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WKORV/N One 'Ohana Foundation

Discussion in 'Vistana Signature Experiences (formerly Starwood)' started by Henry M., Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Henry M.

    Henry M. TUG Member

    Apr 5, 2006
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    Austin, TX
    I just received this e-mail communication.

    Dear KOR/KORN Homeowners,

    We wanted to take an opportunity to update you on the status of One ʽOhana Foundation and Trust, as well as One ʽOhana Political Action Committee (“PAC”). With your generous contributions, these organizations have been established to respectfully amplify our collective voices as homeowners, as well as to honor the people and spirit of Maui.

    One ʽOhana Foundation and Trust:
    Over the past year, the KOR/KORN Boards have spent a great deal of time working through our mission and vision, as well as identifying, with the help of the KOR/KORN Associates, organizations on the island that are making positive impacts to the Maui community, align with the Foundation and Trust’s objectives and are in need of our financial help and support. Our priorities, mission and vision are as follows:
    • Priorities
      • Do good things in the community and build trust among the island
      • Give back with high impact and high reach donations
      • Broaden impact by working with resort management on current initiatives
      • Proactive outreach to local organizations that are challenged to raise money
    • Mission and Vision Statement
      • Guided by the Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee comprised of local civic, political and philanthropic leaders, the One ʽOhana Foundation’s mission is to communicate and demonstrate Hoʽokipa and Mālama for our Maui ʽOhana by physically and financially supporting local community needs
      • By embracing Lōkahi and Hoʽohanohano, the One ʽOhana Foundation hopes to enhance Ka la hiki ola for Maui and its people
    Hoʽokipa: Value of hospitality/spirit of aloha
    Mālama: To serve, to honor, to protect, to care for
    ʽOhana: Family
    Lōkahi: Unity and harmony
    Hoʽohanohano: Honor the dignity of others
    Ka la hiki ola: The value of hope and promise

    We made our first distribution of funds at the end of September 2018 to Puʽukukui Watershed Preserve, the largest private nature preserve in the State of Hawaiʽi. It is a wonderful organization and fits our mission perfectly. To learn more, view their website at puukukui.org. Additionally, we have identified over a dozen other worthy organizations we intend to support and plan on making distributions to those groups in the coming months.

    It’s our wish to keep you updated more consistently, so the Boards are working on launching the One ʽOhana Foundation and Trust website. In the meantime, please visit and sign up for the One ʽOhana Foundation and Trust Facebook page.

    One ʽOhana PAC:
    The One ʽOhana PAC was established in 2014 as an “independent-expenditure only” political action committee or Super PAC. Although our PAC interests are very specific and we are limited in how we can spend the funds, our goal is to support local officials who share our core values and who will connect with us in a fair and even-handed manner through respectful dialogue and discussion.
    • Mission and Vision Statement
      • The PAC is dedicated to promoting and improving the interests and welfare of Maui timeshare owners.
      • The specific purposes of the PAC are as follows:
        • To establish a continuing political campaign fund in the State of Hawaiʽi managed and operated in accordance with these Articles of Association and not affiliated with any political party;
        • To receive those voluntary contributions that are acceptable to the Executive Committee and to utilize such contributions for the purpose of making independent expenditures in support of and/or in opposition to, and not for making any direct contributions at any time to, candidates for office as set forth in subsection below; and
        • To finance independent expenditure political efforts in support of and/or in opposition to candidates for the offices of Mayor and Council member of the County of Maui based on their support of the interests and welfare of timeshare owners in Maui, Hawaiʽi.
      • Within the limitations set forth above, give to the PAC Executive Committee full discretion as to the manner in which funds are to be managed and distributed; and
      • Notwithstanding any of the above statements of purposes, the PAC shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the specific purposes of the PAC.
    Since its inception, we have utilized the PAC funds in support of various political candidates. However, the Executive Committee is planning on increasing the PAC activities as we move forward. To help support these efforts, the Committee is in the process of “rebooting” the former One ʽOhana PAC website and has re-established the One ʽOhana PAC Facebook page as well. We encourage you to visit both.

    These initiatives undoubtedly will play a significant role in enhancing our relationships with the citizens of Maui and the political, civic and social organizations that serve them and have been made possible only through the generous support of the KOR/KORN owners. The Boards are grateful for the owners’ support. Should you have any questions or concerns related to any of the initiatives, please direct them to the following email addresses:
    oneohanafoundationandtrust@gmail.com oroneohanapoliticalactioncommittee@gmail.com


    KOR/KORN Board of Directors
  2. Maui_ed

    Maui_ed TUG Member

    Sep 18, 2008
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    Pacific Northwest
    Resorts Owned:
    Yep, got the same email.

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