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  1. PigsDad

    Dad Issues Warning About Mermaid Swim Tails

    My grandparents had a set at the farm, and all of us grandkids would play with them when we got together. With ~25 grandkids, I'm amazed that none of us ever got injured -- but it was definitely a fun game to play! Kurt
  2. PigsDad

    Coronavirus Cases Are Accelerating Across U.S.

    Yes, it would be interesting to see the comparisons. Another factor that might be in play and make it harder for a simple comparison is if people are more likely to be admitted now vs. a couple months ago. There have been a couple of articles I have seen go by that stated earlier in the...
  3. PigsDad

    Don't Google this - see if you can guess...

    Yeah, I would bet on Alaska as well. The Aleutian Islands go out a loooong way. Kurt ETA: Ok, I just saw the CONUS restriction, so I am going to take a wild guess and say Minnesota.
  4. PigsDad

    The moving adventures of DaveNV (super long, with pictures)

    Deleted. Darn, video link didn't work...
  5. PigsDad

    HGVC Website as Slow as CRAP

    I hate to ask what he does when the system produces a core dump! o_O Kurt
  6. PigsDad

    So, what are you drinking these days? Any hazy drinkers?

    Well, don't keep us in suspense! Can you share your secret to a perfect mojito? :) Kurt
  7. PigsDad

    So one year after the price increase...

    Yes, Amazon Prime uploads photos in full resolution, where Google Photos resamples them to a standard resolution to reduce the file sizes. Kurt
  8. PigsDad

    Esky offer to buy

    Scam, scam, scam. Kurt
  9. PigsDad

    Just purchased and having second thoughts!

    As explained above, an "upgrade" from HGVC is simply trading in an existing deed for a new one. When you upgrade direct from HGVC, you always pay retail price. If you choose, you can always do an upgrade yourself -- sell your existing deed and buy a new deed (resale, of course!). It may take...
  10. PigsDad

    Hobbies gained since retirement??

    For my 30th work anniversary, I was able to choose from a selection of gifts. I ended up with a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. I have never smoked food before, so I am looking forward to learning and becoming a new hobby. It is a charcoal smoker, and I haven't messed with charcoal in years so...
  11. PigsDad

    The moving adventures of DaveNV (super long, with pictures)

    That's funny! I bought a Honda Pilot in the summer of 2009, and I called it the Obama-mobile! :ROFLMAO: Same deal, traded in an old vehicle that qualified for the Cash for Clunkers program. Kurt
  12. PigsDad

    Someone just hacked into my Apple Account

    I think turning on two-factor authentication should protect your Apple account. The only other thing you should do is stop using the same email/password combos with different sites. As you have unfortunately found out, when you use the same email/password combos on multiple sites, if one is...
  13. PigsDad

    We Taste-Tested 13 Grocery Store Hot Dog Brands. The Results, from 'Meh' to 'Seconds, Please'

    I've always been a Hebrew National fan, but I might have to check out some of the different brands that scored well. Does anyone else score their hot dogs before grilling? Ever since seeing it done on a cooking show, if I have time I will do it. Makes for some enhanced grill flavoring. Kurt
  14. PigsDad

    Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients

    Sorry, simple typo. I meant to say that the words in quotes were from @easyrider's post. But the question still remains: What part of the peer-reviewed study did you find political or anecdotal? Kurt
  15. PigsDad

    Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients

    Those were @easyrider's words, not from the study. What part of the study did you find political or anecdotal? Kurt Edited: corrected user name link
  16. PigsDad

    Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients

    Are you that blinded by your political hate for a certain party / leader? I didn't see anything political in the article about a study that was conducted by the Henry Ford Health System. I never cared for how Hydrochloroquine was first touted, but I try to keep my mind open when it comes to...
  17. PigsDad

    Jetted Tubs in Resorts

    We are in the planning phase of remodeling our master bathroom, and we are seriously considering getting rid of the Jacuzzi tub. We never use it, we plan on being in our house for many more years, and we would much rather use the extra space for a larger shower and other uses. We are starting...
  18. PigsDad

    Streaming service

    I was one of the very early DirecTV customers (1994, if I recall correctly) back when the programming was split between DirecTV and USSB. One of their big sales pitches they used was that they were going to offer à la carte programming -- just pick and pay for the channels you want. And that...
  19. PigsDad

    Coronavirus Cases Are Accelerating Across U.S.

    I just read that a major testing site in Denver is reducing hours due to not being able to obtain enough test kits. It stated that with the new outbreaks in AZ, TX, CA and FL, test kits were being prioritized in those areas and we couldn't get as many here in CO. Kurt
  20. PigsDad

    Your Favorite Masks?

    What is the difference between an N95 mask and a KN95 mask? Kurt
  21. PigsDad

    Coronavirus Cases Are Accelerating Across U.S.

    Personally, I think Covid-19 primary hospitalizations is a better indicator for the severity of the pandemic. It is a leading indicator compared to deaths, it lets us know where we are with regard to overwhelming medical facilities (remember -- that was the main reason for the lockdowns in the...
  22. PigsDad

    Coronavirus Cases Are Accelerating Across U.S.

    It is only a week or two old, so that may be the case. It is interesting looking at Colorado (my home) data. We only had a state-wide recommendation for masks, but a few counties have issued orders. My county issued mask orders mid-May, and looking at the current data, it is doing much better...
  23. PigsDad

    Three people died and one is permanently blind after drinking hand sanitizer in New Mexico

    I definitely read the article, and I will still stand by my post. The Darwin Awards are given to those who do something so idiotic such that it takes them out of the gene pool. I definitely think drinking hand sanitizer makes them a prime candidate for such an award. Whether they are...
  24. PigsDad

    Do you know what COVID-19 means?

    Criticizing their government on how they handled the Covid-19 situation is one thing; making racist remarks such as "Kung Flu" is something completely different, IMO. Kurt
  25. PigsDad

    Finished this quilt. Only took 13 years.

    And you didn't age a day in 13 years! :D Kurt
  26. PigsDad

    Coronavirus Cases Are Accelerating Across U.S.

    I thought this was an interesting and well-written article on how the spikes we are now seeing in the Southern and Western states differ from the earlier spikes in the Northeast. Spoiler alert: more prevalent among the younger generation (which is no surprise)...
  27. PigsDad

    How agonising surgery paved the way for anaesthetics

    You would think that by the 8th and 9th kid, all they would need is a catcher's mitt. :oops: :ROFLMAO: Kurt