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    American faces prison over bad Tripadvisor review of resort in Thailand

    I am not a lawyer but opinion offers much more leeway than items that are posted as "fact" in U.S. law. Even if sticking to the facts, any review is still an opinion. Opinions run similar to the argument that comedians can says negative things about people in jest but if accusations are made in...
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    Select Amex/Marriott offer. Receive $75

    Thanks for the report @wjarcher I just tried paying on one of our cards. If this works, combined with the earlier promo that worked this means we got a nice discount on our MF this year. :banana:
  3. C

    HGVC Okinawa Japan on website

    Agree that's a long way to go for a beach. Might be worth a few days if heading to Tokyo or beyond. This will offer a closer beach option for their Asian owners. This should take some pressure off of the Hawaii properties for reservations. @tompalm They classify the iisland weather as...
  4. C

    HGVC 7k annual platinum points

    However you would have to look really hard to get a 7K Vegas for that buy-in price. Assuming you can get a Vegas for $6.5k. Take the difference e.g. * If $4.5k and divide that by the diff in MF. 1350 vs. 1050 i.e. $300 and it would take 15 years to break-even * if $2.5k difference then more...
  5. C

    HGVC Okinawa Japan on website

    Although resort is not open for reservations, you can see photo renderings and info about the new resort. No points chart yet. Looking forward to a new destination.
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    Select Amex/Marriott offer. Receive $75

    If this works can you prepay for some of next year MF?
  7. C

    Select Amex/Marriott offer. Receive $75

    Yes AUs can also use. Both our college kids are AU. Must find and load the offer and use their card.
  8. C

    Southwest companion flies free in Winter 2021!

    I booked 2 flights 1 with travel funds, 1 without for the return to be safe. My DH already has companion but thought I would get it in case I want to bring a friend or family member and he cannot join because of work.
  9. C

    Select Amex/Marriott offer. Receive $75

    The last offer worked on MF payments. Hopefully this will work again. We have 4 of these - 1 offer on each family member's card. Will pay MF before the end of October to also get the extra bonus Bonvoy points. Love the double dip. Usually I put MF on Chase Sapphire Reserve but this is much...
  10. C

    Online Savings Accounts/CDs

    1) Provident CU in California offers 1.01% currently up to $25k in account. Both my spouse and I have separate accounts so can park $50k there. It was paying 2.01 until recently. There are a few hoops per month to get this rate. Pay a bill with $300 with debit card and one ach account transfer -...
  11. C

    Exercise bikes... Peloton?

    I was planning to buy an expensive eliptical this fall but now our health club is opening up in a parking lot tent with 6 foot spaced gear. Will try that and see before buying. I would like them to survive beyond Covid.
  12. C

    How soon would you travel again

    I am going to visit my son this fall using a short SWA flight. Will also get that companion pass deal for skiing or Hawaii Jan/Feb so worth the risk. I've never seen fares this low to my son's destination and covid is low there.
  13. C

    Southwest companion flies free in Winter 2021!

    I believe Travel funds are paid since they are on the cash menu?
  14. C

    Southwest companion flies free in Winter 2021!

    Do you think it will work with travel funds?
  15. C

    My favorite HGTV show is House Hunters International. What's your favorite episode? (merged)

    So that's why the homeowners cry when they unveil the renovation! :)
  16. C

    Is Sumday Vacations doing business under a new name?

    Agree. However these deedback programs are not 100%. For example, it is my understanding that Diamond won't deedback resale, even if it was purchased in another system prior to an acquisition so those owners may be stuck if they cannot give it away or sell.
  17. C

    Christina (f/k/a El Moussa) and Ant Anstead Split-Up!

    I saw two episodes of Vacation Rules. I found it fascinating, however the two episodes had the same formulaic rules. Perhaps others would be different. As an owner of a vacation rental in a top resort area. Their calculations on rental income were way off. They showed renting in northern...
  18. C

    Christina (f/k/a El Moussa) and Ant Anstead Split-Up!

    I like the Flip or Flop Shows but in the other cities. There was one on another channel called Flipping Vegas which was entertaining. The husband was a cheapskate and the wife always wanted to go over the top on expense. Yes fake but entertaining. The original Flip or Flop series wasn't bad...
  19. C

    My favorite HGTV show is House Hunters International. What's your favorite episode? (merged)

    I also like the House Hunters. Particularly the ones in beach locations (Caribbean, Mexico). Although I have no delusions about wanting to own in these places, it is fun to live through others and see how homes look in other places. BTW...I have a friend who almost bought a home in the...
  20. C

    CDC: People with Covid 19 twice as likely to have eaten out at a restaurant

    I don't wear a mask when I run outdoors because I don't get within 6 feet of people. When I see people on the trail we all go to the other side. I wear an N95 when the smoke is outside in California and with a clear face shield when I go to the store. I am seeing more and more people adding a...
  21. C

    It sounds like we need a decorating thread!

    Some people must be doing well. A neighbor is adding what must cost $400,000 in additions to their 4600 square foot home. I am scratching my head because they are in their 60s nearing retirement, empty nesters and they already can get top dollar for their home. I think it would be a long time...
  22. C

    Timeshare Default Credit Report/Collection Tracking

    @Grammarhero Lots of great info and it is nice the datapoints are growing. Surprised there are no DPs for HGVC? I have heard that people can give HGVC away or hold some value, or would deedback so perhaps fewer defaults? However doesn't explain mortgages which cannot be given away. I was told by...
  23. C

    43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make

    Ha. Great list! A foreword in a book is often mixed up with Forward, Foreward, and Fourword. I often mix up the apostrophes 80s vs. 80's, CEOs vs. CEO's.
  24. C

    [This thread is OPEN ] NEW General Discussion Thread: C-19/Hawaii. Will Hawaii re-open Oct. 15th? (+ NEW POLL)

    I think it will open in May 2021. This was about the time things started to recover for the 1918 pandemic and the Hawaiian economy will need the summer boost.
  25. C

    I will be the guinea pig - I used an AC for Hawaii

    @klpca What an interesting idea! We've never used an AC even though they have been consistently in our account. Let us know how it works out.
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    Help. Parents can't keep up with maintenance payments. What do I do?

    Sorry to hear about your parent's plight. Suggest that you take this discussion to the Marriott Vacation Club thread for more specific advice on this property. For example, they may be able to deed it back to MVC if they pay off the debt. Check out Marriott at Responsibleexit.com Would MVC pay...
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    Help! Both my parents died who were owners at The Ridge Tahoe - what do I do??

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. Now's your chance. I say let it go because you are concerned about your ability to meet increasing MF obligations and getting rid of it in a few years. I would be careful and consult with an attorney before using the unit and making any payments. As an heir...
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    Please help me get out!

    I heard Diamond doesn't allow. But I am not an owner so YMMV.
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    Newport Presentation Stay Offer

    Just received the following. Is this a deal worth pursuing? We could drive there which is attractive. 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy™ points with this exclusive Marriott Vacation Club® offer. Stay three nights in a two-bedroom villa at Marriott’s Newport Coast® Villas from $299* per stay. 12 months to...
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    Please help me get out!

    Some systems don't allow transfers to LLCs for this reason.