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  1. E

    Stroll down Tug Memory Lane

    I do, have been away for a while and it's been taking ages, getting back up to date on Tug.
  2. E

    Off I Go Again!

    Thanks for letting us know how it all worked out, Dori, I'm sure you would do it again, even with the high humidity.
  3. E

    Car Rental companies are so weird

    I agree, Luanne, I always cancel and keep only 1 car rental. Same as Dave, I've seen car rental prices drop the evening before leaving on a trip early in the morning. Always pays checking again and again, as prices often do drop..
  4. E

    Freakishly Big Wave Dominated

    Thanks for the link, Richard - this is what I got - The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
  5. E

    Another long time Tugger is gone (Kathy Q)

    So sorry to hear about Kathy's passing. As others have said, she was always very helpful and a great travel agent. RIP
  6. E

    Off I Go Again!

    Have a great trip, Dori, and enjoy the time with your grandchildren. Elli
  7. E

    Insurance for foreign travel

    So sorry to hear about your health problems, Jim, but it looks like you are in good hands. Too bad that Germany is suffering through a heat wave with high temps unusual for Germany. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and a safe trip home for you and Paula.
  8. E

    JFK Jr.

    Very well written - I so agree.
  9. E

    DaveNW- Say it Ain't True- Costco Drops Polish Sausages from Menu

    Our Costco in Toronto still sells the Polish sausage for $1.50.
  10. E

    MIA Tuggers

    Thanks, will try that.
  11. E

    MIA Tuggers

    Exactly what I was thinking. By the way, where do I find "Memorable Members or whatever it's called".
  12. E

    TUG Turns 24 years old!

    Congrats on 24 years of TUG Brian!
  13. E

    forum layout change

    Brian, I was wondering what had happened to those forums, you should have put a note in the TUG lounge pointing this out. Finally, today I scrolled further down, and there they were.
  14. E

    Re-Registration for Global Entry

    Thanks, Luanne, see my post above, got my new card activated. Elli
  15. E

    Re-Registration for Global Entry

    I registered with the new site, created a new password, was then asked for my PASSID and was able to activate my new Nexus card. Now I'm all set to use it the first time the end of October.
  16. E

    IOS 11 on IPad?

    The newest version is iOS 11.0.2, just updated it yesterday.
  17. E

    Re-Registration for Global Entry

    Luanne, where did you enter your PASSID? I just received my new card, have to activate it, and the new site doesn't recognize the old password. I did click "forgot your password" but never received an e-mail. Any ideas?
  18. E

    Just had the most frustrating experience with Costco car rental.

    Good points, I've rented quite a few cars through Costco, but never went to the actual car rental site - never had a problem renting cars through Costco and have cancelled and rebooked if the price dropped.
  19. E

    Thank you TUG, my safe haven away from politics

    I agree, human contact and exchange is more interesting, on the other hand, it's nice to find out news of friends you are not in close contact with. I don't post on my page at all, but do follow friends.
  20. E

    Mountain Biking?

    Great pictures, really nice scenery!!
  21. E

    Anyone have any experience with Priority Pass ?

    Just recently I read on Flyer Talk that some lounges get so busy, you won't be able to get in with a Priority Pass, but have to be a member of that Airline Program which is running the lounge.
  22. E

    Danube River Cruise

    Thanks, Linda, did you book with Avalon or through an agency? Thanks. Elli
  23. E

    TOTUGers April 2017 meeting report.

    This was my first meeting in Toronto, thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ontario Tuggers and two from Buffalo. Well done, Roy, Eira and Basil.
  24. E

    Iguazu Falls/Machu Picchu

    Pat, I would be interested in both side trips as well, since we will already be in South America. Elli
  25. E

    What You Should Know Before Booking a Cruise Ship Balcony Room

    On the other hand, it's so nice to be able to open the balcony door in the morning and get some ocean air coming in. Once you've tried out a balcony cabin, it's hard to do without, even though having to spend the extra money.
  26. E

    Official TUGBBS upgrade complaint/suggestion thread!

    Thanks, Brian and dioxide 45 - will try it out.
  27. E

    Official TUGBBS upgrade complaint/suggestion thread!

    In "recent posts" can I specify which forums I want to read in "recent posts" or does it always show all forums?
  28. E

    Official TUGBBS upgrade complaint/suggestion thread!

    Brian, I did click "mark all as read", but I don't have to do that every day, do I? On the old BBS I had the option of seeing posts for the last 2 days, 1 week, a month, etc. Has this option been deleted? You had to go to "options" to make that change. Elli
  29. E

    Official TUGBBS upgrade complaint/suggestion thread!

    Another quick question - in the old forum I used to go to "Options" and could change # of posts seen to 2 days or longer? Is this possible with the new TUG?
  30. E

    Official TUGBBS upgrade complaint/suggestion thread!

    I like the muted grey - looks o.k. to me.