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Search results

  1. LisaH

    Hobbies gained since retirement??

    Gardening, cooking, baking, stock trading, traveling...the list is endless. Retirement is fun!
  2. LisaH

    What are you cooking?

  3. LisaH

    What are you cooking?

    Hi neighbor! I have been grilling portobello mushroom quite a bit. The little Mexican grocery store in the same plaza as Trader Joe's has the best price!
  4. LisaH

    What are you cooking?

    I have been baking a lot! Recently I made scones, cheesecake, lemon loaf, chocolate souffle, croissants (almond is everyone's favorite)...Today I did matcha macaron as my first attempt at making macaron. It was quite tasty despite not being the prettiest :)
  5. LisaH

    School cafeteria lunches, enjoy them? Or Hate them? What was your favorite / or worse thing?

    This reminded me of our trip driving from New Orleans to Chicago after DS graduated from Tulane and got a job in Chicago. We were pretty hungry when we were somewhere in Mississippi around lunch time. Took a detour to one of these towns along the highway and saw only one restaurant. When we...
  6. LisaH

    Getting Screwed by Hawaiian Airlines, 101

    Glad it has worked out in your favor. I have canceled both United and Delta flights and in all cases, a credit is due for the full amount. I am OK with that since I am sure that I will fly with them once the quarantine is over. Just keep my fingers crossed that these airlines won't go belly up...
  7. LisaH

    The first of my favorite restaurants bites the dust

    I also bought a $100 gift card last Christmas and have about $50 dollar left. I am bummed as this is the first restaurant gift card I bought in the last 15-20 years and probably won’t buy again. We are sorry that it has closed for good as we really enjoy the soups there. Sent from my iPhone...
  8. LisaH

    Misdelivered Amazon package/Problem resolved

    This has happened to us too. Fortunately the person who received the package by mistake dropped it off at our door a few days later. There are still plenty of honest people in the world :cheer:
  9. LisaH

    Food Delivery Services

    I was never able to get a delivery slot that I wanted with Instacart. We live in South Bay. Some grocery stores were quite crowded but luckily not the ones near where we live. The other day I went to Safeway in Los Altos around 3 pm and there were barely any customers. I wore disposable gloves &...
  10. LisaH

    No Return Costco

    Went to Costco Tuesday and couldn't find toilet papers, flour or cooking oil! The Toto Washlet was on sale so we bought one and DH installed it. Works great! On the other hand, eggs were available and limit one per customer. Glad they have implemented limit on the popular items.
  11. LisaH

    On a very happy note...

    Congrats Dave! I retired almost 4 years ago. Never look back...
  12. LisaH

    Suite Night Awards

    Thank you. I obviously didn’t understand the rule. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. LisaH

    Suite Night Awards

    I don’t see any SNA in my account. Called Marriott and was told they will be awarded on Jan 28. Does that mean no reservation can be upgraded using SNAs between Jan 1-27? If so, how come the two previous posts both got upgraded?
  14. LisaH

    Suite Night Awards

    That’s what I thought to be the case... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. LisaH

    Suite Night Awards

    I see. So the reservation is under your name, and you add your daughter or wife’s name to the reservation even though you do not check in yourself? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. LisaH

    Suite Night Awards

    Was the reservation under her name? I thought the certificates can only be used for the account holder.
  17. LisaH

    Adult Vaccinations

    Thanks. I'll check Walmart out. I had Shingle outbreak while I was on a Tradewinds cruise in French Polynesia. It was so painful that I would not wish on my worst enemy.
  18. LisaH

    Any RCI memberhsip deals out there?

    My 20-some-year-long RCI membership through multiple purchases of South African weeks will finally come to an end next year. I wasn't going to renew but now that I've bought a Tradewinds cruise membership, I think I will keep my RCI account for a bit longer. Any similar deals out there? I hate...
  19. LisaH

    Wussing out after skin cancer removal.

    Now I'm nervous. I have never visited a dermatologist in my life. Should I make an appointment? Good luck with a speedy recovery!
  20. LisaH

    Ocean 22 and General Booking

    Welcome! You still show as guest. Please contact admin to get your status changed.
  21. LisaH

    TUG celebrates 26th birthday!

    Congrats! How is your dad Bill doing? How old is he now? Wish you and your family the best!
  22. LisaH

    How to Dry Age a Ribeye in the Fridge

    I used to live in Western N.Y. I miss Wegman's...
  23. LisaH

    Colonsocpy a year later- something is not right.

    A Good luck with the surgery! Colon cancer in general is slow growing. It is quite treatable nowadays when discovered early. Sounds like yours is in early stage since you didn't have a polyp before. Wish you a complete and quick recovery!
  24. LisaH

    Massive California power outages may begin early Wednesday

    Our house was out of power when we woke up yesterday, the first day after returning home from our French Polynesian trip which was amazing. DH manually opened the garage door and parked my car on the drive way then went to work. Unfortunately I didn’t charge up my phone, portable chargers and...
  25. LisaH

    Knee Replacement tomorrow (Oct 2, 2019)

    Good luck on a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! BTW, my Fuji underwater camera worked pretty well in French Polynesia. Will post some pictures when I return. :D
  26. LisaH

    Health Insurance as Employee Benefit

    DH worked for Cisco for many years and when he retired a couple years ago he got Cisco’s retirement plan after his COBRA expired. The premium is about the same as ACA but coverage is much better. He decided to get out of retirement recently and went back to work for another major Silicon Valley...
  27. LisaH

    Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee

    This is not timeshare related but thought I should share anyway. I wanted to book two nights at a Sheraton hotel in a major Midwest city to visit my son in Oct. Marriott website has the nightly rate of $95/ night, Kayak App has a mobile special of $84. I called Marriott and asked them to match...
  28. LisaH

    Best RCI resorts in Mexico for baby & toddler

    How about the Westin resorts in Cancun and Cabo? No AI fees...
  29. LisaH

    Information on voting for 2019?

    Thank you! It went into my Junk mail folder. Forwarded it to WM Owners Inc.
  30. LisaH

    Information on voting for 2019?

    Well I asked questions on that forum and no one answered. I have assigned my proxy to WM Owevers Inc. on line but haven't received any confirmation email yet. Is this normal?