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  1. vistana101

    Encore Package Extended

    Ah I totally forget we don't get the points until we go through the presentation, ugh. My encore pricing/deal has been extended from an explorer package that we first purchased in 2018...can't wait to hear how the salespeople tell me what a deal I have and how prices have increased 20 times...
  2. vistana101

    Ocean Pointe/Oceana Palms vs. Marriott Singer Island Resort

    Thanks all! Love the units at Oceana Palms, and the owner discount is definitely a nice perk, but it seems like the pool situation might be a bit better at the hotel, since the new building by Oceana brings so much shade. Any particular ones you'd recommend? We love the St. Regis Bal Harbour...
  3. vistana101

    Ocean Pointe/Oceana Palms vs. Marriott Singer Island Resort

    Hi all, Looking at a possible trip to Palm Beach Shores/Singer Island and wondering if anyone has tried the non-vacation club Marriott Singer Island? All three properties (the two timeshares and the regular resort) look lovely, but would it be correct that the Marriott resort has a bit more of...
  4. vistana101

    5 day explorer pkg extended 6 months

    Just another data point...I emailed the encore customer service email today asking for an extension (was supposed to expire in Oct 2020), and they are extending it a full year to Oct 2021. Glad they made it easy, but would have also been nice if they were doing that proactively.
  5. vistana101

    5 day explorer pkg extended 6 months

    Thanks for this...we were supposed to use ours in April, was supposed to expire in October. Have to call and see if they can extend. (You'd think they'd pro-actively reach out to you!)
  6. vistana101

    Sheraton Vistana Villages...more open than most?

    Is there any indication on how long this may last?
  7. vistana101

    Please post all Coronavirus/Vistana discussions in this thread - thank you!

    This experience completely takes me out from ever buying another timeshare with them, and I look forward to bringing that up next time we're at a sales presentation. Poor customer service and vastly different from what Marriott International has offered.
  8. vistana101

    New Vistana Letter - offering zero

    Just wanted to chime in and say how disappointed I am in Vistana's and Marriott Vacation Club's response to this. The initial email they sent out was simply irresponsible, talking about how important vacations are and persuading people not to cancel their plans. A stark contrast to Marriott...
  9. vistana101

    Please post all Coronavirus/Vistana discussions in this thread - thank you!

    Anyone else think this downplays the situation in a way? And no info of cancellation wavers?
  10. vistana101

    Recommendation on Phase at Vistana Village

    Bella units have been refurbished but are still older in style and there are many complaints about them online. If you're looking to relax, I recommend Key West. Located in the back of the resort, it has its own pool (although there is no food/beverage outlet there) and the units are beautiful...
  11. vistana101

    Lakeshore Reserve Rooms need remodel

    Just returned from a stay in a 2 bedroom townhouse in Capa. Wonderful stay and furnishings seemed in very good shape. Perhaps getting a tad dated but everything was in great condition - loved our stay and the spaciousness of the townhouse!
  12. vistana101

    4 Star Elite

    Yes, was just wondering if by any chance being Platinum through Vistana 5-star gave you the 5 suite night awards/annual choice benefit without having to actually stay 50 nights. I had read something about that when Bonvoy first launched, but figured it was false!
  13. vistana101

    4 Star Elite

    I'm only 3-star elite, but I've always understood the benefits of 4-star elite to be minimal. Question for those who are 5-star, do you get the 5 suite night awards each year with Marriott Bonvoy? Or only if you stay the actual 50 nights?
  14. vistana101

    Lakeshore Reserve Rooms need remodel

    Good to know, thanks! We normally stay in Key West which has pretty updated villas. But I like the idea of a more luxurious atmosphere. Keep us updated!
  15. vistana101

    Lakeshore Reserve Rooms need remodel

    Ah, that's unfortunate to hear. Was planning to stay here in February instead of our usual spot at Sheraton Vistana Villages. Not sure what to do now.
  16. vistana101

    Lakeshore rooms

    Thank you very much! I booked a few nights with cash, and will request the Capa d' Orlando section. We've always stayed at Vistana Villages but saw it available and figured we'd try it. Hoping it's a good choice! If you have any other recommendations/insight into the resort, feel free to share! :)
  17. vistana101

    Snakes in Your Villa!

    Oh boy, not good, especially reading about front desk response (if true).
  18. vistana101

    Lakeshore rooms

    While on the subject, does anyone where the two bedroom townhouses are located? And has anyone stayed in them/would you recommend it? Looking at trying this resort out...thanks!
  19. vistana101

    SVV - Adult only (Quiet ) pool?

    There is no technical adult pool, but the above poster is correct: the Key West pool (my favorite phase - quiet and located in the back of the resort) is rarely very crowded/noisy. There is also a "quiet pool" just off the main pool. While it's technically not adults-only, floaties and things of...
  20. vistana101

    Morning Chair Hogs at WKORN

    Wow - crazy! Hate when this happens..it's unfortunate that it seems to be a problem at so many resorts. Glad to see they're taking action. Is this typically the same scene at the south pool?
  21. vistana101

    II Resort Certificate?

    I logged into II and I found 2 "resort accommodations certificates" for 3 bedroom units...does anyone know/why someone would get these? And is there a catch to using them?
  22. vistana101

    $1 resales - what's the catch?

    Yes, as others noted above, unless you purchase at one of those 5 mandatory properties, you will not get StarOptions for internal trading (but you can often find Sheraton Vistana Villages - Bella or Key West phases only - that sell for very cheap and still come with StarOptions). The one thing...
  23. vistana101

    St. Regis resort planned for Aruba on old Westin land plot

    Thought this was interesting... https://www.azure-aruba.com/hotel-complex-in-aruba/ It looks like Marriott is planning to build a St. Regis resort on the land that was once proposed for the Westin timeshare in Aruba. The article says "For more than 20 years, the dignitary said, this plot...
  24. vistana101

    Hawaii: trading in or renting?

    Yep, thanks. I did check that but wanted to verify on here as I remembered some talk a while ago of bed changes in the studio - never know if I can fully trust what's on the website!
  25. vistana101

    Hawaii: trading in or renting?

    Thanks for the replies! Sorry, one more question - do all the second bedrooms in the Westins have king-sized beds? Or do any have queens?
  26. vistana101

    Hawaii: trading in or renting?

    I'm looking at planning our first Hawaii trip for next year...planning to stay at one of the 3 Westin/Vistana properties in Maui. We're looking at going in June 2020 and debating if we should use our timeshare weeks to trade in (internally, using SO) or just pay to rent a week from an owner...
  27. vistana101

    Elite Night Credit on Vistana Stays

    How long would you guys wait to submit a missing stay request?
  28. vistana101

    Currently at Lagunamar

    Curious: when people stay here, do you typically cook a lot of your meals in the villa, or do you venture out to local restaurants? I wasn't sure how common it is to go out to eat here, since so many resorts are all-inclusive.
  29. vistana101

    Vistana Villages

    If you book less than 8 month in advance, the actual phase of the unit you own won't have an impact! If you book within 12-8 months of arrival (your home resort preference period), you will likely end up in Bella. I personally love the Key West phase since it's so quiet, but many like St...
  30. vistana101

    Vistana Owners - What Marriott Status Do You Have Today?

    Currently Plat Premier, Lifetime Gold. Don't think I'll requalify for Plat Premier/Titanium next year, but I'll hopefully get to regular Platinum again. Hoping the regular plat benefits aren't devalued too much in the future.