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  1. H

    Headed to Vidanta-NV .

    90 minutes? LOL I wish More like 4+ hours 90 minutes is just breakfast. Presentation starts after that.
  2. H

    Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

    Yes! They had a very good quesadilla with beans and pork (forget what it was called). Will have to go back through my FB and see if I can find out the name of it. I think it was: El Campanario
  3. H

    Booking RCI Exchange what HGVC points will be used?

    Yes, that was me, LOL I did have to call back after the fact and it took a while but finally convinced them to straighten it out. Fortunately I'm in the "borrow" state now, but you never know when I might pick up another timeshare, LOL!
  4. H

    Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

    Yes, there's actually 2 of them. One across from the airport and one like 2 blocks down from the Buganvilias (I wanna say like hang a right, go down two blocks and hang a left where the gas station is and it's on the next corner past Pepe's)
  5. H

    Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

    I love Tacon de Marlin (I think that's the name). Little "hole in the wall" type of place, but mmmmm, SOOO good. I especially liked the smoked crab, smoke marlin, and shrimp burrito (the combo). You can easily split one with another person. We didn't know that and each got one and were stuffed.
  6. H

    Pueblo Bonito Sunset Timeshare Scam

    I think potentially these may not be considered a timeshare purchase, but rather a vacation package (I think Vidanta has something similar) and thus, aren't covered by the rescinding period.
  7. H

    Vidante ownership & Vida dollars _HELP NOW!!

    Please note that I'm assuming they work like the SFX Travel Store Savings Dollars (the website looks the same) Yes, so typically the example would be: You have $7,500 SFX/Vida dollars You find a cruise for say, $4,000 You can use maybe $400 of the $7,500 to get the cruise down to $3,600 You...
  8. H

    HGV. How can I stop paying Annual Maintenance Fees?

    I think, but could be wrong, that the reason to not use them is that you may pay more in fees vs. yourself (listing on TUG/Redweek and use LT Transfers to handle the paperwork). Although I'm not sure how much fees the brokers that were recommended charge. I've heard anywhere from $1,000 -...
  9. H

    RCI is now auto-confirming...despite OGS starting as NO auto-confirm

    Ugh, now it's as bad as II's system.
  10. H

    HGV. How can I stop paying Annual Maintenance Fees?

    Hilton has a Resale division (they bought back my developer week and then I purchased resale). However, what they will "sell" your unit for and what you could get it for via the other brokers is a bit different. The same resale department also works with the same brokers for *selling* resale...
  11. H

    Resale Market Suffering

    BAU = Business As Usual
  12. H

    Just back from 3 weeks at Buganvilias in PV

    Thanks Phyllis! My FB sent me memories of our trip there last year where we met you and your husband. I want to go back. LOL! Missing Tacon de Marlin and El Barracuda! haha
  13. H

    Looking into HGVC...again

    For Vegas and Orlando, possibly I'd look into those "extended stay" hotels that'll have kitchens, etc. Sometimes if you do enough repeat business the hotel itself (not vs. the website) might give you a better deal. Plus you'll rack up "status" with the hotel.
  14. H

    Observations on HGV Maintenance Fees

    Again, MANY thanks for doing this. I love when I read the FB groups and it sounds like everyone is getting 10-20% MF increases and then we refer them over here and that solves that. LOL!
  15. H

    W57 vs NYC Hotel -- Is there value?

    The Hilton Garden Inn at Times Square used to have a fairly decent buffet breakfast with scrambled eggs, omelet, pancakes, etc. Small eating area, but then again the whole hotel is small (LOL). Although we had a nice view of the area where they drop the ball for NY Eve.
  16. H

    W57 vs NYC Hotel -- Is there value?

