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  1. moonstone

    What do you think about Harry and Meghan’s decision?

    Article on a speech Harry gave with an explanation on their decision. Can't say that I blame them. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/royals/prince-harry-speaks-of-great-sadness-after-agreement-with-queen-elizabeth-about-royal-exit/ar-BBZ7BBx?ocid=spartanntp ~Diane
  2. moonstone

    Exchanging floating weeks and RCI Trading Power

    Our week is also a floating week and the very few times (prior to RCI introducing TPU's) we have exchanged it I booked a highly desirable week at our resort (asked them in advance which was their high demand time) and then deposited that week after I received my confirmation. We got the...
  3. moonstone

    Traveling now, getting a hotel room reminds me how great it is to have timeshares

    Our oldest DS needs to stay in hotels for work often for many weeks or months at a time. From growing up and vacationing in timeshares or in an RV, he absolutely hated staying in a plain hotel room even though his company first put him up in Hiltons and now Marriott's. He began using his points...
  4. moonstone

    Tell me about your local foods......

    Ohhh, that's one of my favorites to eat while we are in Belize. There is a lady around the corner from our apartment who makes her own shrimp ceviche. She charges BZ$10.00 (US$5.00) for a 1 lb tub of it and a bag of home made tortilla chips. It is so good! That was our dinner when we arrived...
  5. moonstone

    Question for Snowbirds

    We leave our home which is 2hrs north of Toronto and go to Belize for 3 mos each winter (we are here for our 5th winter). For the first 2 years our DD was still living at home so everything remained turned on. We just arranged for a local guy to snow blow the driveway since she couldn't maneuver...
  6. moonstone

    Tell me about your local foods......

    Here in Belize the favorite local food is stew chicken with rice and beans. The chicken isn't really stewed but usually grilled to brown the skin then baked in a wet Recado spice mixture which was spooned over it. The rice is cooked in coconut milk and small pre-cooked red beans (smaller than...
  7. moonstone

    Sierra, Sierra, Sierra, Sierra

    I was working there were 4 of us with variations of the same name on the afternoon shift. One was Diana, one was Dianne, then 2 Diane's. It was very confusing when one of was paged to take a phone call. Our DiL's best friend since childhood is a girl named Lindsay. When Lindsay began getting...
  8. moonstone

    Who do you think should replace Alex Trebek when he retires?

    He was unknown to a lot of people but not a lot of Canadians as he hosted a quiz show for high school students called Reach For The Top which was taped in Toronto in the 70's (and possibly before and after). High school students studied all sorts of subjects and trivia knowledge to get on their...
  9. moonstone

    Texting etiquette question

    For people (including extended family) that I don't text often, I always start with a Hi, Hiya or something similar, then start right into my message in the same text. One of our sons always starts his text with "Hey"! The other son, if he wants to ask a question or a favor, starts with "So, I...
  10. moonstone

    What age group are you? what age group are average TUGGERS?

    We bought our first timeshare when we were in our mid-20's before the thought of starting a family. Kicked ourselves for many years afterwards for not buying a 2 bedroom but it was about $1000. more expensive as well as having higher maintenance fees. We purchased from the developer and...
  11. moonstone

    Brutal update at Royal Kona in December

    Oh I have been so tempted many times but I'm just too shy I guess. I have, on many occasions, talked to the sales rep in a loud voice about the benefits of buying resale and use the many, many, thousands we saved by doing so to take more vacations. That usually gets us out pretty quick. I...
  12. moonstone

    Brutal update at Royal Kona in December

    To the OP, I just read your (I assume it's your) story on the Facebook group "DiamondResortsOwnersAdvocacy". I am sincerely hoping Irene & her group can help you and also put a stop to Diamond selling points to people over a certain age. When we did the owners update (strictly for the...
  13. moonstone

    Tune in to RECORD profits: Why your old vinyl could be worth a fortune

    In the mid 70's I worked for RCA Records in Toronto and was able to buy a copy of Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes that was re-released on a blue vinyl record. It might have been for some sort of anniversary of the recording, I don't remember. All of us in the office who purchased it were told...
  14. moonstone

    3 crucial mistakes to avoid if you have a medical emergency abroad

    I would add to what Jim says and make sure your read very carefully what is or isn't included in the policy you are buying. Do not take the word of whomever is selling it to you. We just learned that fellow Canadians who also winter here in Belize thought they had good travel insurance from a...
  15. moonstone

    Your Favorite Timeshare, East Coast

    A common hint to people thinking of buying a timeshare is to buy where you would like to go most often. That way you'll save a lot of money and aggravation in exchanging to where you want to go. A lot also depends on how far (& by what means) you are willing to travel for a vacation. Our...
  16. moonstone

    Gift Card Swap recommendations?

