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    Has timeshare vacation led to you moving to a resort destination?

    Just curious if you know of any areas to avoid there that have flooded (Including North Myrtle Beach and Surfside/Garden City) or for any other reason. Thank you.
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    Disney confirms plans for grand floridian to magic kingdom walkway

    We would walk it - morning or night when it's cool and not raining. We walk from BCV or BWV to HS many times. We also walk from OKW to SSR and SSR to OKW. We do enjoy walking but it's just hubby and I and enjoy the walk weather permitting. But, as stated above - foot traffic is very light...
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    Question for Snowbirds

    My in-laws were snowbird for years - we did everything for them. My friend does it now and she has her son check on the house/her mail forwarded by a neighbor. I would suggest having some sort of alarm system/cameras. Give your neighbor a key and have them check in at least once a week...
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    Why claiming Social Security early could be more popular than ever this decade

    Thank you Richard. Did not realize this.
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    Special Jeopardy tournament starts tonight (7 Jan 2020)

    I am in awe (I think that is the word I am thinking) of the contestants.....great show and congrats to the winner!!!
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    Would You Work for Nothing at Disney? 10,000 Superfans Applied

    I love Disney but don't think I know and/or absorb the knowledge I would need to "know". I think this is a great hobby if it's your passion and you have the time to invest in it. Perhaps if I had a little more time - a nice volunteer gig.
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    Why claiming Social Security early could be more popular than ever this decade

    I say this all the time............the government/social security want and hope people die before collecting. I just realized there is no edit link. I was going to edit/correct my post - I did not add the family members "passed" before 60. No biggie
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    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    I wish them well and hope they can work all this out. Like any other family, it is sad when it breaks down. It happens though for a thousand reasons. I have no clue why they are doing this and/since I don't believe anything I hear or read. They can tell us whatever they want. Hopefully...
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    What age group are you? what age group are average TUGGERS?

    50 - 59 range here. Bought our first DVC contract 30 - 39 range.
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    Texting etiquette question

    I don't think it's rude. I usually start with GM (good morning). If later on, I will say, Hi ........w/name.....
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    Disney owners are the happiest of all timeshare owners, in my opinion.

    We have been owners since 2000. We are still very, very happy with it. It is not perfect and I don't expect it or anything else to be. Not always happy with changes, etc. Things can and will go wrong/things happen, but overall still very happy with no regrets. There are and will always be...
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    In 2020, are you looking to acquire for free or give away for free a timeshare?

    Voted Neither. For us, our only timeshare is DVC (4 contracts) and are very happy with it. We thought of adding a few more points end of last year but I changed my mind (hubby might still go for a small BCV contract with my UY if it popped up/but doubt it/satisfied with dues). There was a...
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    Why claiming Social Security early could be more popular than ever this decade

    I took early retirement this year and receive a small pension from work (a cut since I am not "retirement age"). I worked p/t the last 28 years - only had dental and eye glasses so basically no medical (worked F/T a few years before the kids, etc.). I now babysit my 4 grandchildren (two sons)...
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    I'm trying to understand my husband's heart problems

    I hope you get some answers soon and your husband Tom gets a room too!! My sister and mom had Type II diabetes and were both on insulin. It was a struggle and so much work trying to check it constantly and keeping it under control. They did not really follow/stick to a healthy diet. They...
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    Does Debt Disappear When You Die? Here's What You Need to Know

    I see student loan, mortgage, cc.....what about a car Loan or lease? If it is only under one name but married. For example, our car is a lease under hubby's name. If he passed, the lease can be returned? I don't see this scenario mentioned. I/we should look into this/ask about it. Always...
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    Mary Ann, Did your house close?

    6 hours away.....checking in on the house once or twice a week won't work. Glad your son lives near the house. He can check in on it here and there. Sounds like you have everything taken care of. Moving time will be here before you know it. Everything will be fine!!!
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    Never realized how hard it is to send a parent to Hospice until today.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Difficult decisions for sure. I also hope you can spend a lot of quality time with your dad. We had my dad and my sister with Hospice at home. We did have some/little support but the rest was on us/but that is the way we all wanted it. My dad wanted to...
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    Mary Ann, Did your house close?

    It's only for a month, yes? I would leave the heat on 65 to be safe. How far is the ride if you want to check on the house once or twice a week? Run the water, flush the toilets. Great idea to check with the insurance policy - let them know the house is empty. They might require some...
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    Mary Ann, Did your house close?

    I love it!!! Congratulations!!!!! Best Wishes!! How soon will you be in and start creating some new and wonderful memories?
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    Cancel my contract - Help with address needed!

    Welcome to TUG and congratulations on rescinding.....
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    Anyone going to CUN?

    Nice!! Have a great time!!!
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    How to save my points that I exchanged through RCI?

    I have no clue. Speedy recovery to your daughter and let us know what your options/are if any. Did you try contacting RCI?MS? Were you given a cancellation policy? (we are usually told when we have traded say our points for DCL). Good luck!
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    Timeshare Scammer Gets 70 Months

    Lazy, schemers, _ I have other words for them. Glad they were caught. Should be on the media/ news more to inform people and maybe prevent others from being scammed/be careful.
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    Happy New Year! What’s your New Years resolutions when it comes to Vacations in 2020?

    Happy New Year!! I have never made any NY's resolutions. Vacations on the horizon so far....2020 We are making two trips to our usual place WDW (DVC Spring & Fall). We are also talking a 10 night cruise tour to (land first/southbound cruise) Alaska. We are planning on going back to...
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    Happy New Year - 2020

    Thank you!! Ditto!!! Wish all my TUG friends a Healthy, Safe, Peaceful and Happy New Year!!!!!!
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    What’s the ONE THING or amenity your Vacation/timeshare resort just has to have or you are not booking there?

    A few that come to mind. Definitely clean......., AC is a must balcony pool washer & Dryer either in the unit or in a common area Kitchenette or full kitchen
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    Do you think being a TUG member can become an addiction?

    It's a great distraction. I had deactivated my FB for almost a year. I missed a lot of good and unfortunately lot's of bad news. I do love to see pictures of everyone's kids/grandchildren and vacation pictures. I do enjoy seeing/keeping in touch with many family/friends that are out of state...
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    What do you do with the leftovers in the fridge when you are ready to check out of your timeshare?

    We don't cook when we are away. Very might have a salad, sandwich for lunch. We will have breakfast in the room a few days of the week. Wether we are flying or driving, we can only take home some non-perishable items "if we have room in our luggage unless driving (perishable - drive is too...
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    When my husband got sick - after his regular 6 month insurance expired (not eligible anymore since he did not put anymore hours into his job), we had to go on COBRA for about two months. We had no medical treatment for anyone in my family during that time that I recall (it was 12 years ago) and...
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    Merry Christmas !!!!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, your loved ones and all my TUG friends and their loved ones. Enjoy!!!