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Search results

  1. vacationhopeful

    How's your quarantine stockpile holding up?

    Dave ... my far flung off sibling collection have been concerned that their oldest and still self-employed, full time working sister ... is being safe. They have installed a “locate my cell” widget and regularly call my maintenance employee to confirm that I am not being out & about. Staying at...
  2. vacationhopeful

    Would you buy what you have if you had to do it all over again....

    Got out of the TS game. Traveling and working and moving and the economy .... had to channel my energy to keep going. In decent health and still running around ... just avoiding people to stay healthy. Like I am sure many of us are also doing. And my 4 siblings ... scattered across the USA...
  3. vacationhopeful

    pay off or foreclosure?

    Call your HOA president. Due to health issues, I had to dispose quickly of those assets. The HOA is who pays for the costs of foreclosures …. a deed back is very cheap and is quick. Both the HOA and YOU are heled. It is the LAWYERS who lose.
  4. vacationhopeful

    A funny thing happened on the way to quarantine...

    I am self employed … and older than my worker-bee. He has decided that I need to STAY HOME in NJ. And tells me that my sisters ALL agree with him. They are all YOUNGER and NONE of them WORKs. My brother is OLDER than me and HE is still working fulltime as a Public Defender Lawyer, I live in New...
  5. vacationhopeful

    Have you had home repair issues during stay-at-home?

    The week before I was NOT meeting up .. just going up to my post office box. I have spent this entire week at my home going NO WHERES til the phone call about my big building's roof leak thru 2 floors. I had to help setup the 40' ladder for my worker to get onto the roof over the par-a-pit wall...
  6. vacationhopeful

    Have you had home repair issues during stay-at-home?

    We are a co-dependent lot of 5 siblings … really very practiced at helping and supporting each other from thousands of miles away. I am the one who stayed where we grew up ... and the one who managed our parents' last years of life. I had NO POA on my parents .... but I handled day to day here...
  7. vacationhopeful

    Have you had home repair issues during stay-at-home?

    I have my 40 hour a week maintenance guy doing his normal stuff. But he had decided I MUST stay home … and he called my sisters to also monitor my staying at home. Of course., my siblings live between 150 to 3000+ miles away. Good thing I maintain a 30+ day of food supply at my house. And I...
  8. vacationhopeful

    If you could open up just one business or place and go there, what would it be?

    Eviction Court. They shut down the State Superior Courts here and I have several non-paying tenants who where NOT effected or laid off due to this when I filed 4 weeks ago. This includes the storefront rented by a beauty supply storefront habitually LATE paying tenant.
  9. vacationhopeful

    Quarantine TV Habits: What are you watching?

    Had to meet up with the electrician on Thursday at my mountain vacation home (2.5 hour drive) plus moving some antique bedroom furniture up there. And stayed for 4 nights. I DO NOT HAVE cable TV up there (see avatar picture) … it is in the woods in the Poconos Mountains and I had it built in...
  10. vacationhopeful

    An ER doctor loses custody of daughter because of coronavirus fears

    All that has been done several years ago, Pedro47. My siblings are all over the USA ... from sea to shiny sea and the Gulf of Mexico while I have a place in New Jersey. There is a man who has worked for me for over 20 years (longer than he has known his wife). This guy had (and still lights up...
  11. vacationhopeful

    An ER doctor loses custody of daughter because of coronavirus fears

    My siblings have decided I need to STAY at home. ALONE. Period. I have at least 2 major health issues and live In New Jersey. My siblings live 100 to 3000 miles from me. I am single. I went grocery shopping Wednesday last week (Senior Hours ONLY) and stocked up for a month plus. I wore my face...
  12. vacationhopeful

    People fleeing hot spots to their summer homes

    Better than a month ago, my siblings decided I was "hording" food … canned and frozen. Sorry, I am single and HATE grocery shopping. And I like big variety of food to select from after work. I eat my largest meal daily with my co-worker at lunch … he picks the place and does construction work...
  13. vacationhopeful

    Angry Renter wants full refund on non-refundable rental

    Sorry this is happening to you. Your renter believes YOU should 'just understand' …. but you are NOT a 'big operation' and YOUR contract states "NO REFUNDS". Leave them to chase you … as YOU offered something .. but it was NOT want they wanted. TRIP INSURANCE was their way to protect a lost.
  14. vacationhopeful

    Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort, studio, partial kitchen, Mar 16th, sleeps 2 ONLY, $650

    fixed week units ONLY at FLBR .. can NOT change dates.
  15. vacationhopeful

    One car vs two in retirement?

