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  1. Tia

    Resort manager embezzles 2m from Woodbourne Estates resort in Bahamas

    Too many owners just want to vacation and have no clue. Owners do not want to deal with even thinking about the financials, they don't even bother to vote. This is the danger and makes it easy for those with ulterior motives to take advantage. Been there/done that.
  2. Tia

    I'm trying to understand my husband's heart problems

    Yes not using his CPAP when he needs it stresses a persons system. Google search it - https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/how-sleep-apnea-affects-the-heart "Over time, OSA exposes the heart and circulation to harmful stimuli that may cause or contribute to the progression of most...
  3. Tia

    A way to stop/block internet giving your address out?

    I have a friend who is wondering if there 'is there a way to block google or other website from giving your address out?' I'm sharing this thread for them to see what if anything gets suggested Thanks
  4. Tia

    We Are Coming for Your Phony Service Animals

    Had a spouse bring a dog wearing a service dog vest into a restricted access area yesterday. The person the spouse was coming into see said 'you brought the dog in?' Person had said earlier earlier 'the baby' would have to wait in the car. Coworker had given me a heads up there was a dog...
  5. Tia

    This 90-year-old man with a Ph.D. in economics made a new will 10 days before he died and it voided

    Suspicious what happened, but not enough information on the mental status of the 90 yo 10 days before when the new will was created.
  6. Tia

    7 people have died in San Diego from a flesh-eating bacteria associated with black tar heroin

    Know 0 about black tar heroin, sounds like it would be illegal. Is this something people with decent paying jobs that provide health insurance coverage use? Or are we paying for this with tax $ or ?
  7. Tia

    We've had a break through with Mom -- assisted living is on the table!

    A friends husbands dad had in home care, he didn't want to go to assisted. One day last summer friends husband got called back from big GOLF trip due to emergency with his dad. That was the last straw and he moved his dad into assisted living. The dad loves it!!
  8. Tia

    Different car for retirement?

    So far so good, have ~1000 miles on it:)
  9. Tia

    Have you or anyone close to you ever gone to rehab for alcohol addiction?

    So very glad to read, prayers.
  10. Tia

    Different car for retirement?

    huh just got my first ever Toyota, a Highlander, was seriously thinking this was my retirement car:). Had a few Honda Accords in years prior, dealership here has disappointed me lately. But mostly wanted a AWD , and after seriously considering Subaru ended up with the Toyota. Time will tell
  11. Tia

    Have you or anyone close to you ever gone to rehab for alcohol addiction?

    I was just reading this thread again has many good helpful posts, dealing with our own deal. Hope original poster is doing well
  12. Tia

    We Are Coming for Your Phony Service Animals

    I know a dog that wears an emotional support vest that barks at all strangers and cowers. :ponder:
  13. Tia

    How to prepare yourself for a good end-of-life

    Why ? Because they get paid for it is what one medical doctor said. He was talking about his mother and all the things that had been suggested for his mother and done if he hadn't said 'NO'.
  14. Tia

    Hernia surgery shouldn't cost more than $50,000. His bill was $116,000.

    Anyone see 60 Minutes interview of Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase with Lesley Stahl Nov 10th? ''Compensation for executives, CEOs, grew 940%, 940%, in the last 40 years. Your average worker, so middle class, middle class, grew 12%.''
  15. Tia

    Fa La La Laaaa.....Bah Humbug! Ugh, it has started

    I have been tuned into XM channel 70 holiday music already, it's also on TV Spectrum music :D. I confess to a couple Holiday movies on whatever channel I've got on TV over the weekend. I have cut back on gift spending $$$ past few years, but enjoy my decorations that will go up after Thanksgiving.
  16. Tia

    TSA lost some stuff - any recourse?

    It's just not right, be interested in any solution . I laughed this summer while holding my arms up in the xray machine and the old TSA guy standing there said '' this is not funny'' in stiff tone. Well YES IT's VERY FUNNY at 530am. So ridiculous!!!!!!
  17. Tia

    Airbnb scams article

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-california-shooting/airbnb-bans-party-houses-after-halloween-party-shooting-in-california-idUSKBN1XC0DT 'The party host rented the home through Airbnb and told its owner she was holding a reunion for only a dozen people'
  18. Tia

    Curious on your dental expenses

    Friends have gotten dental care in Algodones,Mexico. Had good luck til this last time, they had to go back as crowns broke x2. She says there's a new dentist, wanted her $ back, but they are only offering a little $ back.
  19. Tia

    No Trick-or-Treaters. . . Again

    Unbelievable, then they wonder why things go wrong or maybe they don't...........................
  20. Tia

    Airbnb scams article

    We have an Airbnb, near us. Lists 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Large yard, that is overgrown all summer with weeds 12+'' in the brown grass. We do not see anyone coming in long enough to clean/change sheets between parties, nor do you see bedding/towels etc being taken out/in:eek:. I know the HOA...
  21. Tia

    No Trick-or-Treaters. . . Again

    We had less then half the usual of past years, figure there are newer neighborhoods they have moved to. Estimate this year is around 60 kids. It was on the cold side, but no snow. I buy the candy we like to eat so leftovers not a problem.
  22. Tia

    Work hours question

    Unions have become more rare guessing, they served a good purpose in the beginning. Think too they came to be abused and used to protect those who shouldn't be. One place in town will fire anyone who even dreams of union formation secretly.
  23. Tia

    Work hours question

    policies- ''Change or Status/Shift: To change status of employement , a request should be given to Department Director/OR Director. Equally qualified in house employees will be given priority for open positions over outside applicants''
  24. Tia

    Is it just me, or have (local) restaurant prices gone way up?

    We ate at a craft beer and burger place this last week. They run your credit card in a hand held deal where you can add the tip, it gives options like 18%, 22% etc. I got home and figured later they include the tax on the amount your tipping on! :ponder:
  25. Tia

    Is it just me, or have (local) restaurant prices gone way up?

    Why do you think the nice Italian places closed? The prices at the grocery store seem to continue to climb or they are shrinking what's inside, but you only notice if you look at ounces etc. I know a person who will order the least expensive item on the menu, take 1/2 home to spouse, and tip...
  26. Tia

    Work hours question

    I'll be pulling up it up on a work computer Monday to see what's in there
  27. Tia

    Work hours question

    This is exactly what's been going on , until now new boss is trying to make changes for a couple complainers that were hired into exact shift. But to prove it seems to be the question.
  28. Tia

    Work hours question

    Thanks for the replies so far! Will check out suggestions. The newer persons who want day shift have been working their current shifts to 1030p for approx 2 years + without going to look at old schedules, other then the newest hire whose been there since July. With old boss seniority is how...
  29. Tia

    Work hours question

    Hope you can follow what I'm trying to explain here. We have a new boss after 12 years. Area has ~ 20 people. Established schedules have been created to fit the departments needs, adding new people/hours who were all hired for specific hours/days and they all knew this going in. With new...
  30. Tia

    American Airlines Will Start Aggressively Auditing Carry On Bags November 1st

    always wondered about some of the large things I saw people hauling around the airport after TSA check points