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Search results

  1. vacationtime1

    Decent Departure Offer at WKORV resorts.

    Do these departure packages require sitting through a sales pitch?
  2. vacationtime1

    Someone wants to give us their TS at Atlantis?

    Unless you are dead set on going to Harborside most years, I would politely decline the offer. Although you can get 67100 SO's for a lower MF, there is value in owning where you want to go; reservations are easier to obtain because you can reserve twelve months in advance rather than eight...
  3. vacationtime1

    Dordogne Region of France

    Another vote for Sarlat. So you can walk through this medieval town at night. The region is beautiful; the food is awesome. I am jealous.
  4. vacationtime1

    Points vs. Fixed Week Timeshare

    Some systems permit timeshare weeks or points to be converted into hotel points, airline points, or cruises. The conversation rates are almost always lousy. I would never pay money to buy a timeshare or points with the idea of using them for anything other than timesharing.
  5. vacationtime1

    Marriott's Kaua'i Beach Club - As destination in March

    Ask for a unit on a high floor on the Kilohana building away from the elevators. Stunning views of Nawiliwili Bay and the ocean beyond.
  6. vacationtime1

    how to buy at resale?

    You gotta admire Vistana's consistency.
  7. vacationtime1

    Marriott vacation club points

    Resale points are severely limited -- until the $3/point fee is paid, at which time they become completely legitimate.
  8. vacationtime1

    New - Thinking about MVC

    If you are a MVC owner of any number of points, you can rent additional points from other owners. See https://vacationpointexchange.com/ So my advice would be -- if you decide to do this -- to buy 7000 resale points (which will cost about $50K, which is plenty) to get your feet wet. You can...
  9. vacationtime1

    II membership can be still valid even I get rid of all timeshare weeks?

    Interval will not know that you sold your last timeshare unless you tell them. Exception: if your Interval account is a corporate account, such as those based on Marriott DC enrollment, VSE mandatory properties, etc.
  10. vacationtime1

    Longtime WMH owner looking for ideas...

    The price is way too high; check eBay for comparables. You will see a price difference between the 81000 and 67100 SVV units, reflecting the StarOption / MF ratio. (Note: Be careful to purchase only a Bella or Key West unit at SVV; StarOptions do not transfer on other units.)
  11. vacationtime1

    Longtime WMH owner looking for ideas...

    It's the usage period. In your case, your gold season unit is worth 67,100 StarOptions; platinum season is worth 81,000 StarOptions. Same MF's -- which usually makes platinum season more cost/effective as a StarOption generator, although a 67,100 Bella unit is definitely worth having.
  12. vacationtime1

    Marriott now allegedly allowing Vistana (Westin and Sheraton) properties in their Resale Program

    +1 Additionally, you can rent out your 2020 week. You should make a nice profit against the $1,448.71 MF you paid.
  13. vacationtime1

    how to buy at resale?

    My upgrade fee with the one bedroom WKV unit was $99; I have low status at Interval (whatever comes with VSE membership).
  14. vacationtime1

    Ka'anapali Beach Club versus Marriott Maui Ocean Club

    +1 The beach in front of MOC is also better. Although the depth of the beach comes and goes (see various threads on this), the beach in front of KBC has essentially gone.
  15. vacationtime1

    how to buy at resale?

    Can you search using only the one bedroom side of your SVV units? That would be the apples-to-apples comparison of trading power.
  16. vacationtime1

    how to buy at resale?

    I see the same units with my small side one bedroom shoulder season WKV unit. It would be a good data point if someone with an SVV unit could chime in here.
  17. vacationtime1

    Encore Package - 5Days/ 4 Nights - Opinion ?

    It's not a bad deal IF you want a four day timeshare vacation at one of the available resorts, IF you don't mind wasting a half day of that vacation suffering through another sales presentation, and IF you can say "no" at that presentation. Figure the Bonvoy points are worth $350-400 against...
  18. vacationtime1

    How to keep my kids from inheriting my timeshare ?

    Your kids can disclaim any inheritance or any part of any inheritance. So the form of title is not relevant for this particular purpose (unless you put your kids on title, which you should not).
  19. vacationtime1

    Looking for info on Sheraton Broadway Plantation

    It wasn't paid as of the date of the estoppel.
  20. vacationtime1

    Looking for info on Sheraton Broadway Plantation

    The estoppel will show this, but Vistana generally releases an estoppel only to escrow agents (note: Vistana calls its estoppel a "Resale Information Sheet").
  21. vacationtime1

    Looking for info on Sheraton Broadway Plantation

    It depends. It depends on how picky you are about where you want to go, what season you want to go, what quality you will accept, how much effort you are willing to put into the process, and your risk tolerance. You should be aware that there is a Vistana-to-Vistana preference in Interval; an...
  22. vacationtime1

    Happy New Year - so how many 2020 SO do you have left?

    We have about 197K remaining for 2020: 37K -- a WKV one bedroom shoulder season week which will go into Interval and be magically transformed into a Westin Princeville week. 160K which will get us and some good friends to Hawaii this fall via a StarOption exchange (which will be our third...
  23. vacationtime1

    Looking for info on Sheraton Broadway Plantation

    Although Westins and Marriotts are generally a notch above Sheratons in quality, there are other factors in play as well. You mention location; that's one. The mandatory/voluntary distinction drives some prices in the Vistana world (Westins and Sheratons); Westin Kierland (a mandatory...
  24. vacationtime1

    Looking for info on Sheraton Broadway Plantation

    One interesting aspect of SBP (at least the older, "Plantation" phase, which includes all weeks with the 9-43 + 47 high season): You can reserve your deeded week 24 months in advance. So the deeded week is important here; if you have a deeded summer week (i.e. weeks ~24 - ~32), you have a...
  25. vacationtime1

    Looking for info on Sheraton Broadway Plantation

  26. vacationtime1

    Considering 2br annual WKORV Garden

    OP should be aware that MF's at WKORV are artificially low for 2020; our HOA received a large refund from the County of Maui for overpaid (extorted) property taxes. My credit for 2020 was about $461 for a premium 2bd unit; it was about $636 for a deluxe unit. See...
  27. vacationtime1

    what's in a name

    Yes! Clear and inclusive.
  28. vacationtime1

    Is there any benefit for me to ever buy a timeshare?

    If you amortize the purchase price over ten years, you are equating that to an opportunity cost on your capital at 10%/year -- not an unreasonable number. And it is an opportunity cost. I agree that this is insignificant for a low cost or free timeshare. But when dealing with a prime...
  29. vacationtime1

    Pricing question

    If the instructions say "or", then either is okay. Otherwise send to both. Use certified mail. Make sure everyone who signed the purchase contract signs the rescission letter.
  30. vacationtime1

    From 11 weeks to 3

    We've owned between six and eight weeks over the past few years, although I would like to get that down to about four "someday". We will probably sell our Marriott weeks (the Marriott MF's are much higher than the Vistana weeks), but we are waiting until the Marriott/Vistana integration before...