    The only thing I'd add is that your option #3 seems high for MF at $0.25/point. Unless you were maybe looking at a free 4800/5000 point in Florida. Most of the Vegas properties are less, although depends on how many points you want and which location. I live in NY (state, not the city), and...
  17. H

    Observations on HGV Maintenance Fees

    Thanks for doing all of this!! I'd say that the "average" is maybe a little higher due to the Hawaii locations that seemed to be 8+% increases vs. the rest which seemed to be 3-4% increases (I think there was maybe one other region that had above a 5% increase). I'm guessing Hawaii was due to...
  18. H

    Amex Hilton Aspire

    Very odd. I've never had Amex unilaterally close the account. They've ALWAYS called (and emailed and texted) with a fraud alert, and then when I call back (or happen to pick up the phone at 2:00 a.m.) they ask if the charge was something I made. I can see them blocking the charge (and any...
  19. H

    Pros and Cons of Cancun resorts

    I would caution on the Beach Club usage. I've had several friends use my SFX bonus weeks/exchanges for Grand bliss/Grand Luxxe (as recent as last month). Vidanta RM has refused to allow access to the Beach Club unless staying on an owners registered week. SFX/RCI/II exchangers aren't allowed...
  20. H

    Obtaining 2020 Maintenance Fees (MFs) from the Resort's 2020 Budget Report

    The only scenario I've ever run into (with having/needing to pay on Jan 1): If you've used all this years points, and come Jan of next year, you need to make a reservation using that year's points and you've not yet paid your MF, then the system won't let you book anything because you've not yet...
  21. H

    General Questions, Jungala and alternate nearby resort or hotel to try

    Can't answer the Jungala question, someone had alluded to a discount if you went and got a multi-day pass, but I don't believe anything was ever posted back to actually confirm that. I do know that I had some guests go on an SFX exchange and they got Cirque tickets AND Jungala for $115 each I...
  22. H

    Pros and Cons of Cancun resorts

    Yes, sorry I looked at the NV line instead of the RM line per your earlier post: Location - studio-hotel - 1BR - 2+BR Nuevo Vallarta & Los Cabos - $252 - $378 - $630 Riviera Maya & Puerto Vallarta - $168 - $252 - $420 Acapulco - $126 - $210 - $336 Although the SFX fee is $75, not the $25.
  23. H

    Interval Exchange Request

    There's no way to really know how long it will be until a match shows up. Depends on the resort you requested an exchange for, the date ranges, the size of the unit, what your deposited week you're using for Exchange is, and how far in advance it is (ie, there's some resorts you have to put a...
  24. H

    Pros and Cons of Cancun resorts

    Ah, OK. So, I've not stayed at your first 3. I have stayed at Vidanta. If you can get into Grand Bliss or higher, IMO, the accommodations are much nicer (again, I've only based this on pictures of the others). Yes, the Vidanta isn't "close" to the action like the hotel zone is, but you...
  25. H

    Pros and Cons of Cancun resorts

    I think the first 3 you listed are in the Hotel zone in Cancun. If you want to go to the ruins, you've got a lot further to travel than if you stayed further south (Riviera Maya like Vidanta, or even Playa del Carmen). Of course, I think most of the resorts in PDC are mandatory AI (Vidanta has...
  26. H

    Leftover Bonus Points

    Actually HHonors points are only worth about $0.004 - $0.006/point. Unless you plan on redeeming for Maldives or Tahiti/Bora Bora, then the rate goes up, but the vast majority average at about $0.005/point, which would be $55 if my math is correct. Definitely better to use the $44 towards MF...
  27. H

    2 RCI reservations with same location/startdate

    What did RCI say about your original question regarding your confirmation email? This is typically an RCI thing, not an HGV thing, so the rules that apply for Hilton (ie, you're using club points to stay at HGV vs. using HGV points to stay via an RCI exchange). To further complicate things...
  28. H

    Florida residency with timeshare

    Not really an HGV question, but the short answer is "no". Walt Disney World is definitely not an inexpensive attraction, but Florida residents get special perks: They receive discounted admission tickets to Disney World, which means they can go more often and make the most of their proximity to...
  29. H

    Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare advice article links and information for owners

    Here's my Bonus Points info document that also gives a rough guide as to valuation of the Bonus Points and "best" use of them.
  30. H


    The only "deposit patterns" SFX is likely to get/have is probably when Vidanta does their Bulk deposits and *possibly* Hilton. The rest are more than likely individual deposits from individuals. You can search for the extra Vidanta leftovers (at least sorta kinda within like 3-4 weeks at a...