    In Canada we have a company ( https://www.cardswap.ca/ ) that will buy many store, restaurant and other business' gift cards off you then send you a cheque. You don't get the full amount, but pretty close, and some stores' cards are worth more than others. We recently sent them a $50. restaurant...
  17. moonstone

    American Airlines Will Start Aggressively Auditing Carry On Bags November 1st

    Just flew on AA yesterday (YYZ>MIA>BZE) and they were not checking anybody's carry-ons for weight or size on either of our flights. The gate desk employees at YYZ did ask for volunteers to gate check their carry-ons (of course with no charge & through to the final destination) and quite a few...
  18. moonstone

    Rep. John Lewis and Alex Trebek have pancreatic cancer. What are symptoms, treatments?

    Pancreatic cancer is a horrible form of cancer. By the time it has been diagnosed it is usually stage 4. I have lost 5 friends in the last few years from it. All were women between the ages of 49 and 62. The longest one lived was 3 months, the shortest was 17 days from diagnosis. A high-school...
  19. moonstone

    Will you be YOUNG (awake) or OLD for New Year's???

    I would like to be awake as I have watched the ball drop at Times Square since I was old enough to stay up until midnight. Tomorrow, rather later this evening, we need to be at YYZ at 3AM for our flight to Belize so by midnight I'll probably be asleep. There is also a time difference to account...
  20. moonstone

    What’s the ONE THING or amenity your Vacation/timeshare resort just has to have or you are not booking there?

    A washer & dryer in the unit is nice but if the location was great not having one wouldn't stop me from booking. The same goes with a gas grill, they're nice, but not a deal-breaker. The only thing that is a deal breaker now for us is mandatory resort fees or high daily parking rates. I think...
  21. moonstone

    Value of RCI Trading Share

    Also, once you join RCI you have access to the discounted Extra Vacations and Last Calls. Those are weeks that you pay for but they don't require the use of any of your points. They are usually weeks that would otherwise sit empty but the resort likes to get something for it, rather than it sit...
  22. moonstone

    Forum Upgrade Christmas present!

    I didn't see the warning of the changes since I have not been on the computer much over the last few days. When I clicked on TUG and saw the change I thought I'd had 1 too many glasses of Baileys! :eek: Looks good -so far! ~Diane
  23. moonstone

    Has timeshare vacation led to you moving to a resort destination?

    We purchased our first timeshare in St Augustine Beach Florida in 1982. For about 5 years prior to that we had been camping near the beach but not right at the beach. We fell in love with sitting in the living room or on the balcony at the timeshare unit and looking at the ocean. We decided that...
  24. moonstone

    Cold weather or Hot on Vacation?

    I prefer warm, not really hot, weather. Living in the Great White North (Central Ontario) we have already had 2 months of snow on the ground and frigid temperatures. I have had enough! After we retired we decided to get out of the cold and snow for at least 3 winter months, but before that we...
  25. moonstone

    Gift from Amazon

    My 88yo dad had a similar thing happen to him last spring but not with Amazon. A box was delivered to him via Canada Post and in it was a vehicle rear view mirror with a dash cam a built in. The shipping label stated it was from an Auto parts store in Dad's city, and was addressed to Dad. My dad...
  26. moonstone

    What’s your go to vacation/timeshare food and/or drink?

    Hi Pat, sure I can! My burritos would probably make most Mexicans roll over in their grave, I'm not sure how authentic they are, but DH and our boys loved and still love them. I adapted a recipe I saw in an ad in a magazine for Old El Paso Burrito Mix many years ago. In my electric skillet I...
  27. moonstone

    What’s your go to vacation/timeshare food and/or drink?

    Lately I have been making burrito filling and bringing it (frozen) in a container along with the wraps for our check-in night meal. By the time we get checked in, unload the car and then head out grocery shopping we are usually starving, resulting in buying too much or the wrong type of food. It...
  28. moonstone

    What’s your go to vacation/timeshare food and/or drink?

    Oh DH will finish it!! We have had over a litre (more than a quart) leftover as a result of eating too many dinners out and buying too many containers of ice cream when he finds a sale. I have seen him eat most of a carton with a spoon while watching TV (as I pack up the timeshare box). :eek...
  29. moonstone

    What’s the craziest thing you did while on vacation?

    Well I cant say too much but we had been married 4 mos and were vacationing (camping) with DH's parents & 2 younger sisters in Florida. We managed to find some 'alone time' on Vilano beach north of St Augustine late on a moonless night! In 1977 it was quite deserted up that way. ;) It was great...
  30. moonstone

    Canadian with a timeshare in Florida

    I am another Canadian with a timeshare in St Augustine Beach and we also got ours for next to nothing (in 1982) and we still love it. We have stayed at Silver Beach twice prior to its major hurricane damage and subsequent restoration a couple of years ago. We found it quite rundown but we love...