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Search results

  1. dioxide45

    Preferred check in

    As far as I know, the sales center at the front entrance of Grande Vista has always been there. I am not aware of a sale center inside the actual resort.
  2. dioxide45

    Elite Night Credit on Vistana Stays

    Since we will never hit 50 or 75 nights in a year and I am now lifetime Platinum and DW will have Platinum through our Marriott ownership, I have decided to stop fighting them for the nights and don't even bother with missing stay requests anymore.
  3. dioxide45

    Marriott's Ocean Pointe - should I keep the exchange?

    There is the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno if you are looking for a "turtle hospital". Only about a 20 minute drive from Ocean Pointe.
  4. dioxide45

    Just won a WKORV Platinum even year EOY 2 BR L/O with 148,100 Starpoints on ebay

    Marriott will often pre-waive ROFR on bankruptcy sales. Sometimes the court will invalidate ROFR in order to prevent any encumbrances from preventing a valid sale to get the transaction closed more quickly.
  5. dioxide45

    Come to Orlando Jan 22 for our 2020 TUG meeting!

    Too much killing? I guess it is a movie, but I simply don't see how he could have survived all those movies with that onslaught.
  6. dioxide45

    Anyone Else at Sheration Vistana VIllages

    We will be back at SVV starting on Saturday the 18th for eight nights.
  7. dioxide45

    Harborside MF - would Chase Marriott trigger the bonus?

    Our Key West posted as; VILLAGES KEY WEST CONDO It seems that Chase has updated the payees that they include with the multiplier and no longer look for the name of one of the Marriott brands.
  8. dioxide45

    Lagunamar Questions

    As far as I know, USA Transfers is actually owned by a Canadian.
  9. dioxide45

    Things I should know but........

    Last year we paid $109.
  10. dioxide45

    New Update Incentive for Elite Owners

    How much would this cost if you paid out of pocket? I only know the cost to buy the 20K Bonvoy points, which would be $250. Seems like a decent deal.
  11. dioxide45

    Things I should know but........

    I suspect you don't have any elite (3*, 4*, 5*) ownership. If that is the case, you have until June 1st, 2020 to bank 2020 StarOptions.
  12. dioxide45

    Westin Lagunamar beach alternative

    Isn't there public beach access at Punta Nuzic? This should get you to the same beach. The beaches in Cancun are all public, just getting to them through private property is the problem. Playa Punta Nizuc Km.21 The entrance is between Club Med and the Westin Regina. Source
  13. dioxide45

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    I don't think people necessarily disagree with what he is doing, perhaps just the way that he, and she, went about it.
  14. dioxide45

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    Thankfully, titles of nobility are not permitted under the US constitution. Technically, she isn't a princess. I suspect this was a well crafted response from the Queen, mostly to try to save face and make everything look better than it probably really is inside the walls of the palace.
  15. dioxide45

    Vistana Owners services working??

    I can't speak to Vistana resort, but the first two now go to the same Owner Services.
  16. dioxide45

    Question about Grande Vista and Florida Club [Merged]

    Wouldn't one have had to have traded for DC points by Fall 2019 for a 2020 week?
  17. dioxide45

    Question about Grande Vista and Florida Club [Merged]

    Weeks 18 through 21 are gold season. The only way to book a week that includes some of the days of May as Platinum would be to book week 17 checking in on April 24th through the 27th. I wouldn't consider that week to be Spring Break.
  18. dioxide45

    Question about Grande Vista and Florida Club [Merged]

    I have the document saved. Here it is.
  19. dioxide45

    Rental Car options - do you purchase?

    Years ago my wife helped her aunt book a car rental in Florida, through Costco. She told her not to add anything extra at the counter, decline all insurance and use her credit card to pay for it. Well, sure enough the aunts son was with her and talked her into upgrading and then they added the...
  20. dioxide45

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    Well, Megan is an American. Only Harry would need to get a visa if he intended to stay beyond allowable travel visa waiver requirements of 90 days. One would think Megan would need some official documentation to live in Canada since she isn't Canadian. She only filmed her television show there.
  21. dioxide45

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    Really, if you think about it, the opinion of just about anyone doesn't matter. Except perhaps those directly involved. How is someone's opinion in Toronto anymore important than someone in New York. When you think about it, they don't really care what that person in Toronto thinks as much as...
  22. dioxide45

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    I don't disagree. Though if reports are right, he likely isn't going about it the right way. You can go your own way without alienating those around you.
  23. dioxide45

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    Perhaps if you are getting your paycheck from Daddy, some consultation should be expected?
  24. dioxide45

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    I would agree. It seems he is willing to give up the 5% paid for by the British taxpayer, but keep the 95% coming in through is father's estate but not really work for the estate? We went several years ago also and it was great. However, if you notice, all of the people touring there or piled...
  25. dioxide45

    Vistana Orlando fees up ~$100, why?

    Our 2020 2BR Bella MFs are up about $90. Comparing the 2020 budget to 2019, it seems that housekeeping and taxes are the two biggest increases. Probably making up about three quarters of a million dollars. I know when I go to the Grande Vista annual budget meeting last year, the biggest concern...
  26. dioxide45

    Additional maint fee payment

    Millions of people do it every year to the government too.
  27. dioxide45

    Christmas Forum Upgrade/complaint/compliments/whatever thread!

    Appearing at top and bottom for me.
  28. dioxide45

    Who do you think should replace Alex Trebek when he retires?

    Watson is his only name. He doesn't have a last name.
  29. dioxide45

    Who do you think should replace Alex Trebek when he retires?

    Here is an idea.... Watson?
  30. dioxide45

    Vistana, Westin & Sheraton Deedback program

    At this time of the year, you will have to pay 2020 MFs and get 2020 usage. So it won't really matter how long it takes, as long as it isn't more than say 330 days.