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Search results

  1. echino

    Title Insurance & Licensed Closing company recommendation

    Is license required to provide timeshare closing services?
  2. echino

    In quarantine Marriott Maui

    Do you go swimming / snorkeling in the ocean in front of the resort?
  3. echino

    Deposit in interval at EEE , How much time

    And then in week 19 2023 you can exchange via II for a week two years in the future, week 19 2025, and add eplus to extend it another year, week 19 2026.
  4. echino

    Empty Marriott Waiohai Photos

    We got in a couple of days before quarantine in March, so luckily we were not subject to quarantine. We spent 3 weeks at Waiohai in March and April.
  5. echino

    Empty Marriott Waiohai Photos

    Yes! I had a feeling that I am in some kind of dystopian post-apocalyptic movie. Everything looks normal, but something feels definitely very wrong.
  6. echino

    Empty Marriott Waiohai Photos

    Here are some photos of Marriott Waiohai Beach Club empty grounds during pandemic.
  7. echino

    Welk Northstar

    As mentioned, you can use Hyatt points.
  8. echino

    II Choose 2 / XYZ Suspended

    Choose 2 grid ends in June and there is a note on II website: Interval is constantly reassessing its business, and at times we determine the need to make changes to our benefits. Choose2 is being suspended as of July 1, 2020 until further notice. Please check this page for updates, so that you...
  9. echino

    In quarantine Marriott Maui

    Not much. It's not unique to Hawaii. During pandemic, you can see xenophobia everywhere, especially in small and remote communities.
  10. echino

    In quarantine Marriott Maui

    Personal experience, in March and April, on Kauai.
  11. echino

    In quarantine Marriott Maui

    Once you are out of quarantine, be prepared for hostility from the locals. If you are an obvious tourist, they may assume you are breaking the quarantine and report you. Then you will have to deal with police and prove your innocence. You will need to carry your "papers" with you.
  12. echino

    In quarantine Marriott Maui

    Keep your boarding pass to show when you arrived. I was stopped by police and I had to show papers with my arrival date proving I was not breaking the quarantine. There were police checkpoints on the roads, police raids on beaches and "friendly" locals happily reporting "suspicious" tourists.
  13. echino

    Vistana SVV Bella 81000 Even Points first use 2022

    Is it 2br lockoff high season, or 2br non-lockoff prime season?
  14. echino

    Selling Vidanta weeks to "illinois consulting group"?

    You pay money, then you pay more money, then more, then you refuse to pay any more and they disappear.
  15. echino

    ¿Will Hawaii Open by [AUGUST - YES!!!]? [Please use this thread for all Hawaii Coronavirus discussions]

    I read it all. It's a study. Any future policies on reopening tourism in Hawaii may or may not take that study into consideration.
  16. echino

    Photo Album-Grand Colorado on Peak 8

    Are there jacuzzi tubs inside the units in any of the three resorts?
  17. echino

    Sales Offices Closed = Huge Discounts?

    Is it Westin Flex or Sheraton Flex? Sheraton Flex has zero value and will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of. There are much cheaper ways to get StarOptions by buying a mandatory resale week.
  18. echino

    Marriott Maui - 7 weeks straight, making us move week 4

    My 3 Waiohai weeks were coded OV, IV, IV in II, but after the first "bad" OV week I noticed the second and third weeks changed to OV on the Bonvoy website, and they moved us to much better OV for the next 2 weeks. The resort was empty, so all II codes mean nothing. You will likely be put into...
  19. echino

    Vacation Candy Renter -- Marriott's Desert Springs Villas (4/10 - 4/17)

    The week is lost. If it was a weeks owner, and cancelled less than 60 days before check in, then the week is lost and cannot be rescheduled. Marriott may have given the owner a $99 restricted Interval International certificate, but those are useless.
  20. echino

    ¿Will Hawaii Open by [AUGUST - YES!!!]? [Please use this thread for all Hawaii Coronavirus discussions]

    Another annoying development: all my craigslist timeshare rental ads for Hawaii get promptly flagged and removed. That did not happen before the virus. The dates are in December 2020 and in 2021, so I don't think it violates anything? Who goes flagging craigslist postings indiscriminately...
  21. echino

    Anyone done business with eBay seller resortsalesgroup

    I got a great deal from them with a Hyatt week for $1, all transfer and closing costs paid by them, but they backed out of the deal claiming Hyatt exercised ROFR. Which is a lie that I can prove with public county records. They just abandoned the timeshare, likely when they found out about $650...
  22. echino

    Guess where Hawaii Pictures

    Same place? This is from 2 months ago:
  23. echino

    Guess where Hawaii Pictures

    This looks like this place in the picture I took just a few weeks ago:
  24. echino

    ISO Orlando for June 6-13

    PM sent
  25. echino

    New Resale Owner at Pinon Pointe....

    Second or third floor in buildings 1-5.
  26. echino

    Booked MM1 for month of June. Keep or cancel within 24 hrs.

    Do it! I have spent 3 weeks at empty Waiohai in March-April (arrived before quarantine), it was great!
  27. echino

    Booked MM1 for month of June. Keep or cancel within 24 hrs.

    Ignore the codes. You will likely stay in one unit the whole 4 weeks without moving.