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Renting a timeshare

Discussion in 'New to Timesharing? Look Here!' started by waltermom2, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. waltermom2

    waltermom2 Guest

    Nov 15, 2018
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    Ok, so I'm new to this idea of renting a timeshare...didn't even know it was possible! We love to vacation in Cancun/Riviera Maya at all-inclusives. Is renting a timeshare more affordable? I can't figure how to find what it would cost to pay for all inclusive option. Thanks!
  2. LannyPC

    LannyPC TUG Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    British Columbia
    In Mexico, often you can rent a TS for less than what the owner pays in maintenance fees (MFs). However, to pay for the all-inclusive (AI) option is often very expensive, sometimes over $100 per person per day. If you rent a TS that has a kitchen, then you can save a lot of money on food. If you want to check if the resort is AI optional, mandatory, or unavailable, you can check RCI's website (if the resort is in RCI's system) and it will tell you what is available for AI.

    If you are insistent on staying somewhere with AI, I would check your local travel agent or a booking site like Expedia or Travelocity to see if there are any specials with AI. Sometimes you can get a package with flight, transfers, accommodations, and the AI.
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  3. DannyTS

    DannyTS TUG Member

    Mar 24, 2018
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    the all inclusive cost makes the overall cost very high especially if travelling with kids over 5. Most timeshare owners avoid mandatory all inclusive resorts for that reason. Fortunately there are great non all inclusive options.
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  4. tschwa2

    tschwa2 Tug Review Crew: Rookie TUG Member

    Dec 19, 2008
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    Resorts Owned:
    A few in SC, VA and FL, a single resort in NC, MD, PA, NY, UT, ME, WI, and TN plus Jamaica and the Bahamas
    How much do you normally pay for your AI stay per night and how many nights do you normally stay and for how many people. There are people who book AI's that pay $5000 + for 2 for a week. You may find a timeshare rental plus AI fees for less at that same resort or same level of resort. On the other hand there are those who pay $900-2100 for a nice AI for 2 for the week. You might be paying less than a timeshare owner at that same resort. In some cases the costs may be similar but if you rent from a high level owner you might pay the same as an outside rental but you might get more perks thrown in. In general it is usually cheaper if you want an AI not to book it in relation to a timeshare owner or exchange but that isn't always true.
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  5. RLS50

    RLS50 TUG Member

    Sep 1, 2015
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    Just curious, but why the strong desire to go "all-inclusive" when other non-AI choices exist? Don't get me wrong we have done plenty of AI trips in our life, but now that we are out of our 20's and 30's we find all-inclusive resorts to not offer good value.

    In Cancun especially with so many great restaurants, many with options to dine waterfront, why be tied down to drinks and meals that are designed by the resorts to make sure they are profiting from their AI plans? At many all inclusives we have found the cocktails are greatly watered down and the food options to be more restricted, more bland, or more redundant.

    Meanwhile, staying at the Westin Lagunamar for example, one can have a unit with a large kitchen (no oven), one can mix their own cocktails in the room and take with them to the fantastic pools (in a non-glass container) and then have the option of dining at whatever restaurant(s) one wants each day.

    By selectively preparing some of our own meals during the week, we can also dine out at some of the best restaurants in Cancun and still spend less during the week than many of the AI plans offered. And we are enjoying higher quality cocktails and meals while doing so.

    This doesn't even factor in planned day trips where a couple or family is completely wasting their AI dollars for that day because they spent the entire day instead at Xel Ha, Xcaret, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Chichen Itza, etc. In effect they are paying double for food and drink costs on those days when they are doing excursions.
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  6. RNCollins

    RNCollins TUG Lifetime Member

    Jan 2, 2016
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    Trophy Points:
    Hudson Valley, NY
    Resorts Owned:
    Tradewinds, Divi, Quarter House
    Hi waltermom2,

    Here is a link to the RCI directory. You can select a country or region or state you would like to visit and a list is generated of the resorts that are located there. You have to own a timeshare to belong to RCI, and RCI has ever-increasing fees. You are not guaranteed a spot at the resort... you either need to see what is available or request an ongoing search.

    You mentioned that you like the Cancun area. Here is a list of timeshares that are not All-Inclusive in RCI:

    Barcelona Tower by Koox Luxury Collection #DJ43
    Cancún Clipper Club #1453
    Club Internacional de Cancún #2695
    Emporio Hotel & Suites Cancun LG #D709
    Fiesta American Vacation Club At Cancun #8452 and 6484
    Imperial Fiesta Club At Hotel Casa Maya #1386 and 5692
    Krystal International Vacation Club Cancún #3446 & 8428
    Presidente Intercontinental Cancún #7890
    Raintree's Club Regina Cancún #2662
    Royal Mayan #2694
    Sunset Marina Resort and Yacht Club #3155 (Optional AI)
    Sunset Royal Beach Resort #2465 (Optional AI)
    Temptation Resort Spa #R109 (optional AI)
    The Royal Cancun - Club International De Cancun #D046 (Optional AI)
    The Royal Caribbean #D050
    The Royal Islander #D052
    The Royal Mayan #D045 & R949
    Turquesa Forever #DE62 and DF05
    WIVC Coral Mar #6678

    There is another major exchange company called Interval International. They seem to have higher quality resorts than RCI:

    You can also try the Cheap Caribbean travel website. They offer many All-Inclusive trips around the Caribbean:
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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