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Search results

  1. JudyH

    Planning to use your cellphone overseas? Here's what you need to know before you go

    I had enrolled in Verizon’s TravelPass plan a year or two ago. I usually get a local SIM card for wherever I am. So this past December I got one for Argentina. It ran out two days before returning. So I think no big deal I’ll just use Verizon’s plan for two days if necessary. Then our plane had...
  2. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    Still not sure it’s working correctly. I reset the dials to where they originally were. A day later I used my instant read thermometer in the kitchen faucet and water was only 99 degrees and only 100 in a bathroom. I could tell it was cool when I took a shower. Today I bumped up both a bit and...
  3. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    Wackmother My SIL is Seattle had major leak under her kitchen sink. Caused thousands of dollars in damage. Now she has this gadget. My son the contractor has never heard of them. I think it’s a good idea.
  4. JudyH

    Has timeshare vacation led to you moving to a resort destination?

    Not timesharing but after visiting friends in FL 2009-2012 we decided to buy a house on the Gulf Coast. Thought we would use it for a rental property then decided to move there full time in 2013. I hated Baltimore where I was trapped for years with jobs, family, and work. I thought about moving...
  5. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    I think I fixed it. I didn’t know it had two thermostats. I raised the one on the bottom and never touched the one on the top. It’s a Rheem hot water heater. After going to google I learned that the top heats the cold water as it enters the top of the heater and the bottom maintains the lower...
  6. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    That is just what I have been thinking. Yep. Time to call a plumber.
  7. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    Before we moved to FL we lived in an 100 yr old farm house. It had oil heat. We had a furnace that gave us instant hot water for bathrooms and radiators. Lots of different circulators for radiators for different parts of the house. The bathroom over the furnace got hot immediately. Our upstairs...
  8. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    No It’s not instant hot water. I really don’t think there is a circulating pump. Before I messed with it any sink or shower would have warm water after running about a minute. Now it can take over 5 minutes. Now this is so weird. If I run the hot water in my tub which is right next to the...
  9. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    That is my plan for tomorrow. I just don’t get how raising it a bit is connected to this problem.
  10. JudyH

    Question about my hot water heater

    We live in FL and have a 7 year old electric hot water heater. The water has always been about 120 degrees and never felt hot enough to me, but I had hot water as soon as I turned on the faucet. A few weeks ago I took off the cover and insulation and found the temperature dial. Against my...
  11. JudyH

    Tell me about your local foods......

    Steamed crabs, crab cakes, crab soup. All things Maryland.
  12. JudyH

    Update: The Time it Now Takes To Get A U.S. Passport Or Global Entry

    I put in and still have to do interview. I am getting offers to do it after June Iceland trip as I return to Dulles airport.
  13. JudyH

    What ever happened to Fletch (2012)

    I’m still here. Since 1997. Still with one Myrtle Beach week that morphed into a tiger trader. Moved to Fl in 2013. I sure miss a lot of the aforementioned names.
  14. JudyH


    I hate Win10. Just upgraded this past fall. I do mostly photo editing. I don’t like the display in Pictures or Photos. I don’t like the color backgrounds and themes. I have not found any new features that are of any use to me. Too many choices of minute details. Color me sad.
  15. JudyH

    Chase Sapphire Reserve changes added door dash, lyft increase fee

    I have the SW card, the BA card and the Reserve card. DH also has all these cards too. He will most likely cancel his CSR card and transfer points to mine. I am the only driver and like primary rental car ins. We never fly United and I never shop at Costco. I also never use Lyft or Uber or food...
  16. JudyH

    Never realized how hard it is to send a parent to Hospice until today.

    Your words about your father are beautiful.
  17. JudyH

    Amtrak Table Service Gone, what I experienced with new options

    Please report back on the auto train and BYOB meals. I am using it in May.
  18. JudyH

    Sick on train, Urgent care video disaster

    Wow. Not much to add but feel better soon and be a loud strong advocate for what you think is best for you.
  19. JudyH

    How much do you pay your house/pet sitter while away?

    I pay my cat sitter $20 per day for two cats staying at her house. I supply all the food. I travel so much that I got a special prize for being one of her customers.
  20. JudyH

    Forum Upgrade Christmas present!

    Could not get on in the afternoon 12/26 with PC. Ok now with iPhone.
  21. JudyH

    Travel Insurance

    Reminder that the Chase Sapphire Reserve card includes a travel insurance benefit if you use the card to pay for your travel. I will submit a claim for the first time because my plane was delayed overnight for 12 hours and I had to spend a second night in a hotel.
  22. JudyH


    I’m here too. Still watching every episode after all these years. Love the photography and scenery. It’s mindless relaxation. I always looked forward to just vegging out Wed. nights after working late.
  23. JudyH

    The demise of formal nights on cruises: How dress codes are tearing passengers apart. Formalwear is

    Not me.. I hate dressing up. Give me any combo of black tops and black bottoms and I am happy. Maybe a sparkly top.
  24. JudyH

    Have you or anyone close to you ever gone to rehab for alcohol addiction?

    Happy Thanksgiving. I am glad for you and your son. Hope each day is a good one.
  25. JudyH

    Santa Fe

    In 2015 we drove our trailer from FL to Albuquerque and camped at the Festival grounds. We were on a bluff overlooking the balloon ascension area and we went up once. Definitely a bucket list item. I would love to go back.
  26. JudyH

    We Are Coming for Your Phony Service Animals

    Can you imagine how dangerous that cute mini horse will be if he colics on a flight. I’ve had horses for years and years and they can go from perfectly happy healthy to riddled with colic pain within minutes.
  27. JudyH

    I am tired of the run around

  28. JudyH

    Some things I've learned about medical insurance this year

    But if you are taken someplace in a true emergency or are unconscious, you have no way of knowing if a treating doctor is a part of that network. Most of us are at risk for that situation regardless of the level of our insurance plan.
  29. JudyH

    Marriott Bed

    My SIL has had a Heavenly for about 10 years more or less. She loves it but it is too soft for me.
  30. JudyH


    James always said if things tanked he’d just start over again.