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Weston, Florida timeshare vacations

Discussion in 'US - Florida Timesharing' started by Banker, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Banker

    Banker TUG Member

    Jun 6, 2005
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    Woodstock, Georgia
    We are taking a ladies trip April 21-April 28th, a Friday to Friday timeshare visit. It seems like airfare is high during that time. Are there schools on spring break starting that week or something? I have no children of any age so I am never really aware of it. Any must sees around Weston that time? I have been to Weston before but it was October. The only things we have done there before were shopping at Sawgrass Mills, visiting Steinmart, we love Steinmart, going to a big flea market this year we want pool time, shopping time, maybe KIng Tut in FLL, possibly Everglades, never ever did that my whole life, (I am 50).
  2. KenK

    KenK TUG Lifetime Member

    Jun 16, 2004
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    Here are a few of some things you might find interesting. We just saw Dixie Carter & Hal Holbrooke at the Parker Playhouse...was really funny.

    I don't like the Festival Flea Market in Pompano....but if you must go..their website has $20 or $ 25 worth of coupons....IMO there are no real bargains there and the Sunrise Swap Shop Flee Market & Circus is just a little better....Sawgrass has the real bargains....Cheesecake Factory, JC Penny outlet...Nieman Marcus..Disney Outlet...( Did I mention Cheesecake Factory :), Legal Seafoods, Rainforest Cafe, Wolfgang Pucks...

    Go to www.tripadvisor.com to find the Festival website under Pompano.


    Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art *

    1 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, United States
    • Tel:*954-525-5500
    • URL:*http://www.moafl.org
    link to tut

    Bonnet House Museum and Gardens *

    900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304, United States
    • Tel:*954-563-5393
    • URL:*http://www.bonnethouse.org

    Museum of Discovery and Science and IMAX 3D Theater *

    401 Southwest Second Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312, United States
    • Tel:*954-467-6637
    • URL:*http://www.mods.org

    Broward Center for the Performing Arts *

    201 Southwest Fifth Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

    • Tel:*954-462-0222

    Jungle Queen *

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
    • Tel:*954-462-5596
    • URL:*http://www.junglequeen.com

    Very poor ratings on food lately. The Carrie B boat tour has a one free with one in FRIDAYS Sun Sentinal ent section.

    Parker Playhouse

    707 NE 8th St
    Ft Lauderdale, Fl


    Big Cypress Seminole Reservation and Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum

    West Boundary Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
    • Tel:*863-902-1113
    • URL:*http://www.seminoletribe.com

    This is one of the best everglade tours...its a distance...Billie Swamp Safari

    Stranahan House *

    335 Southeast 6th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, United States
    • Tel:*954-524-4736
    • URL:*http://www.stranahanhouse.com

    * Watertaxi accessable ($10.00 all day unlimited-$20 a week) NOTE CONTRACT DISPUTE WITH COUNTY .....need to check prices and times of service.

    Also, I just posted this listing for Jo Jo...thought you might find it useful:

    Restaurant.com codes (for additional discount on purchase) may be 33293 (better) or 31206

    www.rusticinn.com has coupons if you look at website carefully

    SE Fl Ent restaurants for 2006
    Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach & Treasure Coast
    Entertainment 2006 card numbers
    expires 11/01/06
    All USA cards appear the same again this year

    Sorry- left off part of listing. This is the final list

    Primavera, Ft Laud #7 L&D $22.00

    Mark’s Mizner Park, Boca #4 L&D $25 www.chefmark.com

    Mark’s Las Olas, Ft Laud #84 L&D $28 same site no Sats all

    Mark’s City Place, W.Palm Beach #125 D $25 same site no Sats

    Poyal Indian, Ft Laud #110 D $15

    SeascapeCruise Port Everglades # 14 Meal $20 (fare code#ent241)
    Res Required passport or photo ID

    Fra Diavolo, Lauderhill #27 D $15

    Hilton, Sunrise #56 L&D $18

    Wilt Chamberlain’s Boca #34 L&D $13 www.wiltsrestaurant.com

    Cami’s Miami, all, #106 L&D $12

    Chalet Suzanne, Lake WALES #5 $25 www.chaletsuzanne.com

    Darrels&Oliver 17, Ft Laud #87 L&D $30 Fri & Sat ng 12/15 to 4/15

    Bin 595, Plantation #38 L&D $29 sat eve ng 12/15 to 4/15

    La Tasca, Miami Lakes #32 L&D $27 before 6:30 PM Sats

    Chef’s Palette, Ft Laud #147 L&D $20 www.artinstitute.com

    5150, Boca #136 L&D $24 (in the Marriott)

