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Dangers of late check in plus a remedy

Discussion in 'Wyndham Vacation Resorts' started by jerrybev, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. jerrybev

    jerrybev TUG Member

    Oct 15, 2006
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    Before leaving Wyndham Sea Gardens in Pompano beach, Florida, for 10 days, we went to the check in desk and informed them that we would be away for 10 days and check in late upon our return. Any problem? "No" she replied, "I'll note it here in the computer and all will be fine".
    Wonderful, we said.
    Our check in is Saturday. So, Sunday, 8 days later we called Sea Gardens, to reconfirm that we have our unit waiting for us to check in on Monday night. The person said: "No, your reservation has been cancelled since you did not check in on Saturday. Call Corporate".

    We called Corporate who said: "No, your reservation is not cancelled, it shows here in the corporate computer. However, if you don't check in today (Sunday), it will be cancelled".
    We replied: "we can't check in, we are in Arizona and return Monday night. How do we solve this?" She replied: "get someone to check in for you today" or lose it". Fortunately for us,
    we knew a couple staying there and asked them to check in for us.

    1. Most owners would not know anyone where they are going to, to check in for them. That is not a satisfactory solution for most owners.
    2. Since I "paid" for the reservation with my points, why isn't it mine, even if I dont or can't check in until Thursday?
    3. I have to assume that Wyndham set this procedure to boost their availibility make profit off other owners units by having them available to rent to those who walk in and ask if they have any rentals available.
    4. How do we get Wyndham to be more fair about this matter for the future, and no longer take away from us what we have paid for? (By comparison, weeks owners don't get their reservations cancelled after 24 hours, a manager told me.)
  2. spackler

    spackler TUG Member

    Jul 16, 2014
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    Resorts Owned:
    Quarter House, Jean Lafitte House, Bali Hai
    Not sure if it's "legal" or not, but Wyndham is just trying to double-dip on room rentals, pure and simple.
  3. vacationhopeful

    vacationhopeful TUG Review Crew: Rookie TUG Member

    Sep 11, 2007
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    Northeast USA
    Resorts Owned:
    Ft Lauderdale Beach, Wyndham Santa Barbara, Wyndham Royal Vista, Wyndham Sea Gardens, Wyndham Shawnee (Poconos)
    Weeks are DEEDED property. Your house is deeded property ... if someone crashes at your house over the weekend, you call the police, RIGHT?

    Same with a Deeded FIXED Weeks. And that is how I convince the VP who lives in Pompano Beach across the street from Sea Gardens, to end an HOA yearly meeting .. held at Sea Gardens that year .. to close the HOA meeting inside of 3 seconds AND flee. Seems the staff at Sea Gardens misappropriated my fixed week ownership week one year ... and when told that, I flew fom PHL the next day staying in Ft Lauderdale, for the annual HOA meeting Pompano. I got FREE usage of the two night taken ... I demanded in the meeting "the RACK RATE with NO deductions as they DID NOT have a rental contract with ME to take those fees."

    Today ... I would call the police and file a criminal complaint for THEFT and at over $250 per night rate rate, 4 nights stolen would be a felony.

    How did I find out? I called the resort and the resort told me my fixed week unit was NOT AVAILABLE for my guest. I waited a few minutes and so I CALLED the unit number that I own. I asked the person answering the unit's phone, "can I speak to Linda?" No Linda here ... "oh. come on .. Linda is here every year for this week". No, Linda. "Oh, did you rent from Linda?" The response was, "we rented from Wyndham Extra Holidays".
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  4. wjappraise

    wjappraise TUG Member

    Apr 10, 2010
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    Thieves. Greedy thieves.

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