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Search results

  1. M

    Best II Trader

    Hi Everyone! In your opinion, what is the best II trader with the lowest maintenance fee? Looking for the lowest maintenance fees and best trader, will use it for trades only and to have access to bonus weeks. Thanks
  2. M

    Free Massanutten Summit 52 week U/L lockout

    What are the yearly maintenance fees?
  3. M

    Vistana Flex Points

    Can someone please explain Vistana Flex Points. I did read the FAQ's thread someone posted and that was very helpful. But is there a grid of how many Flex points each resort charges per night/season etc.? How about housekeeping fees for each stay? I see the maintenance fees are high with Flex...
  4. M

    Vistana Falls 2bd/2ba - FREE - Fixed week 12 - usage starting in 2020 - no closing costs

    Do the Falls sleep 6 or 8? You state you have owned this unit since 2018, do you mean 2014 since you show trades starting 2014? What does II charge for a trade to a non Vistana/Sheraton/Westin resort? Thanks
  5. M

    Hyatt Wild Oak Even Week 45 (1400 points)

    I know the resort is taken, but with Hyatt, is it hard to trade into other Hyatt's than you own? So if I wanted to go to Key West every year, would it be wise to only buy in KW or would buying this unit be just as good since I could trade in? Hope you know what I mean lol
  6. M

    Best II Resort trader

    Oh also, Is Harborside a Vistana preference?
  7. M

    Best II Resort trader

    Oh, I have another question...If you book an extra vacation or whatever they call it in II, do you "have" to stay the entire week? Or can you leave after 3 or 4 nights without penalty.
  8. M

    Best II Resort trader

    Thank you to everyone for contributing. This turned out to be a very interesting thread.
  9. M

    Best II Resort trader

    May I ask what is your “Poor Man’s Marriott “?
  10. M

    FREE Wyndham's - $199.00 is all you pay. No Loan balance on Accts

    Is there a chart that shows how many point are needed for each resort/dates/units?
  11. M

    Best II Resort trader

    What would you say is the best II trader with the lowest maintenance fee? I heard there is II points now, they didn't have them when I had my TS years ago, can someone please explain how II points work?
  12. M

    Free! St Augustine Beach, 2 BD, 2 BA Float weeks 1-21, 38-52

    This looks very interesting since we live in Orlando and love St. Augustine. I've been looking online at the pictures, are the units dated?
  13. M

    Wyndham Reef Resort

    Thank you for your reply, I have read elsewhere about the electric bill at the end of your stay. My daughter will have to call to ask about that, because it has no mention of electric on her certificate.
  14. M

    Wyndham Reef Resort

    Anyone with any first hand experience on this resort and their thoughts?
  15. M

    Wyndham Reef Resort

    i posted this on a FB page and thought I’d post it on her also. Has anyone been to the Wyndham Reef Resort in Grand Cayman and if so what are your thoughts of it? My daughter was on a cruise in Grand Cayman and did a presentation and bought a one week rental in a 2BR. I am reading there...
  16. M

    My Survey!

    I'm sorry, I meant to say GOLD not silver. 1,880 points
  17. M

    My Survey!

    Is Silver worth it if someone is giving it away, assuming it passes ROFR
  18. M

    My Survey!

    Thank you, You aren't the first person I have heard that from. Seems the maintenance is the same, may as well go for the gusto.
  19. M

    My Survey!

    Thank you, I can deal with 4* but not 3. I was looking at Bluegreen because of their presence in Florida, but some of their resorts don't look so wonderful and I don't want to go on vacation wondering what I am getting.
  20. M

    My Survey!

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? Florida Beaches and Key West 2) Do you want to visit your home resort at least half the time, or do you want to trade more than half the time? Half the time sounds about right 3) What...
  21. M

    Westin Kierland Villas - mandatory resort with Staroptions

    913218 EVEN Kierland 2br 39 621516 81,000 $791.58 That $791.58 is yearly So the maintenance is $1,583.16 ? Correct?
  22. M

    Is there a Hyatt Residence Facebook Page?

    Is there a Hyatt Residence Facebook Page created by owners and not the company?
  23. M

    Hyatt Coconut Point Plantation Presentation.

    May be a good time to buy in. After Vistana resort did all their renovations, they offered me (a resale owner) the option to go into Staroptions free. Moved to Orlando and gave my unit away. Seller's remorse lol
  24. M

    Hyatt Coconut Point Plantation Presentation.

    I also would like to know the difference in buying directly vs. resale. Going to book 2 nights for my husbands birthday in December to check it out. Did you enjoy the hotel/ Resort?