince-20110419
  23. bryanphunter

    Prince dead at 57

    Eric Clapton was asked, "What's it like to be the best guitarist on the planet?" He replied, "I don't know, ask Prince" RIP Prince
  24. bryanphunter

    Amazon Kindle Owners Should Download This Update Immediately

    It will automatically update with newer versions of the kindle. This update is necessary for 2012 or earlier models.
  25. bryanphunter

    Anesthesia/Surgery patients 90+ on Medicare

    I'd call the Mayo Clinic Appointment phone number. They will call you within 48 hours to discuss your medical concerns and see if Mayo Scottsdale is the place to go for your husband's care. http://www.mayoclinic.org/appointments
  26. bryanphunter

    Anesthesia/Surgery patients 90+ on Medicare

    What kind of non-invasive procedure are we talking about? Cataracts, Carpal Tunnel Release? The procedure drives risk more than patient condition sometimes. Many surgeries can be done with regional anesthetics that are less risky than general anesthesia.
  27. bryanphunter

    Please post Starwood ROFR transactions here (ONLY)

    How soon does ROFR happen in the closing process? I won a WKORV that I'm sure won't pass ROFR and I think the company is dragging their feet.
  28. bryanphunter

    another eplus question

    Go to My History section, then look under the exchange tab. You will then see the option to "Start E-Plus Retrade"
  29. bryanphunter

    Purchased WKORV-North

    Did you get your Feb 2016 reservation?
  30. bryanphunter

    Beware The Music Police Cometh

    So my camp counselor back in grade school that played "Dust in the Wind" with his guitar around the campfire owes the band Kansas a few bucks?