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  1. Passepartout

    View from the balcony - non-timeshare edition

    Boy, how memory fades in 60 years. We were not on a lake, but on a salt water inlet. I caught ocean fish. Possibly around Ganges. But back then, it's entirely possible that the year-round population was only one or two thousand people. I remember that it was a occasion to meet an incoming car on...
  2. Passepartout

    View from the balcony - non-timeshare edition

    When I was in my early teens, perhaps late 1950's, our family vacationed on Salt Spring Island in something called 'light housekeeping cottages'. It was quite British and just had a one lane paved road between the two settlements (hardly 'towns'). I had the run of the place and could row out...
  3. Passepartout

    View from the balcony - non-timeshare edition

    OK, so this is hotel #2 in Puerto Vallarta. In the Romantic Zone, right at the pier. Hotel San Marino. I suspect it might get a tad noisy in the late evening. I'll report later, but you can't argue it isn't in the middle of the action. If you 'unlucky' to zoom in on the group nearest the pier...
  4. Passepartout

    Should TUG have a review system to make renting less risky?

    Who is the one to write these reviews? The rentor, or the rentee? There could be renters with an ax to grind (dirty unit, late check-in, dumpster view) and hold the owner responsible. I don't see this adding more than just another layer of complexity. Unnecessary. We already have resort reviews...
  5. Passepartout

    Need Advice

    Ending the Wyndham relationship is the easy part. But first RESCIND the most recent purchase. That will terminate any NEW credit card debt. Then concentrate on paying OFF any existing cards. If what remains is old, paid off mortgage, Wyndham has a program to terminate it. Stick around TUG...
  6. Passepartout

    R22 air conditioner.

    Don't worry about Goodman. They build more furnaces and a/c than anyone! When we replaced the 90% efficient Bryant in the house last year, it was with a 96% efficient Goodman. I couldn't be happier.
  7. Passepartout

    Question about my hot water heater

    An earlier thread mentioned a circulation pump. Those are really nice to have (for the instant not water), and because you're not having to reheat all the water in the pipes, they can actually save money over time. Something else to ask the plumber about.
  8. Passepartout

    Need a New Furnace --- Recommendations Really Needed

    Are you SURE that the existing one is shot? If you are unsure, you should have a professional go over it and see what it's condition is. Perhaps it can be put back in shape reasonably. OTOH, if it truly needs replacement, that becomes a valid selling point, and should or included in the selling...
  9. Passepartout

    Special Jeopardy tournament starts tonight (7 Jan 2020)

    Thinking earlier that there have been lots of great players who competed during the reins of Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer that lost to them for various reasons. Like being far ahead after Double Jeopardy, but losing in Final. It might be interesting to re-invite some of these players to...
  10. Passepartout

    Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

    We spent the day today with Rosie's Cooking. We met at Starbucks in Galleria Mall. Rosie picked us up, we went to a historic market, got ingredients. Then to her house where we were instructed in chopping and blending the freshest goodies. We made red and green salsas. We made tortillas, then...
  11. Passepartout

    Tell me about your local foods......

    Here we are in Puerto Vallarta. We took a cooking class today with Rosie's Vallarta Cooking. www.rosiescooking.com/ We went to a historic market and got ingredients, then to Rosie's home and made salsas, flan from scratch, we made our own tortillas, battered and fried shrimp for tacos. Then made...
  12. Passepartout

    Amazing Amazon Fire Tablet 10 with Alexa

    Thanks for the YouTube clue, Bill. I'll do that when we get home. I actually get along fine with Silk, but tire of the ads.
  13. Passepartout

    View from the balcony - non-timeshare edition

    Sunscape, Puerto Vallarta.
  14. Passepartout

    Amazing Amazon Fire Tablet 10 with Alexa

    I have 2 8" Fire tabs. I find them perfect for travel. Don't know why I bought 2. I thought the 2nd one was a new model, I guess. Anyway, they have books, movies, do email, TUG, and about a million other things easier than the iPad I had before. Only PITA is getting apps and upgrades thru Amazon...
  15. Passepartout

    Tell me about your local foods......

