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    Free Ocean Landings Cocoa Beach studio(s)

    Tried to contact you via Conversations, hoping you have notifications for this thread turned on.
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    RCI Savings Dollars

    They're very close to worthless, according to most everyone. You can use 25 of them every month for a restaurant.com certificate, which can be bought several time a year for $2 each. A few posts up I described the only valuable use I've ever found for similar credits, which was for one-way car...
  3. I

    RCI Savings Dollars

    I mean savings dollars more generally, it appears they're being retired. The email and some google says all dollars will expire by December 31st, though my dollars still say they're expiring next August. I do get my restaurant.com certs monthly, but haven't found any other user for them yet.
  4. I

    RCI Savings Dollars

    Looks like they're retiring these, with new platinum benefits 'coming soon'. Maybe they'll actually offer something of value...
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    Standalone cabins

    You guys are amazing! Gatlinburg is a lovely area, and I didn't even know there were things like that picture anywhere near Branson!! I could sell a group cabin trip to our friends in that picture alone, thanks!!
  6. I

    Standalone cabins

    Oof. I was fully prepared for rustic, but not disrepair. I would be pretty upset if the hot tub were nonfunctional, that's definitely one of the selling points. May I ask when you stayed? The high season units are in such high demand, it's hard for me to understand them not keeping them in...
  7. I

    Standalone cabins

    That's definitely good to know - we'll likely be more interested in that area in the winter anyhow. Thanks!
  8. I

    Standalone cabins

    Oooh, that one is particularly attractive - only about an hour out of Richmond! Flying there from Florida is often really inexpensive. Thank you guys, definitely thrilled to hear about these and excited to see what else you guys know is out there!
  9. I

    Standalone cabins

    We love that area, that'd be perfect!! Thanks!
  10. I

    Standalone cabins

    Right now we're only with RCI, but we'd actually be interested in owning a week at a property like this, so affilliation isn't really too much of an issue. I would be willing to rent via redweek or something to try out a property that we couldn't exchange into. We used to camp frequently, but...
  11. I

    Standalone cabins

    So, I recently discovered Glacier Wilderness Resort up near GNP, and it sounds like heaven on earth to me. I put in an ongoing search for high season 2021, but suddenly I'm very, very curious about similar properties - what's out there? I'm looking for standalone cabins with a fireplace and at...
  12. I

    Where to buy?

    I've been looking fairly constantly for the kind of Grandview contract mentioned above, and somehow missed that one. Can't find it in completed auctions, either, but the deals are definitely out there. There are also some great deals at Massanutten, but they're less common. Good luck!
  13. I

    Is anyone else having problems logging into Shell Vacations Club?

    My apologies for adding on to this thread - it just happens to be the most recent post I can find with SVC owners. I'll start a new thread if that's better... Anyway, I am considering purchasing Shell points, though there seem to be a zillion reasons why I should not do so. The sole purpose...
  14. I

    Grandview points

    But I'm trying to snap that up ;-) no response from OP yet, though
  15. I

    What are timeshares?

    You guys are SO MUCH NICER than I. My first thought was that this was some sort of bit. My second thought, assuming it was a real person, was... well, not terribly nice. I'm glad you guys are here.
  16. I

    Bizarre e-mails from RCI

    Anything your resort can do for you to make it up to you? Or is that how you got the extra TPU, the resort have you a particularly good week to deposit because they felt badly? I'm glad to hear RCI worked with you to figure out all out, but I'd be just as ticked at the resort now as you were at...
  17. I

    RCI Savings Dollars

    I'm pretty sure these are very similar to the travel savings dollars that Specials by Restaurant.com sells. They are... Not terribly useful, but can be useful on occasion. The use case I've found them most worthwhile for is one way long distance car rentals - twice now I've been able to use...
  18. I

    New Southwest Airlines Priority Card Offers Plentiful Perks

    Well, you still earn at least one point per dollar for the spend, so by the time you get your 65k in bonus points, you'll have 15k in normal earnings. I imagine they'll either extend or change the bonus before the end of the year. Worst case we'll have to get the business card, we've left...
  19. I

    Bought resale Grandview property without due diligence - please advise

    The address for the transfer fee is actually on the estoppel, and is for Daily Management. I am not paying the transfer fee, nor the closing fees. I don't understand it, but I'm willing to leave a few hundred bucks in the wind for a bit to take the chance...
  20. I

    Bought resale Grandview property without due diligence - please advise

    Yes, that's how I discovered it was for the Mortgage department, that was not noted on the estoppel. The other number is for the RCI Points VV Specialists, apparently. I'm new to the particulars here, but I'm not entirely naive. Both numbers show up all over the official sites. We shall see...
  21. I

    New Southwest Airlines Priority Card Offers Plentiful Perks

    Not a bad deal, really - you get 80k towards the 110k you need for a companion pass by spending $15k. We don't usually pay for advance boarding, but it does make it a decent value for the annual fee. This is probably how we'll get the companion pass next year.
  22. I

    RCI: 8 week rule Vacation Villages group

    Anyone have any additional or more current information about this? I think I've seen references on here (I think by Jan) that this applies to all Vacation Village affiliated properties, but this is the only actual reference I can find anywhere. Oddly, searching that exact phrase on Google...
  23. I

    Looking for road trip suggestions

    How had I not somehow realized you lived in Twin?? We just moved back to Florida from there this February. I miss it terribly. I used to drink right on the edge of the canyon more nights than not. We sometimes talk about retiring there, but I must admit that it's much cheaper / easier to...
  24. I

    Some of the Best Amtrak Train Routes

    The Lake Shore Limited from NYC to Chicago was very nice during leaf season. There are other leaf viewing routes I'd be very interested in taking, as well. I recommend people only plan for one overnight on a train, as it isn't truly comfortable. It's not awful, though, and the food is...
  25. I

    JetBlue updates is Emotional Support Animal Policy as of 7/1

    This appears to be the most well thought out service / support animal policy that I've seen yet. Kudos to JetBlue. My brain went wonky for a moment when I thought they said animals need to be stowed in the overhead during takeoff and landing for Mint passengers, but I reread and that's clearly...
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    Best rci points for the buck

    I'm pretty sure 92.5k means it's the one in Orlando - Parkway, maybe? But I think the basic point was that many of the VV properties for a pretty sweet points valuation.
  27. I

    Free biennial week at the Grandview at Las Vegas 98,000 RCI points

    And if that falls through for some reason, I'd like to claim second dibs =p AwayWeGo is right, someone will want that. I'm glad they didn't allow you to deed it back for free, I'd much rather a TUG member have it. Thanks for the offer!
  28. I

    How can I give my timeshare away???

    Wrong post, I'll move, but just wanted to say I'm glad they didn't allow you to deed it back for free, I'd much rather a TUG member have it. Thanks for the offer!
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    Hotel sticker shock

    We stay in a lot of low rent hotels/motels while traveling I used to be a Starwood girl, but now there are only a few areas where I'm willing to pay for a Sheraton with lounge access. We mostly end up in Wyndham and Choice properties, either earning or redeeming points. This spring (late...
  30. I

    FREE - Orlando - Star Island 3br Lockout

    Just stayed here in a non-lockoff 3br. Very nice resort, with great staff. Easy to get an Uber and quite close to a Walmart for shopping. Also an amazing British chippy nearby, highly recommended.