    Sebastian’s, Palmbeach Gardens, #100 L&D $23 (in the Marriott)

    Moroccan Nights, Boca #17 L&D $22

    La Valentina, Adventura #41 L&D $21 before 7PM fri & Sat

    Cilantros, Plantation #35 L&D $20 (in the Sheraton Suites)

    McDivots, Margate #92 L&D $20 in the Carolina CC

    Peyton’sPlace, Sawgrass #155 L&D $19 in the Crown Plaza

    Borinqueya, Davie #2 L&D $18 no sats- no fri =12/15 to 4/15

    IncaGrill, Boca #6 L&D $18 no sats-no fri=12/15 to 4/15

    Massimo’s, Lake Worth #77 L&D $18 no sats-no fri 12/15 to 4/15

    Primrose, Coral Springs #42 L&D $18 no sats-no fri 12/15 to 4/15

    Regalo, Ft Laud #51 L&D $18 no sats-no fri 12/15 to 4/15

    Spazio, Ft Laud # 62 L&D $18 no sats next to beach place

    Bellagio, W Palm #159 L&D $17 no sats- fri before 6 PM

    LaStella, Sunrise #58 D $16 no sats -no fri 12/15 to 4/15

    Sage,Ft Laud # 53 L&D $13 no fr/sat 12/15 to 4/15 www.sagecafe.com

    El Tropico, Pem. Pines #47 L&D $15 anytime

    Madison Green,Royal PB #123 L&D $15 www.madisongreengolf.com

    Hot Gumbo!, PortStLucie #24 L&D $15 anytime

    Vienna, Davie #94 L&D $15 no sats-no fri 12/15 to 4/15

    Paella, Pem.Pines #29 L&D $13 anytime

    Palace,Davie #50 L&D $13 fri & sat before 6:30 PM

    Sal’s Italian, All #68 L&D $13 anytime

    Abocoa CC, Jupiter # 19 Lunch only $12

    Shirttail Charlies, Ft Laud, #10 D $24 no sats

    GardenCafe, Dania #97 L&D $20 anytime in FLL Hilton

    PizzaA’More, DelRay # 74 L&D $20 anytime

    Plumbagos, PB Gardens

    Plumbagos, PB Gardens # 90 L&D $20 no Fri&Sat eve from 1/15-4/15

    GoulashCharda, Hollywd #150 L&D $19 (excel E. European)

    Clubhouse, DaniaJaiAlai #61 D $17 all games

    HuricaneCafe, Juno # 43 L&D $17 anytime

    Beach’s, Hollywd #40 L&D $17 anytime

    Menfil, Sunrise #16 L&D $16 anytime

    TwistedGrille, Stuart #65 L&D $16 anytime

    MiCasaSuCasa, FtLaud #1 L&D $14 anytime

    TijuanaTaxi, Davie # 81 L&D $14 no sat-no fri 12/15 to 4/15

    Vincent’s, Coral Springs #13 L&D $14 no earlybirds -anytime

    JJ Muggs, LakeWorth # 128 L&D $13 anytime

    MuggsGrill, Coral Springs # 143 L&D $13 fri&sat before 6PM

    NewLilyGarden, CoconutCreek #22 D $13 no earlybirds

    SouthShores, Lake Worth #33 L&D $13 anytime

    FerroItalian,Tamarc #23 L&D $12 no earlybirds

    GGNewYork Ft Laud #60 L&D $15 no birds

    BalHarbourBistro, BalHarbour #30 D $20 anytime after 5 PM

    ** Shirttails has a free launch (tips) that will take you to the theater after dinner, and pick you up. The parking there is free, no valet. Cost of dinner may offset parking costs in the theater areas.

    www.restaurant.com for dining certificates. watch the TUG BBS for 1/2 price codes. WWW.idine.com for $$ off direct from Credit Card.

    www.entertainment.com should have free shipping and $5.00 off after the first book purchased direct-or registered-from local sources. The books usually go down to $10.00 in the spring. Call establishment before you go to avoid a surprise. Some go out of business fast. Please let me know if this list needs modifcations

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