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  1. RX8

    And this is why we may never get back to normal...

    People truly scare me. Here is a guy with Covid-19 symptoms that thought it would be a good idea to hit the beach with thousands of others. Why? Because he wanted to (plus he got new swim trunks he was itching to wear). After social media bashing he has now retracted some of his statements...
  2. RX8

    Song Of The Day.

    My 11 year old son loves that movie (and I do too)!
  3. RX8

    did I do the stupid thing?

    Another rescind. The MF looks low, are you sure this isn’t an EOY. If it truly is $560 a year the HOA may not be accounting for proper reserves meaning you may be hit for a special assessment at some point. You mention that the MF will eventually pay for itself. Do you realize that it would...
  4. RX8

    The moving adventures of DaveNV (super long, with pictures)

    Dave, you could always get a new job as a writer for the local paper (do they still have those?). You have a talent for bringing the audience into your story. I may be referring back to your story for helpful hints as I may have a move myself in the next few months. Good luck in Mesquite!
  5. RX8

    Esky offer to buy

    Scam Esky is a legit travel company providing flights and hotels. The scammer is just using their name. Not the first time a scammer used the name of a legit travel company either. Below is a thread about a scammer, maybe the same scammer, using the name of legit Airgorilla...
  6. RX8

    Just purchased and having second thoughts!

    This is certainly true but no matter how you slice it HGVC is still going to extract thousands of dollars out of your pocket that is going to result in a much greater cost than pursuing resale.
  7. RX8

    Just purchased and having second thoughts!

    @dayooper has a good explanation. Only add I have is to clarify is that owning two deeds isn’t going to be the same as owning one deed for the same amount of points. For example, owning two 3500 point deeds means that you get 7000 annual points to use. However, your 12 month home resort...
  8. RX8

    Should I finish purchase of Eastern Slope ?

    Is the purchase already completed? Who did you buy it from? If you already purchased and it was resale you may be out of luck. First step would be to contact the seller if it wasn’t described accurately. Did you get an estoppel?
  9. RX8

    Just purchased and having second thoughts!

    Don’t feel guilty about rescinding as the salesperson is not your friend. I know HGVC gives a credit of your VIP cost against your timeshare purchase but you are still paying way too much. A resale 8400 point deed should have the same maintenance fees as the 5000 point contract you purchased...
  10. RX8

    Planning on renting from owners a few times next year

    You should have asked my permission before posting a picture of my house. :)
  11. RX8

    Someone just hacked into my Apple Account

    Agree with others that it sounds like a scam. Did you hover the mouse cursor over the sender’s name? While it may say it is Apple the underlying email address may be something completely different. Also, check the actual web address of the link as scammers are very good at creating fake pages...
  12. RX8

    How To Tell Family/Friends You Bought A TS?

    A good choice for dipping your toes in the timeshare waters made even better by the cost of free. The original owner paid thousands of dollars for this timeshare that you will hopefully close at the price of zero. Save @gnorth16 ‘s ad an as excellent example of how to put together an appealing...
  13. RX8

    How To Tell Family/Friends You Bought A TS?

    There are many people that buy from the developer who use the timeshare and are happy. Just because someone makes a decision to not use the timeshare doesn’t turn it into a scam. What makes it a scam is timeshare salespeople lying through their teeth to convince someone who can’t afford it to...
  14. RX8

    Only A Mask is Required

    I’m waiting for the TUG banner to show up in a picture like this.
  15. RX8

    Man Suffers 4 Hour Erection With Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection

    Hard not to laugh with all the hilarious comments the author made throughout the article.
  16. RX8

    Exit offer from Premier Resorts, Fairfield Harbor

    So is this Premier Resorts, who manages your resort or some other scam outfit pretending to be Premier Resorts? These scammers that offer a vacation package in lieu of your resort, generally at a “dinner”, typically lead one to believe they are affiliated but are really just liars pretending to be.
  17. RX8

    Disney Timeshare - Advise needed from TUG Gurus

    I don’t own Wyndham but I own a Disney resale along with an HGVC affiliate. First, I am surprised to hear you experienced an “aggressive” DVC sales pitch. I have been on multiple DVC sales pitches (on DCL cruises) and not one has been remotely close to what you could call aggressive. My...
  18. RX8

    HGVC Fees and Affiliate Resorts

    I have an affiliate with Grand Pacific Palisades. It is a summer week in Carlsbad and is a vacation our kids have loved since 2013. In fact, we have never opted for the HGVC points as we have used the fixed week each year. Our boys are getting older but we are still planning on using the fixed...
  19. RX8

    Exit offer from Premier Resorts, Fairfield Harbor

    If you are dealing directly with the resort then this could be a very good deal to effectively get out of your timeshare. It will certainly be cheaper than any exit company, which may just end up taking your money.
  20. RX8

    Gargling with saltwater for coronavirus?

    We can only hope something this easy would actually work. https://www.irishpost.com/news/gargling-saltwater-could-help-combat-early-symptoms-of-coronavirus-scientists-say-187785
  21. RX8

    Pakistan International Airlines A320 Crash ---> Interesting but sad analysis cause of crash.

    The Flight Channel does a good recreation of these crash events. Here is another look at the crash.
  22. RX8

    Forbes article on how to get out of a Timeshare

    No issues accessing link with my phone.
  23. RX8

    Exit Timeshare company

    @LasVegasTSowner Below is a copy/paste that I posted about another TS Exit firm. It holds true for this one too. ”This is one of many “exit” companies that are out there preying on timeshare owners. At best, you will pay THOUSANDS of dollars upfront to a company that has been in business for...
  24. RX8

    Rayburn Country Club Resort

    I remember some guy selling these weeks on eBay sometime back as a cheap way to get into RCI. Shame it ended up this way. The Resort’s comment above shows that they didn’t have a clue about timesharing. Blaming RCI because the resort doesn’t get anything in return? Did they not realize that...
  25. RX8

    Lamborghini wrecked just 20 minutes after leaving the showroom

    In keeping with the theme here is a teen crashing a vehicle 10 minutes after taking his driving test. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/2020-03-10-new-driver-makes-avoidable-mistake-only-10-minutes-after-earning-license-23945976.html
  26. RX8

    Lamborghini wrecked just 20 minutes after leaving the showroom

    Holy cow. Does one need a drivers license in that country? The vehicle went straight for the wall, never even attempted to steer or brake (wheels still turning after hitting the wall). This driver could have killed someone had they gotten on the road.
  27. RX8

    Lamborghini wrecked just 20 minutes after leaving the showroom

    He’s driving around in a Chevy Cruze rental car now.
  28. RX8

    NY NJ and CT Announce 14-Day Quarantine for Travelers

    I am in one of these three states and I have a trip planned to CA next month. It is looking like my trip is going to be cancelled as CA is seeing a resurgence of Covid and my guess is they will eventually be added to the list of states for quarantine.
  29. RX8

    Bad Debt, Is this typical?

    Are you sure this isn’t confusing the “reserve for bad debt” with the typical reserve fee found with all maintenance fees? 37% of the total MF just for bad debt seems way too high. How does the total $966 MF compare with the prior year?
  30. RX8

    American hikers in Banff fined big bucks for sightseeing detour

    Yes, even if that is $1200 CDN it is still an expensive lesson.