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  1. Maui_ed

    [Please post your VSE/Starwood] View from a BALCONY

    At Nanea last week, WKORVN this week. Here is the view from room 7367.
  2. Maui_ed

    WKORV - current incentive for “owner update”

    Took the 20,000 points and did an owner's update at Nanea last week. Nothing much to report - we said up front we were only interested in information about the combined programs, and had no intention of buying. They still pitched the "flex" program, but gave up pretty easily after we said...
  3. Maui_ed

    Currently at WPORV

    Got big waves, big wind, and lots of rain today at WKORVN. They have been predicting this for a few days, and sure enough, here it is.
  4. Maui_ed

    [Please post your VSE/Starwood] View from a BALCONY

    If you are posting from a Windows PC, save the image to your PC, then click the "upload a file" button (next to Post Reply), then select the image that you have saved, then select "Close" after you have selected the image. Choose the option to upload the full image, instead of just the...
  5. Maui_ed

    [Please post your VSE/Starwood] View from a BALCONY

    I might be in the minority, but I think any view that includes bright blue skies, green grass, shimmering water in January or February is a GREAT view!
  6. Maui_ed

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    Not a WSJ visitor, but am still glad to see that the island, and WSJ, are recovering and returning to the way things were before the devastation.
  7. Maui_ed

    Poll: What is maximum price would you be willing to pay ($) for StarPoints (cents/SP)?

    Are you saying the the points are no longer usable in Europe?
  8. Maui_ed

    Vistana Reservations no longer on Marriott.com?

    Stay at Nanea and WKORVN are both still showing.
  9. Maui_ed

    view categories and varies

    I have 2 active reservations, one a Home Resort and one a StarOption. The Home Resort reservation says "Ocean View", the StarOption reservation just says "2 Bedroom Villa" - no view indicated, and nowhere do I find "varies". Doesn't appear to be a Vistana thing.
  10. Maui_ed

    StarOptions Expiring

    The time to convert has still passed for Flex too, right?
  11. Maui_ed

    StarOptions Expiring

    I believe you can only convert whole weeks to loyalty points, and the time to do that for 2018 Options has also passed.
  12. Maui_ed

    Just bought a Sheraton Flex plan, still debating on rescind... (2017)

    I have never been through the rescission process but from the feedback of others on this site, Vistana has always been very good about accepting prospective buyer's rescission notices. Glad you were able to back out in time.
  13. Maui_ed

    At owners presentation. Is this good offer?

    Checked into WKV for a one week stay. Our concierge suggested (pushed pretty hard, actually) that we attend an "update", for which they are offering 20,000 points. He said that the VPs of the "new company" were on site last week and that there is lots of new information to share about "a new...
  14. Maui_ed

    Maui News article on County of Maui's appeal on WKORV WKORVN tax ruling

    I haven't done any research to substantiate this thought, but it does seem to me that timeshare owners are more likely than hotel visitors to continue to visit the islands during economic downturns, therefore continuing to support car rentals, local grocers, and the local tourist businesses like...
  15. Maui_ed

    At owners presentation. Is this good offer?

    No, the property would cost them $34.5K, after which, they have the option to use or to convert.
  16. Maui_ed

    At owners presentation. Is this good offer?

    I thought the OP asked whether converting was worth it if they were not using the property a given year, not whether purchasing for the purpose of converting only. Without getting into whether to purchase retail or resale, if you have the option to convert to the points system, there is...
  17. Maui_ed

    At owners presentation. Is this good offer?

    Conversion to hotel in the US is not generally a good value, however if you plan travel to Europe, the value improves. Also, converting to airline miles can be good, if you are able to take advantage of opportunities when American Airlines, for example, adds bonus miles when you convert.
  18. Maui_ed

    Convert floating week to Flex points?

    I have found it just as easy to smile and say "No" the second time, and the third time, and... I agree - that is a good value for the points and the stay.
  19. Maui_ed

    At SVV now

    Expect them to "apply pressure" to get you to chose another date/time when you cancel. If you don't want to go, just say no, but our experience has been that they will almost always try to get you to identify a different date/time.
  20. Maui_ed

    Stupidity is expensive

    Sure, but I would not consider that to be a "scheme" designed to rip people off. Pretty easy for any owner to prevent that by simply verifying the information up front.
  21. Maui_ed

    At SVV now

    We have received 6,000 SPG points at WDW at least once. It has been a while since we attended an "update", as they are rarely an actual update, and the sales people usually don't have much more than the one-line bullet points to provide. I will need a lot more than 6,000 new points to give up...
  22. Maui_ed

    Stupidity is expensive

    Hmm, seems that having points deposited to the wrong account, or any account other than that associated with the owner who is attending the update, would be difficult given this process.
  23. Maui_ed

    Stupidity is expensive

    That is odd. They have always copied our membership number onto the form at the time we signed up for the "update", and we were able to verify that when we signed to acknowledge the points. We have done updates at WKORV, WKORVN, WDW, WMH, and WKV, and it has always been that way. Granted, we...
  24. Maui_ed

    Lagunamar Owner Update

    Agreed - that is a beautiful sunrise!
  25. Maui_ed

    Lagunamar Large Pool Still Closed

    At 50% alcohol, I would say a pretty potent one, although tequila would be the traditional source of that alcohol! Either way, a couple of those at $4 and I don't think anyone will notice....
  26. Maui_ed

    WKORV to NANEA (Sept’18) - Lovin’ It!

    Great pics, DavidnRobin. Thanks for sharing.
  27. Maui_ed

    [Please post your VSE/Starwood] View from a BALCONY

    The view is good in both orientations...
  28. Maui_ed

    No Status Line at WKORV at 4pm...when you need it

    They know how many guests are expected to check in on any given day, and they know how many are entitled to early check-in privileges, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to figure out that the rest of the folks will check in at or after the 4pm check in time. And by now, they should have...