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New DNA Sample Could Prove Whether Richard III was Guilty of Murdering the 'Princes in the Tower'

Discussion in 'TUG Lounge' started by MULTIZ321, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. MULTIZ321

    MULTIZ321 TUG Member

    Jun 6, 2005
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    New DNA Sample Could Prove Whether Richard III was Guilty of Murdering the 'Princes in the Tower'
    By David Keys/ Archaeology Correspondent/ News/ Science/ Archaeology/ Independent/ independent.co.uk

    "Exclusive: Sample identifying direct descendant of the Princes in the Towers’ maternal grandmother could solve centuries-old mystery.

    New scientific research could finally solve one of Britain’s most controversial historical mysteries.

    Geneticists have succeeded in obtaining a sample of DNA that could ultimately prove whether the medieval English King Richard III was guilty or innocent of murdering the two children of his predecessor, Edward IV – the so-called Princes in the Tower.

    The discovery of the crucial modern DNA is revealed in a new book, The Mythology of the ‘Princes in the Tower’, published this week.

    Richard III – whose skeleton was discovered in Leicester just six years ago and whose identity was confirmed through DNA testing, was portrayed as a villain by Shakespeare and the Tudors.

    But over the past hundred years, a number of historians have sought to rescue his reputation.

    The new DNA evidence – obtained from a recently identified direct descendant of the Princes in the Towers’ maternal grandmother – could ultimately prove Richard’s guilt or innocence.

    Inside Westminster Abbey is an urn containing bones, traditionally believed to be those of the two allegedly murdered princes. If a DNA test on that skeletal material were to match the modern “control” sample from the descendant, then the chances of Richard being guilty (either of murdering them or of incarcerating them until they died) would be substantially increased.

    But if the Westminster Abbey material did not match the modern control sample, then it would mean that the remains were not the two princes – and therefore the traditional accusation of murder against Richard would remain unproven....."


    Got the hump: Laurence Olivier as Richard III in 1955
    ( Rex Features )


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