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Search results

  1. rboesl

    Amazing Amazon Fire Tablet 10 with Alexa

    I love my Fire tablets. I have 2, the 8" and the 10". Combined with Amazon Prime you can get great content. I haven't paid for a book in years and I'm an avid reader. I also download movies or series episodes just before we travel to watch on the plane. When in airplane mode I can watch what I...
  2. rboesl

    Tell me about your local foods......

    Being from Western New York/Buffalo most people think of chicken wings. But, those have gone global. And, it's even spread to things like chicken wing soup, chicken fingers, and now a blend of wing flavored fingers and shaved steak as a sub sandwich called a stinger. One Western New York staple...
  3. rboesl

    Your Favorite Timeshare, East Coast

    An interesting tidbit about my wife & I. We live in the northeast but have rarely vacationed on the east coast. I don't know if my favorites will fit your bill of traveling with children. But, you asked. ;) My all time east coast favorite is Marriott's Fairway Villas. It's just a short drive...
  4. rboesl

    Timeshare Scammer Gets 70 Months

    Just saw this: https://news3lv.com/news/local/timeshare-scammer-gets-70-months-in-prison-for-defrauding-elderly-out-of-337-million
  5. rboesl

    Interval Account Question

    There has been no deposit. Hyatt's deposits into II are in points. In the screen you show there is no notation of how many points or unit size/type. If you were to click on "Vacation Exchange" it should ask you for information for a unit to deposit and tell you to contact your resort. Here's a...
  6. rboesl

    Airport Transportation on St. Maarten

    We'll be going to Divi Little Bay Resort on St. Maarten at the end of January. We were there a couple of years ago and rented a car. We're not planning on renting one this time. Does anyone know what a cab right might cost? Are there any alternatives?
  7. rboesl

    I Put Half Of My Net Worth into These Investments For 2020

    I find it interesting. Years ago individuals spent time researching stocks they might like to invest in. A little while later individuals decided that took too much time and turned over that research to mutual fund managers. Thinking those people directing the funds knew better which stocks were...
  8. rboesl

    How much do you pay your house/pet sitter while away?

    We used to have our dogs stay at a neighbor's house. She introduced us to one of our boys which led to us adopting him. She charged us $50 a day. For a recent trip the neighbor was not available. We did a search on Rover.com for a sitter nearby. We found a woman with a lovely young family that...
  9. rboesl

    ADA Compliance

    Certainly hope they honor that promise. Good luck.
  10. rboesl

    ADA Compliance

    Are timeshares not required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act? I was at a resort last year that did not, which I found unusual. Now I just read a posting in a Facebook group that another resort in North Carolina doesn't comply either. I would hate to be a disabled person that...
  11. rboesl

    Vidante ownership & Vida dollars _HELP NOW!!

    This not entirely correct. On the first friday of every month Vida Vacations lists a selection of available resorts, cruises, etc. that can be paid in full using Vida Dollars. Of course the key is to find something you want.
  12. rboesl

    Carnival Corporation Pilots Food Waste Bio-Digester Technology

    Could this be the first step to cruise ships using biofuels?
  13. rboesl

    Amazed with Amazon delivery

    Don't forget, you can always ask Alexa: "Where's my stuff?" You'll get a pretty accurate description.
  14. rboesl

    What’s your favourite alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktail?

    If I'm going exotic it's a Tequila Sunrise. It's a drink my wife & I enjoyed when we were dating way back when. But, my go to cocktail is a Highball. Although whenever I run into a new to me bartender I have to explain to them how to make it, which is extremely simple: Ginger Ale & Whiskey.
  15. rboesl

    Second Choice for a Vidanta?

    We were just in Riviera Maya this past November. We loved it. Staying in a Grand Mayan we were central to everything. Nothing was more than a 10 minute walk and felt no need to use the shuttles. When we stayed at NV everything was a long walk away. That meant we were using the shuttles and found...
  16. rboesl

    Community Solar

    I guess I didn't explain this adequately. There is no investment on my part. They are not asking me to invest in a solar farm. It's basically a switch in electricity providers. The solar farm would provide my electricity instead of the current electric utility company. What I was trying to find...
  17. rboesl

    Community Solar

    I recently received a solicitation to join a community solar farm. They promise guaranteed at least 5% savings on my electric bill. Has anyone joined one of these? Were there actually any savings? If so, were the savings significant?
  18. rboesl

    Trip Insurance for Medical - never purchased, any advice?

    I actually found another timeshare company that offers an annual Travel Insurance policy option for a reasonable price. I know there's several Grandview owners here on TUG. Well, Vacation Village owners can purchase an annual travel insurance policy for $89 that includes medical coverage and...
  19. rboesl

    Recent Vidanta - Cirque do Soliel Announcement

    Thank you jssquared. That is exactly what I was looking for.
  20. rboesl

    Recent Vidanta - Cirque do Soliel Announcement

    Not too long ago I saw a posting that included a link to an announcement about additional construction of Cirque du Soliel attractions by Vidanta. That new construction was scheduled to open in 2021. But, I can't find the posting. Does anyone have a link to that announcement or the posting here...
  21. rboesl

    Pros and Cons of Cancun resorts

    We were just at Vidanta Riviera Maya and were told they run a shuttle to Playa del Carmen. Also agree, the step up in luxury at Vidanta is VERY nice.
  22. rboesl

    Ring Doorbell - worth is for Cyber Monday Deals?

    It's definitely worth the price. We installed one last year. Love the fact that I can view what's going on from anywhere. Even when we were in Mexico on vacation we were able to see a delivery made to the house.
  23. rboesl

    Trip Insurance for Medical - never purchased, any advice?

    For things like flight delay/cancellation and luggage issues I make sure the credit card I use covers that. For medical I found my UVCI maintenance fees includes medical including repatriation coverage. I upgraded for the additional $15 so it covers any trip I make where I am more than 100 miles...
  24. rboesl

    Aruba Renaissance

    Can't speak to the restaurants. But, there's a couple of tours that we just loved. De Palms does a UTV Tour to the desert side of the island which was very fun. The other is a party bus that goes to 4 or 5 different bars of different styles. There's a place where you can learn how to wind surf...
  25. rboesl

    First trip to Aruba - trading with II

    You've been given a lot of good information here. But, most of the recommendations have been for the high rise section of the resort area. And, as they already told you, there's lots of restaurants off the resort properties. We own at Divi Golf & Beach Resort which is in the low rise section...
  26. rboesl

    Lazy rivers redux

    We also liked the one at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. There's also one at Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. But, supposedly, Vidanta has built the largest one in Mexico at their Riviera Maya resort as part of the Jungala Water Park.
  27. rboesl

    Is II Platinum membership worth it?

    Only if they offer you a deal. I recently renewed at Platinum because they offered me a 2 year membership for the cost of 1 year.
  28. rboesl

    Delta Reserve Amex. Any experience using the companion pass?

    I don't have the Reserve card but have had Platinum for years. Have never had any issues booking the companion fare. Always do it online through my Delta account.
  29. rboesl

    What happened to Tim Hortons? The downfall of Canada's brand

    Personally, I don't drink coffee. I always found Tim's donuts, sweets, etc. to be lacking. I prefer the offerings from Dunkin' Donuts. Especially their breakfast sandwiches.
  30. rboesl

    Which was the WORST timeshare, hotel or rental you ever stayed at?

    Ours was one within a 6 hour drive from home in the Poconos. The room was in dire need of upgrading. The box spring was covered with 3/4 inch sheet of plywood to provide support for the mattress that was so soft you felt the plywood. Carpet stained, furniture stained, and small tears in the...