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Wyatt foundation

Discussion in 'Buying, Selling, Renting' started by Thunder123, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Thunder123

    Thunder123 Guest

    Oct 30, 2011
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    Has anyone heard of or had any dealings with the Wyatt foundation? One can presumably donate one's timeshare. I understand the IRS issues, and so I am really looking for anyone who has had or can refer me to someone who has had personal experience.
  2. LannyPC

    LannyPC TUG Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    British Columbia
    I don't have personal experience but usually, these type of charities will charge you thousands of dollars to take over ownership. Ask them how much they charge to take ownership of your timeshare.

    A more economical option would be to use the free giveaway method here on TUG:


    There really is no need to pay any party thousands of dollars to take over ownership.
  3. DeniseM

    DeniseM Moderator

    Jun 6, 2005
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    What is their upfront fee?

    Please consider giving your timeshare away to a private individual who would like to own it, before you spend a cent with a company like this.

    -You can give it away yourself for nearly no cost.
    -You can control the transfer process to make sure it is truly transferred out of your name.
    -You won't have to deal with companies that may or may not be Legit.
    -You can transfer it to a private individual who will be happy to have it for their own use.
    -You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you ended your ownership legally and ethically.

    There are two places on TUG where you can give away your TS's for free (no charge for the Ads.) There are other cheap and free sites on the internet, as well.

    TUG Marketplace - the only cost is your TUG membership - $15 (List it for $1 and it will automatically go in the Bargain Basement Ads.)

    Bargain Deals - Totally FREE! - just write a simple post with all the pertinent info. In your post, include the following info.:
    -resort name
    -unit size
    -season owned
    -maintenance fee
    -current reservations​

    To make it more attractive I would:

    1) Pay 2011/12 maintenance fees and don't ask for reimbursement.

    2) Pay for the title transfer (you can get a simple title transfer with no escrow or title search for about $100.) Many people have used Tugger TTT (Alan) at Time Travel Traders for this service in the past, but he is retired and is referring most business to Lisa Short for this service - 1.706.969.8906 readylegal@gmail.com Lisa has been receiving good reviews on TUG.

    3) Reserve a popular holiday week in 2011/12 for the new owner ​

    Good luck!
  4. VictoriaLyn

    VictoriaLyn Guest

    Oct 18, 2011
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    I had a friend who mentioned The Wyatt Foundation as well. Though I am unsure of what it takes to donate your timeshare to them I know that she is in the process of donating it to them. I can keep you informed on what happens.

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