    We are in Puerto Vallarta this week, able to partake in one of my personal indulgences. Ceviche. It's raw fish, or shrimp, 'cooked' in lime juice. With onion, tomato, cilantro, jalapeno, cumin, salt. The seafood turns opaque when 'done'. Spoon (or scoop) on crisp tostadas with spicy salsa...
  16. Passepartout

    Tell me about your local foods......

    All these sound just Wonderful! The line forms right behind me!
  17. Passepartout

    Forwarding Mail While Gone for the Winter

    We used the USPS forwarding service a few years ago while we refurbed my departed FIL's home for about 4 months. It worked OK, if a little spendy.
  18. Passepartout

    Tell me about your local foods......

    Umm, uh, Rocky Mountain Oysters aren't exactly . . . OYSTERS! Think of what separates steers from bulls. :)
  19. Passepartout

    Tell me about your local foods......

    And Friday night Fish Fry's- a staple VFW fund raiser. Walleye and fries. YUM! Oh, and beer.
  20. Passepartout

    Mexican govt. cracking down on some travel/tourist scams

    It'll be a cold day in Hades when the gov't shuts down the 'timeshare shark tank' at tourist city airports.
  21. Passepartout

    I'm trying to understand my husband's heart problems

    Gosh, Judy! So much happening all at once. All I have to offer is Best Wishes for you and Tom, and a big TUG {{{HUG}}} Jim
  22. Passepartout

    Tell me about your local foods......

    Lots of stuff borrowed from Mexico. Poblano chiles, chipotles. We produce over 90% of farm raised rainbow trout, so they are always avai!ab!e. Cheeses. Cheddars, chevres (goat), a local neurologist raises bison and beefalo. Very lean and flavorful. One hot spring down the valley raises...
  23. Passepartout

    3 Nights Between Zurich & Munich?

    We did Neuschwanstein castle as a day trip from Munich. Can't advise on the guide because it was part of a pre- river cruise. Also a great biergarten in Munich, can't remember the street name but it's the one just to the left as you go out the main entrance of the Hauptbaunhof, and maybe 3...
  24. Passepartout

    Special Jeopardy tournament starts tonight (7 Jan 2020)

    To add: Ken is smart and fast, but if he had continued to play (top down, conservative bets on doubles) like he did in his 74 game streak, James would have beat him. James' style of play has fundamentally changed how the game is played.
  25. Passepartout

    Special Jeopardy tournament starts tonight (7 Jan 2020)

    It was a darn good contest. I suppose there will eventually be other champions, but for now, the winner is clear. Alex would not have surprised me if he'd announced his retirement but last night was Ken's, not A!ex's. Now, what to watch tonight at 7:00? Jim
  26. Passepartout

    Any Disneyland CA experts on TUG?

    40 years ago, my head office was on the back lot of D'Land (Ball & Harbor) overlooking the Matterhorn. We had the Lost & Found on Main St. and could pick up a pass at the front desk to go 'to the Park' for lunch. Alas those days are long gone and I wouldn't be able to help at all. Jim
  27. Passepartout

    Wrong side of Big Island

    Must be nice having your own private chauffeur. Private island, personal driver, Jeff, you're livin' the dream! :)
  28. Passepartout

    Headed to Vidanta-NV .

    Probably a little late this time, but one never-fail presentation shortener I used to employ was to print out several eBay ads for the resort I was going to a presentation (or 'update') at. When the sales weasel put the squeeze on, I'd just whip the ads out and ask if they'd match prices...
  29. Passepartout

    Somebody Got the Win Her Field Trial...

    Lookydat! The ribbons are bigger than the doggies! Good girls all around. You deserve a treat! :) Jim
  30. Passepartout

    Quick question about Global Entry. Do cruises count as travel outside the U.S.?

    Just a guess here, but since cruise passengers usually are covered by a 'blanket visa' for all passengers at the vast majority of port calls- and you don't get a visa stamp in your individual passport, I don't think you would have to note each one. We've been on cruises where we had to (or the...