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Search results

  1. rickandcindy23

    WESTIN KIERLAND VILLAS & SPA 1 Bedroom January 18 to 25th $500 / week

    I want to stay there sometime. Looks really spectacular.
  2. rickandcindy23

    1/24-1/31, $600/ 7 nights Val Chatelle, Frisco, near Dillon's Ice Castles, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, garage, hot tub on deck, gas fireplace

    You can pay via Paypal, $600 for all 7 nights. Send me a PM. This is an older timeshare, tucked in the middle of a bunch of beautiful homes and ski country. Very close to Copper Mountain, Keystone and Breckenridge. The ice castles are phenomenal. My guests posted some pictures on...
  3. rickandcindy23

    Quick question about Global Entry. Do cruises count as travel outside the U.S.?

    Hi all, so we went on a cruise in June of 2015, and we did go back through Customs from our Disney cruise. Does that mean we have to remember the islands and put that down?
  4. rickandcindy23

    Marriott Customer Service is Horrible!

    I am on hold for about 20 minutes already. UGH!
  5. rickandcindy23

    Marriott Customer Service is Horrible!

    I am trying to pay my MF's and got a code to reset my password but it said there was a link. No link. The message when I called said I got some email in November I have never gotten (or it went into JUNK, which I delete daily).
  6. rickandcindy23

    Disney owners are the happiest of all timeshare owners, in my opinion.

    On the bus at Saratoga Springs for many days in a row, coming and going, I heard so many people talking about how DVC was the best investment they made. I asked a few of them why they say that because it's quite expensive. "No," they told me, "the value has gone up since I bought." I could...
  7. rickandcindy23

    Vistana Orlando fees up ~$100, why?

    Marriott is managing Vistana, so of course the fees will increase every year.
  8. rickandcindy23

    Considering SFX

    When you consider the vast number of weeks RCI and II have in Orlando, just a very obvious example, and SFX considers Orlando a tough exchange, then you know a little bit about what the difference is in inventory between them and the big companies. If you have an Orlando Marriott, maybe they...
  9. rickandcindy23

    Anyone get (influenza) flu this season?

    You guys are scaring me! We are in Disney World this past week and all of next week. I don't want my granddaughter to catch anything. She is 2 and a half. She touches everything. Every chain and rope she sees is a plaything. Scary.
  10. rickandcindy23

    Frisco, CO, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, $800/wk. 1/10-1/17. Ski Breck, Copper Mtn., Keystone. Garage, gas fireplace, private hot tub on deck.

    I rented the week. I have another for 2/7-2/14, if you are interested, but $200 is not enough. I would do it for $750.
  11. rickandcindy23

    How many TPUs will a 2BR Sheraton Broadway Plantation Gold Plus (summer) get me in RCI?

    So far, no 1 in 4 rule. RCI Points is always a good option. I paid 41,000 points for the week we are staying in now. so $410 in MF's + exchange fee of $239 + $190 to Disney. This is Saratoga Springs, one bedrooms is all I can get. I rarely get anything but Saratoga Springs. Our son is in...
  12. rickandcindy23

    Shell vacation club points guide for resorts

    Yes, I am a Shell member, but there is no directory. What resort do you want to check out?
  13. rickandcindy23

    Has timeshare vacation led to you moving to a resort destination?

    Houses are so expensive in Denver and the surrounding areas (our house is worth 6-7X what we paid for it). We have talked about moving to the Carolinas or elsewhere and sell our house and use it as a nest egg. We wouldn't have to pay income tax on it because we have lived here 40 years, but...
  14. rickandcindy23

    Considering SFX

    I don't really recommend them, but you could always give them a try. It's free to join. I don't think you can enter a search without a deposit.
  15. rickandcindy23

    Frisco, CO, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, $800/wk. 1/10-1/17. Ski Breck, Copper Mtn., Keystone. Garage, gas fireplace, private hot tub on deck.

    This is an older timeshare. Very near Breck, in Summit County. Easy to get to several different ski areas. Copper Mountain is our kids' favorite. This is a townhouse style unit, no one above or below you. The beautiful town of Frisco is decorated for Christmas through the ski season. The...
  16. rickandcindy23

    Frisco, CO, townhouse near Copper Mountain, Breck, Vail, 1/10-1/17, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, garage, gas FP, private hot tub, $800/wk

    $800 for the week. Send me a PM by clicking on my username. LOTS OF SNOW in the mountains. Great time to go! Posted in the wrong place. Sorry.
  17. rickandcindy23

    Romaine Lettuce Is Not Safe to Eat, CDC Warns U.S. Consumers

    Costco had two different brands of romaine lettuce when I was in the store a few days ago. I didn't buy it because I don't want to eat romaine with this scare still in effect.
  18. rickandcindy23

    Interval just dropped two new AC's into accounts - Merry Christmas!

    They are obviously trying to get you to renew your account. I rarely get to use the AC's.
  19. rickandcindy23

    DVC MF Grace Period

    I don't think there are any consequences for going all the way to the grace period. I have done it myself to avoid paying so many fees at once. I have a lot due at once, so paying these later is helpful.
  20. rickandcindy23

    HGV. How can I stop paying Annual Maintenance Fees?

    Do use the brokers mentioned above and not the Hilton recommendation. Too bad Hilton doesn't have a resale department. Marriott has one, which I have used to my benefit. Good luck to you.
  21. rickandcindy23

    Preferred Room at Saratoga Springs

    I have seen pictures of the remodeled room. Wish we were getting those next month, but we are exchanging this time, so probably not.
  22. rickandcindy23

    HGV. How can I stop paying Annual Maintenance Fees?

    You can give it away on TUG to get out of it, but if you want any kind of return on your investment, you will be sadly disappointed. I cannot imagine your ownership being as worthless to you as you make it sound. Hilton is a much -loved system on TUG. It's one I haven't invested in, but if I...
  23. rickandcindy23

    What quirky thing do you always pack when you go on vacation?

    I bring so many things with us that are absolute necessities, including spices, sharp knife, Pampered Chef pineapple corer (for Hawaii), Rick's multi-tool, folding laundry hamper, sun shade for the car, cooler, rolls of foil and saran wrap, my own pillow, and that is a sampling of the things we...
  24. rickandcindy23

    Need to get out of Vacation Village at Parkway Timeshare

    The companies that get you out of a timeshare are not going to guarantee anything, unfortunately, especially with a mortgage owed on that thing. If you don't have any big purchases in your plans for the next few years, you can always default on the mortgage and just force the company to give up...
  25. rickandcindy23

    Has anyone tried Medifast's Optavia weight-loss program?

    I was very good over the Thanksgiving holiday and am now 33 pounds down. More holidays to go, and we are in Disneyland currently. The smells at Disneyland have been tough for me! I love Disney food, but yesterday I had a grilled half-chicken and enjoyed it. The Mexican eatery in the park has...
  26. rickandcindy23

    We Softened Butter 7 Different Ways and Found an Unexpected Favorite

    Does anyone have a butter bell? I love mine.
  27. rickandcindy23

    Pono Kai Presidential

    I wouldn't pay much for it. I just love Pono Kai and actually owned there for several years, but we decided to sell because we love Shearwater more, but all I could get for the top-level units was $500, when we sold them. Keep that in mind.
  28. rickandcindy23

    I AM Back, Finally Sold My Old Home, In New 55+ Community, What I learned, Was It Worth it?

    We looked at Sun City in Hilton Head. Wow, I loved those houses, but the grandkids would be too far away, all in Colorado. We just couldn't do that. Our home of 41 years is just so comfortable, and Rick has updated it so much, I see no real reason to move. What community did you move to...