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  1. H

    did I do the stupid thing?

    Rescind., Berkley is not a known entity. There is no reason to buy it, especially at 17K!! Edited to add: It used to be Lighthouse Key Resort and Spa
  2. H

    Worldmark Stablewood Springs

    Here's a thread where Eric compared Stateblewood to Marble Falls: https://www.wmowners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=50852&p=383822&hilit=stablewood+springs#p383822
  3. H

    II Exchange Cancellation window to get refund

    Yes, call first thing tomorrow morning.
  4. H

    Hawaiian Timeshare Exchange policy on Covid-19 cancellations

    You may use RCI's "chat" to ask when the exchange fee credit must be used. I cancelled DVC on 3/27 and the credit was good until 9/30.
  5. H

    II - time limit to deposit to receive maximize trading power??

    You have 2 years after the check-in date to use the deposit. I would not pay to "extend". Instead, if absolutely necessary, use E-Plus as a way to extend for up to a year, with 3 retrades.
  6. H

    2hr Pool time a day

    Newport Coast did not have a time limit for the pool.
  7. H

    The $99.00 ripoff. [MERGED]

    Welcome, ValleyWine: Take the Interval certificate. Get it onto your account asap; then search Interval as often as possible. There will be excess inventory in Hawaii this summer, if you can travel. I saw MKO for Aug 1 and Aug 7 yesterday. Keep checking as often as possible. This is the time to...
  8. H

    New to exchange of timeshares

    There are many factors which affect your trade power. The most overlooked are: 1) the need to reserve the highest demand week in your season, and 2) deposit the week to Interval as early as possible - i.e. a year in advance of check-in is ideal.
  9. H

    Buying a resale

    Where did you find the information about the resort / week for sale? ebay, Redweek, other? In a previous post you wrote that you owned Paradise Village. Are you certain you wish to own another timeshare in Mexico?
  10. H

    Cancel ongoing Search

    You must call Interval to cancel a search.
  11. H

    Park City MOU/MSW II OGS Questions

    At MOU, the March 28, 2021 was not there on May 16, 2020. At MSW, the March 21, 26, 27, & 28 were note there on May 16, 2020. That was the last time I posted the list on wmowners.com, but I don't know the first date it appeared.
  12. H

    Hawaii: King's land 2BR 6/6 vs 6/4 size difference?

    @GT75 Thank you. That was a very informative sticky. I appreciate all the work you put in to organize that information. I still have the question about the washer/dryer in the 2 6 6 units. On my computer, the floor plan becomes blurry when I expand it.
  13. H

    Hawaii: King's land 2BR 6/6 vs 6/4 size difference?

    I'm struggling with the same question. I confirmed Kings Land, 2 6 6 and it says 1069 sq ft and "No washer/dryer" in the unit. The unit which says 2 4 6 shows the 1269 sq ft and says it has a washer/dryer. I can deal with the smaller unit size, but lack of washer / dryer surprised me. Are...
  14. H

    Access to WWW.WMOWNERS.COM/forum

    www.wmowners.com has been restored. Yippee!!
  15. H

    Newport Coast Villa's-things to do

    Later on Saturday, we did park by the 1100 building, then walked along the path just outside the water slides (they were operating that day), and found the stairs to go to down. The top of the stairs was not blocked, but the bottom had a chain, and a dangling sign that said "Fire Dept Access...
  16. H

    Access to WWW.WMOWNERS.COM/forum

    WMOwners.com is working with the host of the website to restore, but does not have a firm date. We will post updates as we get them.
  17. H

    Newport Coast Villa's-things to do

    Thank you. We later noticed the fire road entrance from the Newport Coast Drive side. We looked at that pool for the first time early in the week, but didn't notice the fire pits there. I noticed they had two portable water slides that I had never read about. They were not open. They are next to...
  18. H

    Newport Coast Villa's-things to do

    Many restaurants are open. Many shops at Fashion Island are open. The shopping center where Trader Joe's is had lots of restaurants open, with both inside and outside seating. At the resort, main pool and pool by 1100 building is open. The game rooms, fire pits, and movie theatre are not open...
  19. H

    Access to WWW.WMOWNERS.COM/forum

    Thanks Tom. Didn’t work for me either. I’ve reported it.
  20. H

    Newport Coast Villa's-things to do

    Where is the "fire road at the bottom of the resort?" We walked that way this morning, entered the fire road next to the 2000 building, but it took us a green belt, where we could see the golf course on the other side of the fence, but it did not seem to have a way down to the beach. Did we...
  21. H

    RCI - Cabo Azul?

    I tested via WorldMark portal and got the same result (error, invalid entry).
  22. H

    II in Europe - Newport Coast trade

    Try for other MVC resorts, and/or Sheraton/Westin resorts first. You'll have priority for them.
  23. H

    Palmera Vacation Club

    Karen is spot on. When did you buy? In what State are key factors as to whether you are able to rescind; and if so, whether it makes sense to rescind.
  24. H

    Marriott Ocean Pointe

    Hi Greg: I await your report. I was showing Tim the webcam of the beach a few days ago. Have a great time! Cheers, Maria
  25. H

    Grande Ocean in the new normal

    Thank you for the first hand information. Were pool towels at the pool, or in the unit? I'm planning to rebook our summer vacation, and have been keeping an eye on MGO. I am glad that your week was enjoyable.
  26. H

    DVC relaxes points expiration for COVID 19

    Thank you, Judy. Someone posted this Disney announcement on another site: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2020/05/planning-your-disney-parks-vacation/ Given the current uncertainty as to when we will reopen Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, we’ve had to periodically adjust...
  27. H

    DVC relaxes points expiration for COVID 19

    Has anyone had news on points expiring in July? I have a friend who planned to use DVC points for Grand Californian, and right now, it's not likely that Disneyland will open before those points expire.
  28. H

    Interval International provides direct email for TUG member support

    Thank You very much to Mark Delcampo. I needed advice on upcoming Hawaii reservations due to Hawaii extending the quarantine to at least June 30, 2020. I emailed Mark on Tuesday, and he called me within the hour and assisted me while I was on the phone. His pleasant, professional expertise is...
  29. H

    Yellowstone west gate to reopen June 1, 2020

    https://helenair.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/montana-reopening-economy-more-june-1-travel-quarantine-order-to-end/article_244d7845-f29a-542a-b830-53ef2efeabd9.html Montana is lifting its 14 day quarantine on June 1, 2020. On Monday (May 18) the Wyoming gates of Yellowstone...