    I still lust for my 944 White Porsche .... what a 'guy' magnet that Zoom-Zoom was.
  16. vacationhopeful

    DirecTV's days are numbered

    I have a vacation home in the woods. See avatar picture. I brought 2 'figure-8' interior (or exterior) antennas to run my bedroom and living room TVs. I have TV for weather, news and old TV shows. Could be worst ,, but the price is good. PS Old time TV shows and the weather channel are my...
  17. vacationhopeful

    Sea Gardens vs Santa Barbara vs PalmAire

    Santa Barbara is great. My RCI choice would be Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort.
  18. vacationhopeful

    Let’s share our journey for those of us that want to pursue a healthier lifestyle to lose weight.

    My doctor threaten me with a daily needle for my sugar issue. I decided to counter offer ... agree to LOSE weight. 3 months later and again 3 more months later... I was down big (40+) pounds. HOW? NutriSystem System 30 day QVC offering. Been about 10 years and still keeping the weight off. And...
  19. vacationhopeful

    Looking at TV options as of Feb 2020 (yes, again!) - here is why:

    My house in the woods (aka AS IN MY AVATAR picture) is a bit less than 100 miles west of NYC …. uses a digital antenna for about 15+ TV channels). I survive. and spent my cable savings for my electric bill. My house which I have cable to get internet, has fewer than 15 channel and a $100 a...
  20. vacationhopeful

    Help with ACA Proof of Income

    I counted the MONTHS after the ACA came into being until I turned 65yo for Medicare. I feel YOUR pain. AND personally HOPE the people who dream up these regulations have a "special place" for their last 5-10 years before age 65. AND I always had paid for my individual health insurance since...
  21. vacationhopeful

    North America's Best Ski Mountains At 1,000 Vertical Feet Or Less

    Used to ski a lot YEARS ago. I skied Mt Tremblant (Canada), Grey Rocks (Canada) and the Poconos, PA ski areas where I built a ski house. My avatar picture is of my ski house. Was there this weekend with snow on my deck. And the electric company 'rebuilding' their transformer box in my front...
  22. vacationhopeful

    CLOSED: Wanted Philadelphia 3/15-3/17

    PHL is a big city. What area and for how long?
  23. vacationhopeful

    What do I do if [an association files bankruptcy]

    Am at the Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort right now … this place has been thru 2 prior bankruptcies .... and is still up & running. VRI is the current managing company. The board of directors for the property are very vested in its management …. many owners have multiple weeks of ownership. It...
  24. vacationhopeful

    Opinions needed between Saratoga, Old Key West, Animal Kingdom

    Own and have loved all my stays at AKV. My ADHD nephew when 12yo went on his solo 1 week trip to WDW and we stayed there. It totally surprised his at home parents HOW much he loved this trip. We posed for many of the Disney photo-takers and I gave my sister the pass-code for the photos, as a...
  25. vacationhopeful

    Need a New Furnace --- Recommendations Really Needed

    Oil heater? More than 20 years old? If a gas heater, more than 25 years old? New furnace time. Besides, home inspectors LOVE their job and even it was running JUST FINE, they will come up with an ISSUE with the furnace to justify their inspection fees. And hope to get a "a referral fee" from...
  26. vacationhopeful

    Which Pompano Beach Wyndham?

    I prefer Santa Barbara over Royal Vista. The pool at Santa Barbara is on the south side of the building (lots of SUN). There is a hot tub. BUT ... Santa Barbara still has some FIXED WEEK owners … hence, room assignments for multiple week stays MIGHT require a room change. And if you can find a...
  27. vacationhopeful

    Need advice for Shawnee on Delaware

    Remember, this resort has a good size indoor heated swimming pool .. with LONG operating hours. Most units have an in unit washer & dryer. There is a resort shuttle van and free parking. There is an indoor gym with basketball court plus a FREE movie night and a cheap Bingo night (with prizes)...
  28. vacationhopeful

    My computer has been hacked -- need advice

    And that is WHY I do NOT pay bills thru the computer. And have a separate checking at a separate bank to use on the internet with an ATM card. I have a very OLD bank account with no service fees, no minimum balances and FREE checks for life. And I HATE auto-drafting … it is much harder to know...
  29. vacationhopeful

    Different car for retirement?

    Just me but I had 3 vehicles until a year ago. My sister needed a car for her youngest son … the boy who regularly stayed with me from age 4 on --- he got my Ford Focus. My oldest vehicle is my 2007 Ford Ranger 4x4 Supercab (the small one not made for years now) and that is my work truck (under...
  30. vacationhopeful

    15 0f The Most Amazing Train Trips You Can Take in The USA

    Amtrak from Daytona Beach to Philadelphia in the early 1970 …. college to home due to cost of gas. Learned that freight trains had track priority over passenger service trains.